Join the conference call – 4:00 pm today

Dear Friends:

If you are like me, you are saddened and shocked by the hyper-angry rhetoric coming from some Republicans against our Senator Jon Kyl concerning the leadership role he has played in crafting immigration reform. There are some in the leadership of the Republican Party who have called Senator Kyl a liar and traitor. Randy Pullen, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, called a press conference and urged people to call Senator Kyls office in protest of the legislation. At the press conference, Pullen held up a letter that the AZGOP received. It was a drawing of a hand with the middle finger extended. He said something to the effect of this is how Arizona voters feel. This story was recounted today in the Arizona Republic, East Valley Tribune and Arizona Daily Star. That could qualify as the most inappropriate thing I have ever seen a Republican leader do.

As most of you know, I served as Executive Director of the AZGOP from 1999-2002. I have been actively involved in the Party before and since. Never, in my experience with the Party have I seen the Party turn on its own elected officials like this. Jon Kyl has been the foundation of our Party for over 20 years. Regardless of your views regarding the immigration reform legislation, Senator Kyl deserves our respect and admiration. History will record him as one of the most reasoned intelligent voices for conservative values to ever cast a shadow in the halls of Congress.

I spoke with members of his staff yesterday and today. His office is not receiving nearly as many calls of support as they are calls of condemnation. Many of the calls appear to be instigated by emails sent from AZGOP staff urging negative phone calls into Senator Kyls office. Some of the calls they are receiving are frightening in their tone.

I would like you to join me and other Republican activists and leaders on a conference call tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, May 23 at 4:00 p.m. to discuss ways we can stand up for Jon Kyl. If you are like me, you believe that Jon Kyl has been standing up for us for over 20 years. It is our turn to stand up for him.

conference Dial-in Number: (641) 985-0680

Participant Access Code: 818017#

Nathan Sproul

Sproul & Associates

80 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 814

Tempe, Arizona 85281



  1. This is quite an opportunity! Glad to be advised of this. Thanks.

  2. Nathan Sproul says

    Dear Friends,

    I am smart enough to know that sending an email to a large group means the email will be public within about 30 seconds. Having said that, I am a little disappointed that two blog sites, Hotazitgets and Sonoran Alliance, would attempt to sabotage the call. Let me be clear. The purpose of this call is to discuss POSITVE ways of supporting our U.S. Senator Jon Kyl. I have no intention of discussing the State Party other than to put proper context around the need for us to defend Senator Kyl.

    I am asking all members of the call to demonstrate civility and proper decorum. I will lay out some ground rules at the beginning of the call. The first ground rule will be this: If you are going to attack Jon Kyl or anyone else associated with this call, please don’t call in. You are more than welcome to have your own conference call to do that. However, I think civility and decorum call for a higher standard than the intentional sabotage of a conference call.

    I look forward to speaking with all of you at 4 p.m.

    Nathan Sproul
    Sproul & Associates
    80 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 814
    Tempe, Arizona 85281

  3. Nathan;
    There are some of us who have no idea who you are. We do know who our senators are and we are aware of the plan to legitimize many millions of lawbreakers who are already negatively impacting our schools, medical facilities and neighborhoods. The criminal justice system is buckling under the strain. My btother-in-law is a police officer, so I hear a lot. My kids are in school, so I see what is going on, with gang fights and English as a second language, bringing down the grade levels to accommodate their needs rather than the children of citizens. I am not financially able to send them to private schools or I would in a heartbeat.

    We are working to give our families a decent quality of life and ensure their future. I don’t need to take advice from political operatives making big bucks off of a world that we are barely privy to. We are asked for our votes, our time and our money and then given the back of the hand.

    Then you ask us for civility? Let’s get it first from our elected officials who want to give away the farm for their own self aggrandizement. I’m a lifelong Republican as was my dad and his before him. Right now I’m more sick to my stomach with the GOP leadership than I am ready to listen to your plea for civility. That does NOT include Pullen, who seems to me to be acting in a courageous manner. I respect him for letting the powers that be know that we are frustrated and angry!

