Joint Statement by State Senator Scott Bundgaard and Aubry Ballard Regarding Friday Night

CONTACT: Jason Rose


“We want to jointly apologize for allowing a private matter to interrupt the public – and especially for taking up the valuable time of law enforcement. The police officers who responded deserve thanks for their sensitivity and compassion.

We have cared for each other in the past; we wish the best for each other in the future. Like most relationships, ours has had some ups and downs, but it has always been based on our Christian faith and our respect for one another. With that in mind, we intend to go our separate ways now and put what happened Friday night and Saturday in the past.

Obviously, we’re both tired and embarrassed. Each of us would like to reclaim some privacy. We hope the media and the public can respect that decision. Thank you for your understanding.”





  1. Rode hard and put away wet says

    Love it – claim Christian values and all is forgiven?
    Was money exchanged to get this poor woman to recant?

  2. Typical resolution of a domestic violence situation: he says he’s sorry, she forgives and they both “move forward in their lives”, sometimes together, sometimes separately. What do they do about the issues that caused the situation? Usually nothing; he finds his next victim and she spends time in therapy and healing.

    Sorry, Bundgaard, we won’t forget. You, as the majority leader of the Arizona State Senate need to portray higher standards than you have displayed in this matter and others in the past. You are a “public” official and we deserve better.

    Does the Senate have an Ethics Committee? If not, they should.

  3. sunni triangulator says

    Yesterday he was available for any and all media requests, today he’s tired, embarrassed, and wants the media to leave him alone.

    Looks like his aggressive crisis PR strategy worked. Trash her on TV until she agrees to release a joint statement asking for privacy.

    Back to business Monday morning.

  4. RINOs!!!!!!

  5. Bunghole surfer says

    This gets better by the minute. Who needs the Oscars to entertain them tonight we have our own version of the hollywood hit “Dumb and Dumber Part 3” You know you can’t make this stuff up. Once again, Arizona is made to look like a bunch of fools…

    On another note “Dumb and Dumber Part 2” was revealed a couple months ago on the heels of the party chair election. Some of us voted Morrissy for State Party Chair having our own version of hope and change only to learn that he kept Mecum.

  6. Beverly-

    Once again with the accusations! How do you know that it wasn’t”(her) that said (she) was sorry here & that (he) forgave (her) so they both can move forward in their lives, sometimes together, sometimes separately”? How do you know that she’s not the one who’s looking for her next victim here? Your anti-male bigotry betrays you here. Domestic violence can & does go both ways. If you don’t think so, you are ignorant to reality.

    All we know here so far is what he told us, what we get from media reports, and that she was indeed arrested for assault & booked into jail. He hasn’t been arrested for anything yet & ended up pretty beaten-up.

    But I guess you believe that it’s okay for a girl to hit a guy – just not the other way around. Well, here’s a news flash for you, domestic physical abuse is NEVER okay no matter who the victim or the perpetrator is.

    And what other matters regarding Bundgaard’s past are you referring to in your damning indictment of his character? Are you talking about some burglary that was expunged from his record back in the 1980s? I’m sure that you have done nothing wrong since Ronald Reagan was President either.

  7. Bundgaard is responsible for the makeup of his character. A good web search will reveal plenty of mis-steps. Look it up; I’ve already done my homework. I’m not anti-male; I’m anti-Bundgaard. Others on these posts seem to agree that he’s bad news.

    He should be recalled.

  8. Why can’t our politicians just be crazy and dress up in Tigger suits like in Oregon…sigh…

  9. NancyGraceful says

    why doesn’t someone at the AZ Ragpublic follow mayor phil around for a day or two. Now THAT would be a real soap opera. Oh, yeah, I forgot—they’re bought and paid for.

  10. Sounds like the deserve each other

  11. Leadership positions means that someone is head and shoulders above the rest. It means setting an example for others and inspiring others.
    State Senator Bungaard needs to step down as State Senate Majority Leader and take that time he spent as majority leaders and find some counseling. He is simply not a victim here. He is a participant.
    I don’t think it is either inspirational nor says much for GOP leadership for him to continue in this post.
    as to his future of service as a state senator, the voters of his district will have a say in that down the road.
    State Senator Bungaard – do the right thing and step aside, take some time to examine all this with good professional help and let another good State Senate Republican take up the torch of leadership now to keep the focus on the legislative needs of Arizona.

  12. Amen; Senate, are you listening? Do the right thing. Leaders in the Republican Party should support Mr. Altmann’s suggestion.

  13. Westside PC says

    Mr. Altmann is correct. State Senator Bundgaard needs DEEP psychological counseling. Mike Broomhead was all over this today. No self-control pulling over in the middle of the 51. He should resign for the good of Arizona.

  14. No Violence Intended, just humor says

    Diplomatic Ammunity has just been revoked:

  15. It’s sad to see so many people on here jumping to conclusions. I just hope none of you would be on my jury if I ever get charged with anything.

    I don’t normally go all Biblical, but how about out of those who are criticizing Bundgaard right now & asking for his resignation before all of the facts are known: “let he who is perfect cast the first stone.” It’s hypocritical for anybody to be demanding anything without first having all of the evidence.

  16. John Doe P.E., Chemical Engineer says

    Yet this person is a convicted felon and he was elected as a Arizona Senator?

    Classy Peoria.

    Such diatriabe from Republicans. Ronald Reagan is twisting he grave. So much for purity in leadership.

  17. So Mr John Doe-

    Could you tell me what felony Senator Bundgaard has committed? Are you talking from your divine perch about some petty crime that he committed way back in the 1980s? Well, if that’s the case then I’m proud of the people of Peoria for showing more Christlike forgiveness than the “Holier that Thou” posters on here who would never believe that a man could do his time, pay his price for his sins & actually be reformed.

    I guess I would be the one here who would be most like Reagan in his undying optimism & true belief that the American people are naturally good. When Senator Bundgaard was a teenager he made a stupid decision. He got caught. He did his time. His record was expunged & nobody got hurt from what I can tell.

  18. New interview posted with Ex says
  19. Barry lets Bundgaard speak:

  20. Ronald Reagan is twisting he grave. So much for purity in leadership.

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