John McCain Begging for Money???

An astute Sonoran Alliance reader received the following email yesterday. In fact, I’ve received several email over the last 12 hours from outraged conservatives who say that John McCain has some nerve. Here is the email.


My Friend,

Today I need your help. Early voting for my primary reelection will begin in just 63 days, and to ensure voters hear our message we must continue to advertise on radio and television across Arizona.

We’re releasing a series of new ads about my work on behalf of the people of Arizona and about my opponent’s record of support for wasteful earmark spending. Our target is to raise an additional $30,000 in the next 72 hours to help expand our advertising buy and I hope you will respond immediately with a generous contribution of $25 or more right away.

Unfortunately, instead of finding solutions to our state and nation’s many challenges, my primary opponent, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, would rather spend his time misrepresenting both my record and now, history itself. Congressman Hayworth can’t seem to get his facts straight lately. Not only has he launched false attacks on me, but he recently erroneously stated the United States never declared war on Nazi Germany during World War II. We simply cannot afford to send someone to the U.S. Senate who plays loosely with the facts. The American people deserve better.

And we certainly cannot afford to send a failed former Congressman who supported thousands of earmarks worth billions of dollars before voters kicked him out of office. Let me just give you three examples of his outrageous earmark votes when he was in Congress: $5.8 million for Vermont snowmobile trail, $250,000 to control Maui seaweed, and we all remember the infamous $223 million “Bridge to Nowhere.”

The Obama Administration and Congressional Democratic leaders have pushed our country farther to the left than anyone could have imagined. We need strong and committed fiscal conservatives to stand up and oppose their out of control spending. I have a record of fighting against pork barrel spending and am not afraid to confront President Obama or any Member of Congress who supports wasting taxpayer funds. Arizona and the nation can’t afford JD Hayworth.

My friend, your past support has allowed my reelection campaign to respond to my opponent’s attacks with effective advertisements. However, because this is the most competitive reelection campaign I have ever faced we must remain on the air with a strong advertising campaign from now until Election Day.

This means our campaign must raise $30,000 in the next 72 hours to help fund our latest ad buy. I ask that you help us reach this goal with an immediate donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more. Your contribution in advance of our deadline will ensure I am able to communicate the facts to millions of Arizona voters.

I am committed to our shared conservative values and pledge to continue representing and fighting for these if reelected. So I ask you to please renew your commitment to my campaign today with a generous donation of any amount.

Thank you for your continued friendship and generosity.


John McCain

Since the radio and television attacks began on JD Hayworth (before he was even a candidate!) John McCain’s campaign has spent around $3 MILLION on attack ads. Now he has the gall to beg for more money to make more attacks on JD Hayworth!?!? Give us a break!

Let’s remind our readers of the fabulous life that John McCain leads…



  1. Stephen Kohut says

    Must be hard to spend $25M in campaign funds that quickly. Opps! My bad. I forgot that John is a sitting Senator and is used to tossing away billions and trillions on a routine basis.

  2. Hmmmmmmm. So, by your standards, it’s okay for JD to pass the tin cup on your blog with his many….failed…donation drives. Yet, when McCain asks for donations, like every other politician, you call him loose with his money.

    Attack ads? How many of the cheesy, juvenile attack ads from Hayworth, starting with his unsuccessful run against Mitchell, do you want me to spam your hate blog with?

    You people get more desperate every election cycle.

  3. Hey S.K,
    Commercials cost money, didn’t you know that.
    The TV stations don’t accept rocks.
    That might also be the reason we don’t see any commercials from the Senator’s opponent on television.

  4. Stephen Kohut says

    So, McRINO has blown his $25M running against nonthreating challengers? Must be hard to be a “beloved” incumbent.

  5. Dang, it’s been what, two months when we were snorted at, that McCain was sitting a huge war chest – PLUS money left over from the presidential bid.

    Oops. Maybe McCain had to pay back that leftover money – funds he could have used in Michigan as Palin had told him to. If he’d taken her advice to go out swingin’ and scrappin’ in every state, he’d be POTUS now and not scraping to hold the People’s Senate seat.

  6. Steve Calabrese says

    These smear jobs – “Look! John McCain has a lot of money! He must be evil!” look like they were produced by the anti-wealth Obama crowd.

    There’s lots of decent issues to attack McCain on. This…this is just juvenile tripe. Sonoran Alliance seems to exercise less and less editorial control each day – any attack on McCain, no matter how stupid, gets posted. It’s a shame when a once-somewhat-respectable website goes down the tubes.