  4. PartyGuy says

    So I tried to call in, but the access number didn’t work. So how do we help now?

  5. Conservative to the Core says

    Nathan for those who don’t know is a political consultant that has done McCains work for years. I guess Kyl has now hired him too.

    Let this spread…… If the RNC wants the AZGOP to “Shut Up” the AZGOP must be doing something right.

    How many of you remember a movie called “It Could Happen to You”. It star Nic Cage and Briget Fonda. At the end of the movie, after Nic & Bridget lost their money to the greedy, lying ex-wife, the people of NY sent them small amounts of money to show support.

    I suggest we do this for the AZGOP. If they are going to buck the RNC, the only thing the RNC hears is $$$$$. So if the AZGOP can show that they can still raise money the RNC will have nothing over them.

    So Everyone please send small checks (Large if you can)to the AZGOP. In the Memo Line Write “KILL the BILL”

    then send to

    Arizona Republican Party
    3501 N. 24th Street
    Phoenix AZ 85016

    I would also suggest to call in with calls of support. They’re sticking their necks out for US!

  6. Grassroots Girl says

    I listened in on the call, using the access code above, so I don’t know why PartyGuy couldn’t get on… maybe there was a limit to how many people could be on. When I dialed in there were more than 50 people on the call.

    I strongly oppose the bill, and I hope it dies, but my sense of the call was that it was more about keeping our party united by defending Kyl the person and minimizing the out-of-line attacks by some folks who have called for Kyl to resign or be recalled. Since life is my number one issue, I shudder to think who Napalitano might appoint if Kyl was to resign – it would certainly be some pro-choice RINO.

    Apparently, my pro-life hero, Trent Franks, has written a letter defending Sen. Kyl. Proof that you can disagree with an issue (I would guess Franks would be a no vote on the bill) and stay united as Republicans.

    Thanks Ron for posting about this call. It was interesting and informative. SA continues to be on the cutting edge of what’s going on in AZ.

  7. Grassroots Girl:
    If you are as pro-life as you indicate and also pro-Kyl, you might be interested to know that he recently hosted two fundraising events for Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. She is a pro-abortion RINO. Deb Carstens of the WISH List was on the host committee along with other like-thinkers.

    You have to look long and hard to find their true agenda–that of electing pro-abortion Republican women to all levels of government. They use catchy phrases such as “reproductive health,”and “socially responsible,” but their message is transparent.

    I can’t imagine why Sen. Kyl is onboard with a woman like Collins. Her voting record is here to check out. She even voted against the ban on partial birth abortion.
    Duplicity reigns supreme!

  8. nightcrawler says

    Nathan is right. Airing Republican dirty laundry for the world to see is counter-productive. The truth is that the outcry isn’t so much about the legislation, which everyone knew was coming. Rather it is about a sense of betrayal among hard working volunteers who thought that their voice would be heard and have since found out otherwise. Face it folks, the horse is already out of the barn. We should have had this intense immigration debate 20 plus years ago. All of us, myself included, were asleep at the wheel. The only thing left to do is to mitigate our losses and move forward. It is unfair that lawbreakers get the same or better treatment than those who play by the rules? Of course. There is no practical way to dislodge 12 million undocumented people from the fabric of our society. It is not going happen. The America that many of us grew up with in the 40s, 50s 60s and 70s no longer exists and will continue to change. Rhetoric must be replaced by reason. The stakes are too high. We must stop eating our own. Think long and hard about how the vacuum of qualified Republican leadership will be filled in the absence of longtime respected public servants such as Jon Kyl.

