Journalism slips through the Republic’s filter.

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An Arizona Republic story dated September 26 actually reports on the issue of illegal immigration without being over slanted. The article does contain several apostasies though.

Apostasy 1. Illegal immigration is a federal issue. What are two U.S. governors and six governors from Mexico doing at the meeting? The matter does not involve them since it is only a federal issue.

Apostasy 2. “The burden that illegal immigrants place on schools and hospitals.” What burden? I thought illegal immigration was a huge benefit to the U.S. A burden? I cannot believe the Republic printed such lies.

Apostasy 3. “The governors joke and pat each other on the back, but it doesn’t represent anything important.” Lady Janet would not exit the state and leave SOS Jan Brewer in charge just to go down to the beach and accomplish nothing. I know we can trust her office not to use this as a photo-op about how concerned the Governor is about border issues.

Apostasy 4. “States rely heavily on migrant labor but are concerned about the burden that illegal immigrants.” Which is it? Are they migrants or illegals? They cannot even make up their minds in the same sentence. I am shocked that the editors did not catch this one. Here is a possible correction – “U.S. border states rely heavily on migrant labor but are concerned about the meeting the needs of these foreign born residents.”

There are also a few outrages in the story.

The first one is that the U.S. is looking at giving money to Mexico, “a proposed multibillion-dollar aid package.” We are running up a deficit so that we can give money to a corrupt government that is rich in oil money, has access to two oceans, vast reserves of increasingly valuable natural resources and easy economic access to the world’s largest economy.

The other outrage is this sentence “Congress abandoned an effort to change federal immigration rules.” The news reports are that congress is still working on giving legal residency to those who are illegally in the U.S. (what some so callously call Amnesty.)

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