Judge: Close Pappas


Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, John Buttrick, has probably had the final say on the outcome of the Thomas J. Pappas schools. They will close by June 30, 2008, according to the Arizona Republic.

This likely brings to an end one battlefront between the Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools on one side and Board of Supervisors, Treasurer and court-appointed board/receivership on the other side. Several other legal battlefronts continue as a judge considers outstanding charges and the personal lawsuit against Sandra Dowling awaits trial.

Nearly 80 teachers and administrative staff will lose their jobs although the Board of Supervisors have provided for employment preference in other county jobs. Homeless students however, will now have to be integrated into other school districts or may end up dropping out of school altogether.

Thus, a 17-year legacy of serving and teaching homeless children comes to an end. For a fairly objective background of this school and its history and founders see Wikipedia.


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