  9. How are we expected to demonstrate “civility” to anyone who is working to aid and abet the invaders who are pouring into our nation and killing thousands of Americans every year? More Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens ever been killed here by Al-Qaeda. Yet McCain, Kyl, Bush, Martinez, and now Nathan Sproul are working to allow those invaders to stay and thereby encouraging the invasion to continue. Two years in a row the illegal alien invaders marched in rallies organized by anti-American marxist groups and now Sproul, AZ’s senators, the RNC Chair, and the President are bending over backwards to appease and reward them, meanwhile betraying American citizens. This is intolerable! For them to ask for civility at a time like this is like a rapist asking his victim to stop screaming so loud because it hurts his ears.

    I support Randy Pullen ALL THE WAY! It is wonderful that the Arizona Republican Party now has a principled leader willing to show some spine and stand up for what is right, no matter the consequences, regardless of the insipid attacks thrown at him by Sproul and his puppets, and in defiance of the RNC Chairman ordering him to “shut his mouth.”

    If anyone doesn’t see that all this noise from Sproul and his herd isn’t just a bunch of politics designed to undermine Pullen so that a Sproul-backed candidate will take the National Committeeman slot and then the Chairmanship, then they are naive. This is just more of Sproul’s dirty tricks designed to expand his influence in Arizona Republican politics.

  10. Ken W. If you check the political climate in Maine, you would see why Kyl supports Collins and Snowe. Rockerfeller Republicans are about as good as you’re going to get. Same reason why Republicans voted for Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. Sometimes you have to deal with political reality. As a member of the party leadership, Kyl is responsible for supporting the reelection of members of his party. Collins will generally vote to reduce taxes and the deficit. You’re not going to get much more conservative in Maine who will be elected — generally getting elected is the goal in politics.

  11. Anonymous says

    Here is the letter:

    Dear Arizona Voter:

    Our nation and state are dealing with several very important issues. One of the most important and complex issues facing our country is illegal immigration. Republican Senator Jon Kyl is in the untenable position of trying to forge critical immigration policy in a democrat controlled Senate.
    I have known Senator Kyl for over 20 years. In that time, I have witnessed an individual of impeccable moral character. He is a man who operates with the highest level of integrity, and he has established himself as one of the true leaders in the United States Senate.
    Senator Kyl also has a proven track record as a conservative Senator. He has consistently supported the values and platform of the Republican Party. When history records his legacy, it will record a man of remarkable political courage, moral integrity, and the heart of a genuine patriot.

    Consequently, I am deeply concerned and hurt by the inflammatory language I see being directed at Senator Jon Kyl in recent days.

    I understand that some people may disagree with Senator Kyl’s position on immigration reform. However, I believe that the vitriolic rhetoric recently used by some to condemn Jon Kyl is highly inappropriate and shameful. I urge anyone who may disagree with Senator Kyl to do so respectfully and to refrain from attacking the personal integrity of this honorable man.


    Congressman Trent Franks

  12. Anonymous:
    Both Senator Kyl AND Rep. Franks signed a letter opposing Proposition 200. The proposition was overwhelmingly passed by the actual citizens of Arizona despite that opposition. Keep that in mind.

  13. Conservative to the Core says

    In the best interest of the party I would echo what Representative Trent Frank said. I do not agree with Kyl’s stand on this bill, but Kyl has stood for pro-life, our 2nd amendment rights and tax cuts. As a believers, we should remember “Hate the sin not the sinner”. When we try to bring people to Lord we don’t try by saying “We hate you” we kindly point how they are living in sin, then love on them and see where we can help them.

    I always love the saying you caught more flies with honey than with vinegar.

    I still stand 100% behind Randy Pullen. The AZGOP is making our voice and concerns heard. Arizona is getting NATIONAL attention for our dislike of this bill. Keep going Arizona Republican Party.

