John McCain: No Advocate for Social Conservatives

Hugh Hewitt interviewed Senator Rick Santorum today and pretty much summed up my longstanding thoughts on Senator John McCain and what he’s done for social conservatives, lately.

Here’s an excerpt from the transcript:

Well, number one, John McCain will not get the base of the Republican Party. I mean, there was a reason John McCain collapsed last year, and it’s because he was the frontrunner, and everybody in the Republican Party got a chance to look at him. And when they looked at him, they wait well, wait a minute, he’s not with us on almost all of the core issues of…on the economic side, he was against the President’s tax cuts, he was bad on immigration. On the environment, he’s absolutely terrible. He buys into the complete left wing environmentalist movement in this country. He is for bigger government on a whole laundry list of issues. He was…I mean, on medical care, I mean, he was for re-importation of drugs. I mean, you can go on down the list. I mean, this is a guy who on a lot of the core economic issues, is not even close to being a moderate, in my opinion. And then on the issue of, on social conservative issues, you point to me one time John McCain every took the floor of the United States Senate to talk about a social conservative issue. It never happened. I mean, this is a guy who says he believes in these things, but I can tell you, inside the room, when we were in these meetings, there was nobody who fought harder not to have these votes before the United States Senate on some of the most important social conservative issues, whether it’s marriage or abortion or the like. He always fought against us to even bring them up, because he was uncomfortable voting for them. So I mean, this is just not a guy I think in the end that washes with the mainstream of the Republican Party.

If the American people want to know about John McCain all they need to do is ask those of us in Arizona who have had to deal with the man. There have been several time where Senator McCain has ducked the hard issues at the state meetings and made us feel like he was trying to find the fastest and closest door out of the room.


  1. I guess the fatwa is back. Sorry, I guess I’m not supposed to say that word.

  2. Looks like your in disagreement with Arizona Republican Party Chairman RANDY PULLEN?

  3. Romo Lampkin says

    If I were in the same room as Shane, I’d be looking for the closest exit, too.

  4. Did I mention that these were Senator Rick Santorum’s words?

  5. I have heard on good authority that Ayatollah Pullen has lifted the fatwa. However, radical cleric Russell Al-Pearce has not. This is confusing.

  6. Shane uses this quote from former Senator Santorum to accurately describe why many conservatives detest McCain. However, his post also reminded me (a former moderate Republican now a Democrat) why I wish I could retrieve the contributions I sent McCain’s way in 2000 when I was still in the GOP and bought into his “straight talk” BS. He is a chameleon and will reinvent himself to suit the prevailing political mindset. Romney gets slammed for changing his position on certain issues, but admits that he has and describes the thought process that led to his changes. McCain, however, steadfastly denies that he is a different man than the one we saw in 2000 and shows flashes of his famous temper when challenged on it. PLEASE nominate this guy! He’ll be exposed soon enough.

  7. Tony,

    That tape of Pullen was interesting. “I guess he’s just too tough to die, huh.” Hardly an endorsement.

  8. Joe: hillarious

    Shane: and this is why I should vote for Romney? Not that you sound like Rush, Hannity or Levin .. . guess I should get use to the idea of a President Obama

    Here’s a thought Arabs: how about a little tahweed?

  9. SonoranSam says

    Thanks, guys.

    Keep letting the Rick Santorums set the agenda for your party.

  10. Four people at work, one of them a democrat said that Obama is done. Kerry just endorsed him.

  11. Well I would like to see you stop him *.*. see if you can guess what those letters stand for *.*.. It is fat pork feeders like you that he intends to do away with and that comfortable income that you are making at the expense of all the taxpayers interest that you are suppose to be protecting. That is why you have all of this * that is lies or something taken out of context so hold your breath *.*. until McCain is out of this election and until he is not president. “Oh” do you want to know what *.*. stands for well here is a hint it rhymes with * *.

    * please tone it down Vicki – a little too personal

  12. “Well that hurt my feelings.”

