John McCain Still Supports Amnesty and He Knows It

It’s 2010 and John McCain is all about securing the border. Every once in awhile in an interview he lets slip out his poll tested phrase “comprehensive immigration reform” as the next step after the federal government secures the border. But does he ever describe, define or clarify what “comprehensive immigration reform” means? I’ve listened to hours of interviews and the answer is barely. He avoids providing an answer to this question. I’m assuming that Dan Nowicki, the Arizona Republic reporter assigned to covering the US Senate race here in Arizona is either avoiding asking Arizona’s senior senator that question because he doesn’t want to put him on the spot and expose McCain’s vulnerability on this issue. I have yet to hear Barry Young, Michelle Larson, Mike Broomhead or Jon Justice ask John McCain what he means by the next step, “comprehensive immigration reform.” And you know there has to be a pact of silence between Team McCain and Somos Republicans on this issue.

In the meantime, let’s review John McCain’s record – because he definitely wants to avoid it – and see where he stood on making illegal aliens citizens here in the US.



  1. McAmnesty in all of his glory!

  2. Arizona Luke says

    Does anybody know where my girlfriend and I can go to pick vegetables for $50/hr? McCain said he was hiring a while back.

    She just got downsized this week and that pay more than doubles her current pay!

  3. See where Obama threw “The John” some verbal bouquets on the issue this morning!

    Let’s see how the McCainiac fan club responds!

    Will “Molly Pitcher”/Lisa submit another puff piece or will she permanently return to the Giuliani ranks?

    Stay tuned!

  4. Lydia D. says

    McCain can’t even keep his lies straight these days. He’s losing his touch.

    Arizona has had enough. No more. Time to “flush the John” and let it float away to pasture.

  5. SuzanneC says

    Does anybody believe McCain has ever changed his mind or actually heard our protest. Only when trying to get reelected. Lets hope it does not work this time, and the poeple remember his moment of shut up and sit down, I John McCain knows what is best for you.

  6. What does amnesty mean? It means fiscal suicide for America. Every citizen who is opposing illegal immigration and amnesty needs to begin telling anyone who will listen or read – immediately! Lets look at just one example or “a case for amnesty”.

    Here is a May 3rd story of a family fleeing to Colorado after Arizona SB 1070 was signed by the governor. This couple busted the borders in 1995 and squatted in Arizona. Since 1995, they have had ten anchor babies. 10! For the purpose of study, the number did not have to be 10, it could easily be 5 or 3, but lets go with 10. Both parents were unemployed when they fled Arizona, but had been working in restaurants and construction.

    Probably most everyone knows if you have 10 kids (or even half that), your not going have ANY tax withholding from your pay check, so you can immediately dismiss the myth “they pay taxes”. This is a pre-amnesty scenario, so what has this unit already cost taxpayers?

    I really have no idea the current cost of childbirth, but for argument sake lets say $5,000 a pop. Under Arizona AHCCCS federally mandated “healthcare”, that adds up to $50,000 with pre-natal, delivery, and post-natal care.

    Assuming all ten children are or will be in public schools, that’s $65,000 per year ($6,500 per student).

    Again, assuming that under Arizona Prop 200 this family has not been receiving food stamps, rent assistance, cash assistance, etc. A post-amnesty environment would then qualify them for all this, plus more.

    Putting aside the $50K for anchor popping, let look at some post-amnesty costs (estimates) while assuming ZERO witholding from any paychecks received:

    1) $65,000 per year for schooling
    2) $6,000 per year (12 family members x $500) for basic healthcare which now includes mom and dad under AHCCCS
    3) $6,000 per year in food stamps ($500 per month)
    4) $5,666 per year Earned Income tax credit (2009 credit for a family with 3 or more children and a maximum household income of $48,362)
    5) $10,000 Child Tax Credit(2009 max. credit $1,000 per child)

    Assuming no serious illness or teen pregnancies, this scratches the surface for basics. Assuming again this couple – both working – earn the maximum EIC income of $48,362 with ZERO WITHHOLDING. Let’s assume they spend every penny for taxable goods and services with a tax rate of 10%.

    Now this add these annual simple numbers together:

    1. +$4,836 paid in tax for goods and services
    2. -$65,000 public schooling (10 x $6,500)
    3. -$6,000 AHCCCS health care (12 x $500)
    4. -$6,000 for food stamps ($500 per month)
    5. -$3,500 Federal income tax refund
    6. -$400 state tax refund with Arizona Family Tax credit

    TOTAL = -$70,064 annually

    The average illegal alien family – pardon me – Hispanic family have 5 children. So lets assume everything is the same, except 5 kids instead of 10, and rerun the numbers:

    1. +$4,836 paid in tax for goods and services
    2. -$32,500 public schooling (5 x $6,500)
    3. -$3,500 basic health care AHCCCS (7 x $500)
    4. -$3,000 for food stamps ($250 per month)
    5. -$3,500 Federal tax refund
    6. -$200 state tax refund with Family Credit

    TOTAL = -$37,864 annually

    Yes, these numbers can vary one way or another. But basically, THIS is the cost to taxpayers to be “humanitarians”. Now, multiply this in a post-amnesty America by 20-25 million (the media-government complex has been telling you “12 million” for ten years – with several thousand new ones hopping the border every day) but you ‘buy it’ anyway.

    But, lets use “12 million” and cut that to “8 million” and use the “average” family size of 2 parents and 5 kids from above.

    $37,864 x 8,000,000 = a bankrupt country

    THIS is what nobody will talk about. But it is, within reason, reality.

  7. harlequin516 says

    I truly appreciate your attempt at accounting, but you are missing to account for the part they are paying for. The school funding comes from property tax (or rent they are paying). Also if they are going to file taxes, they will likely not qualify for all the benefits you have outlined.

    Its not reality you have outlined, but a specific case that is almost impossible to qualify for. It is the same accounting that was used against welfare mothers in the 80’s. Nobody would choose to live in poverty to get the maximum govt benefits.

    Its a good attempt at math but the picture you paint is flawed/incomplete.


  8. Thank you for the feedback. My calculation included either family (5 children or 10) paying 10% tax ($4,836) IN of their entire gross income, which would include rent. The gross wage I used IS the E.I.C. maximum income to qualify for the credit. I ran all the numbers through the Feds Nutrition Assistance website “calculator” to get the figures on the food stamps. The public schooling costs are automatic by cost per pupil in Arizona. My disclaimer “..these numbers can vary one way or another” was my way of saying that in the ball park, the figures are dead accurate. The items described above are not negotiable, nor is the zero withholding. You could look these all up as I did, but why? Boiled down, dropping several million families with 5+ children into the legal economic cycle will bankrupt the country. To go one step further, legal Hispanic families produce similar negative tax numbers, again, due to the average number of children. By the way, the average U.S. household had 1.86 children in 2009. Does the point here now make sense?

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