John McCain’s Pig Gets Spanked!

McCain campaign worker dresses up in a pig costume and tries to prank JD but the prank goes horribly wrong for this piggy.

This John McCain piggy went to JD’s press conference

This little John McCain piggy wanted pictures with JD

This little John McCain piggy got none

This John McCain piggy got spanked by a 5 year old ,

and cried “wee, wee, wee” All the way home.


  1. McCain hires pig to proxy roll in the mud for him.

    He’s not above getting down ‘n dirty after all, is he? Only he doesn’t want to be actually caught with mud on his hands.

  2. The pig has been very effective in showing how goofy the Hayworth supporters can get. I still can’t understand the obsession with the pig, maybe because I’m not voting for JD.

  3. Wow! Someone is encouraging their kid to hit people??????

  4. RE:
    “Wow! Someone is encouraging their kid to hit people??????”

    Dear “Sure”, you have no sense of humor and you must not have any children , kids do stuff like this all the time ask anyone who has a job as a Character, they get slapped and punched all the time by kids, sounds to me like you are for McCain and just being mean spirited with such a comment, before making such accusations you better have proof.

  5. Jim Lampley says

    I think the pig won!

  6. No guts, no glory says

    Perhaps the young’un had more sence than us oldsters and knew the political threat possed by McCain.

    Some of you folks need to lighten up a bit. It is the silly season afterall.

  7. former Deakin supporter says

    Hey there Joe, you prove my point Deakin is a spoiler, I expect to see more Deakinite comments here. I have yet to see Deakinites attack McCain or McCain supporters just JD supporters like here, this was a video about McCains pork spending yet Joe, you attack JD supporters instead. this is about McCain why are you obsessed that John McCain be effective with publicity stunts against JD be sucessful and cheer on a McCain prank? You Deakinites are now exposed by your own words as knowing Deakin is a spoiler and McCain is “hands off”
    looking more and more suspicious to me!

  8. former Deakin supporter, You need to stop drinking or smoking whatever it is you smoke.

  9. founding blogger says

    All of you are missing the obvious,

    especially this “Joe” guy and “Deakin former supporter” .

    Wake Up !!!

    This video proves that John Mccain is using cartoon characters to let kids know that it is O.K. to lie

  10. Child Abuse says

    This woman, who made her child go hit the person protesting JD’s pork barrel spending, is the same woman who sends her children around to do all kinds of misdeads and then video tapes them and spreads them on the internet. She is from Cave Creek and does this all the time to Republicans.

    She is the same person who used her children to prank Governor Brewer so she could get a video and the Governor scolded her.

    It’s dispicable and she should be ashamed. Adults who make their children misbehave, video tape it, and then use it for political gain, should be ashamed.

    JD Hayworth should denounce this immediately and Shane should take this post down.

    I can only imagine what she will require her children to do next in the name of her own political gain.

  11. Michael Holliday says

    Ha, ha!

  12. If I was that pig I would have punched that kid in the face. That would have taught that kid a more valuable lesson than his dopey gen x parents ever will. I feel sorry for this kid; his generation looks up to people who get plastic surgery rather than doing some exercise. Rather then looking up to men who served in the military, like Deakin or McCain, they look up to former sportscasters. Oh America I weep for you.

  13. Sorry everybody I think on second watching that feral kid is a girl…who can tell these days? This is the land we live in, right everybody. Feral children running around, no discipline. Dr Savage is right…America has entered the dark ages

  14. Tom Dodson says

    I believe Mr. Hayworth referred the the McCainiac in the Pig costume as “Sophomoric” That’s how I see it. In ONE Vote for the Bank Bailout bill and pot sweetners McCain approved more that DOUBLE the PORK that JD was able to manage in 12 years in congress. McCain has a lot of gall to stand in judgement of anyone else. Now that Arlen Specter went ahead and made the official switch John McCain has assumed the Championship Belt of BIGGEST RINO in the USA. I’m going to work to vote his sorry lying behind out of office. Dude or Dudess in the Pig Costume, get a life !

  15. @child abuse – perhaps you should spend some time taking a trip down google memory lane and look at all the good little democrat kids holding Bush nazi signs – of that I am sure, you would approve of.

    @op chaos – I bet you feel like a REAL man when you beat your wife and kids, eh? Teach them a “valuable lesson”?

  16. op chaos Says:
    August 6th, 2010 at 7:16 am
    If I was that pig I would have punched that kid in the face.

    That pink fluffy pig costume was designed for cutesy little kid’s birthday parties, the 2 to 8 year kinds, but McCain’s hired it out to mock JD Hayworth.

    So a five-year old runs up and slaps his knee, and you’d PUNCH that little girl for in the FACE for THAT? You would kill her.

    Wow. The PIG is the NICE one, demonstrating appropriate restraint.

  17. Aw waah waah waah keep your ugly little feral children out of my way, and i’ll keep out of theirs.

  18. But No. 10 says this is always done against Republicans, so you are saying ugly feral Democrat children?

    Pig still coming out as the classy one.

  19. I love Freedom says

    @ Wanumba and OP Chaos : NO 10 says this is for this womans own politacal gain I had no Idea this lady RIGHTWINGHOUSEWIFE youtube account is running for office? If so let me know I watched the vids I would love to vote for her, so they guy (OP chaos)who would punch a 5 year old girl in the face, please tell me what office and name this woman is running for so I can cast my vote for her

  20. chaos reigns says

    that’s cathi edens granddaughter. Look for her name on the ballot and place vote for her. Haha

  21. tee hee hee says

    Real Clear Politics average of all polls:
    Poll Date Sample McCain (R) Hayworth (R) Spread
    RCP Average 6/22 – 7/21 — 56.7 27.3 McCain +29.4

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