    I’m going to email the AZGOP to tell them that I’m so happy that they are fighting this bill and actually reflecting the voice of the people they represent. Arizona is the ONLY State Republican Committee fighting against this bill. Across the Country we need to support them. Email them at

  14. Can I point out one thing? Our excellent state Party Chairman NEVER attacked Jon Kyl. He did NOT tell people to specifically call Senator Kyl nor to attack him. He asked concerned Republicans to call all of the Senators – he sent a list of ALL Senators – and to express their negative opinions ON THE AMNESTY LEGISLATION. To characterize Pullen’s actions as attacking Kyl or intentionally fomenting attacks against Kyl is disingenuous. Further, for Sproul to claim on national TV, as he did on Fox News Channel, that Pullen is intentionally “destroying the Republican Party” is fighting words and constitutes a direct attack against Pullen.

    To make matters worse, Kyl has thrown gasoline on the fire by setting up robocalls to Republicans, asking them to call Pullen and express their objections to his alleged attacks against Kyl. Those attacks never happened. Pullen never attacked Kyl, just the terrible legislation with which Kyl had associated himself.

    I also want to point out that the attacks against Kyl began well before Pullen sent out his emails calling for activism against the legislation. There were people – many who were Republicans – gathering outside Kyl’s office at 5:30AM on Monday the 21st. The “Action Alert” from wasn’t sent out until the evening of the 21st and it only mentioned Senator Kyl in a long list that had every Senator’s name and phone number.

    Word is that Kyl himself has said that the bill has changed and that he no longer supports it in its current form. If that is the truth, then why hasn’t Kyl come out publicly to disassociate himself from Kennedy’s legislation? Possibly because the President still supports the amnesty scheme (there hasn’t been an amnesty scheme that Pres. Bush hasn’t supported) and Kyl doesn’t want to appear disloyal to the President.

    Pullen has taken the principled stance here. The Republicans in Arizona elected Pullen because he held such a view on illegal immigration. I mean, he was one of the principle organizers and proponents of Proposition 200. We knew who we were voting for and why we were voting for Pullen. He’s come through extremely well and he’s taking the stance we who voted for him expected him to take.

    Sproul is working to undermine Pullen, making a big deal out of one of the several pieces of mail that Pullen received and displayed. Sproul is trying to characterize Pullen’s opposition to the latest amnesty scheme as an attack on Senator Jon Kyl. If anyone is to blame for this “division” (it was already there, by the way, just not all that obvious) it is Sproul for telling lies about Pullen on national TV and holding these mutinous “conference calls” to foment opposition specific to Chairman Pullen. Of course we can’t leave out the blame to be assigned to President Bush and RNC Chair Mel Martinez and other Republican leaders who are trying to force Republicans to support Kennedy’s amnesty scheme which is a terrible piece of legislation that will lead only to even more disastrous immigration policies. If the President truly opposes amnesty, as he says he does, and if he would be honest to himself and the American people and admit that this bill does contain a form of amnesty for illegal aliens, there would be little debate about this bill. While the Democrats narrowly have a majority in the Senate, they can’t get 60 votes to advance this atrocious legislation. Even if they did somehow manage that, the President need only veto it. There’s certainly not enough votes in support of this amnesty scheme to override that veto.

    But then Sproul would not have had this opportunity to use anything he can to undermine Pullen and better his chances of getting one of his people in as National Committeeman and also State Party Chairman when that election rolls around. Maybe we should put together our own “conference call” to discuss how Sproul’s naked desire for power in Arizona politics is a significant cause of this current schism and the controversy surrounding it.

  15. Rep. Trent Franks said:

    “I am deeply concerned and hurt by the inflammatory language I see being directed at Senator Jon Kyl in recent days.

    I understand that some people may disagree with Senator Kyl’s position on immigration reform. However, I believe that the vitriolic rhetoric recently used by some to condemn Jon Kyl is highly inappropriate and shameful.”

    Funny, but I don’t recall Rep. Franks similarly defending the organizers of the Proposition 200 effort (good people like Randy Pullen, Randy Graf, and Russell Pearce) from the angry “inflammatory language” and “vitriolic rhetoric” hurled at them.

    Interesting thing, that.

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