    I thought we weren’t going to use foul language or Arabic on this blog? Oh well, jealousy is such a pernicious thing. But it is encouraging to see the liberals read our blogs. Their blogs are kinda boring.

    Incidentally, McCain is up in SC.,2933,321726,00.html

    “For voters saying the most important quality is for a candidate to “stand up” for his beliefs, 26 percent back McCain and 23 percent Huckabee. Those wanting a “true conservative” are most likely to be supporting Huckabee (26 percent) and Romney (24 percent), followed by Fred Thompson (16 percent). Nearly half of those wanting a candidate with the right experience are backing McCain.”

    Question: what are people like Rush, Levin and Hannity going to do if McCain gets the nomination?

    I mean look, at least the Romney people (I am assuming DSW is a Romney supporter) are honest in objecting to Huckabee or McCain. Rush and Levin whine about not having a “Reagan” and decry all the candidates – especailly men like McCain and Huckabee; yet all their problems would be solved if they endorsed Thompson, whom I like. It would make them appear more intellectually honest than this faux neutrality

  13. Shane,

    Comback Shane! John McCain is the agent for Social Change.

    John McCain – Shane!

  14. Yes, this from Rick Santorum, who endorsed pro-abortion anti-trade Arlen Specter.

  15. Sonoran Alliance, I am a little confused. You live up to your boast that you are the premier conservative blog in AZ. Yet, Kerry snubs Edwards and gives his kiss of death to the Magic O. The “Blame America First” crowd is organizing protests at Fort Huachuca and in Tucson. Yet todays submission is another philippic on Arizona’s favorite son.

    I wonder if the Fort and Davis-Monthan will be on the BRAC when Obama gets elected President. I wonder if any local personalities like x4mr or Sonoran Sam will oversee the changes to our intelligence interrogation techniques such that we spoon feed them gourmet meals and assign them work release instead “confinement” because hey its’ anyone but McCain.

  16. You guys crack me up!

  17. nightcrawler says

    Bottom line is Republicans will vote for McCain instead of Clinton or Obama.

    Many conservatives will vote for McCain on Feb 5 if they feel that the other candidates have no real shot in the general. People like to back a winner. I have heard this mantra over and over in the last few days.

  18. For many conservatives, including me, voting for John McCain will be akin to taking a bullet to a limb rather than to the head.

  19. DSW, if the general were tomorrow and Clinton and McCain was on the ticket. Would you a) vote for Clinton b) vote for McCain c) not vote

    would your choice be different if Obama were on the ticket?

  20. It’s hard for me, a liberal Democrat, to understand why conservative Republicans are so anti-McCain and anti-Huckabee. It seems that all of your candidates for President at some point have strayed from “typical” or “mainstream” conservative positions.

    What it gives me, frankly, is hope. Even if the Republican candidate for President is elected in November, he will be a lot better than President Bush. They all seem more competent, for one thing.

    I wonder if you would even be supporting President Bush if he were running for re-election, given his stand on comprehensive immigration reform.

    There have been relatively few policy distinctions in the Democratic presidential race, and the distinctions candidates have tried to make seem trivial to most in our party.

    Probably Fred Thompson would be the candidate least likely to enrage some segment of the Republican base, and perhaps he will come alive in South Carolina. As Gail Collins wrote, “Fred Thompson is the Republican establishment dream candidate. (Social conservative, instinctive rich guy and he’s been a lobbyist, so he gets it.) Unfortunately, he reminds most other people of Mr. Potter, the banker in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.'”

    I thought that part was played by Lionel Barrymore. Did Fred Thompson do a remake?

  21. hey are you at it again? i already told you that opinions were like a-holes(something you would know about) everybody has one and no one is interested in your. So I figure what I think you should do with your opinion you have already deduced(don’t worry it’s in the dictionary) and the rest of these sad little people that you have as followers they really need like you to get a life.

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