  7. Listen Steve,

    There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to be rich but everyone knows that McCain’s campaign money has been rolled over from personal wealth and failed presidential bids. And after all, he is the incumbent and incumbents always have an advantage from prior campaigns, name recognition aka “the power of incumbency.”

    Sure, JD Hayworth also has name ID and an ability to raise money. He proved that in the first 6-7 weeks when he raised over a million dollars at a record pace.

    But the fact of the matter is that John McCain could coast to the August 24th primary election without having to raise another dollar.

    For many political and non-political observers, it seems odd that John McCain would be sending out emails asking for money when he can tap his own personal warchest.

    Second point. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this blog leans conservative and therefore most of our writers are supportive of conservative candidates. Thus, JD Hayworth is a favorite here.

    John McCain is not a conservative and any indication that he has become one in recent months is pure fiction. You can review his voting record with any organization from NRLC, NRA, ACU, CAGW, etc and will find his ratings are lower than JD Hayworth. Hard numbers speak louder than Team McCain spin.

    If you want to wallow in a pro-McCain blog, I suggest you head over to Politico Mafioso and find fellowship with the McCain Mafia.

  8. Vladimir Lenin says

    Let’s remind our readers of the fabulous life that John McCain leads

    I couldn’t agree more! welcome to the party comrade!

  9. John McLame says

    F*** all of you. It’s my F***ing money! Mine mine mine!!! F***, F***, F***

    And you better F***ing vote for me. I F***ing deserve it!

  10. John McLame says

    I can’t F***ing spell either!

  11. Speaking of “cheesy” ads, LD17 must be penning McCain’s offerings!

    The “last line of defense”, “Character Counts” the sudden concern regarding the border, are almost oxymornic if you know the subject of their promotion.

    Now wonder that particular district hasn’t produced a principled conservative legislator in recent local political history.

    Just read the posts of it’s inhabitants!

  12. Steve Calabrese says

    DSW, I couldn’t care less if this is a “pro-McCain blog” or a “Pro-Hayworth” blog.

    However, name-calling doesn’t do a damn thing.

    I’d love a discourse about the issues. There’s plenty to talk about.

    Wanna know what I really think?

    1. McCain is a conservative who acts like a moderate, but overall is conservative. That said, for a conservative, many of his votes make me want to vomit. Increased regulation in multiple fields? McCain-Feingold. Ugh. However, McCain spen 15 years positioning himself as the Republican Bill Clinton – “appearing” as a moderate. Now that his presidential hopes are well and truly dashed, I hope he will trend more conservative.

    2. McCain, on a personal basis, is a rather nasty, arrogant piece of work.

    3. McCain’s absolute incompetence in running his 2008 presidential campaign calls into question his leadership skills. And, our loss of the national convention with a whimper to Tampa calls into doubt just how effective he is.

    4. His gun-rights record is, at best, weak.

    5. His first round of commericals slamming JD was so obnoxious that I wanted to change the channel every time one came on…

    Now for JD…

    1. His campaign against Mitchell was a joke. I’ve never seen an incumbent blow so many chances.

    2. I think he talks like a limited government conservative but he sure didn’t have any problem spending taxpayer dollars when he was office.

    3. I think he is more liable to get involved in corporate corruption than McCain. Jack Abramhoff and other things freak me out a bit. Conservative means LIMITED government and creating a climate friendly to business, not bending over and giving business whatever it wants.

    4. His behavior at the state convention, where he stood up and pumped his arm when the crowd chanted “JD, JD” while McCain was giving a speech about veterans speaks of a lack of class.

    5. JD’s commercials are getting to be as annoying as McCain’s.

    In short, I’m disappointed in both of our candidates for Senate. Neither of them is inspiring. I will say one thing – both McCain and Hayworth are far, far superior than anyone the Democrats have.

    The fact is come January, 2011, the State of Arizona will have to send a Senator to Washington, DC. The two Republicans both have major faults, and both are superior to the Democratic candidates. And, there are still people undecided in this election, and name-calling on behalf of either McCain or Hayworth lessens respect for both candidates. If Sonoran Alliance wants to support Haywood, that’s great. There’s plenty of legitimate issues to attack McCain on. Attacking him because he married a rich girl is just shrill.

  13. Obviously this blog is pro Hayworth. If I’m not mistaken, DSW works for and is paid by the Hayworth campaign.

  14. Well, it’s SUPPOSED to be obvious. DSW states it every other day since he joined the campaign a couple months ago.

    He hasn’t installed fainting couches for the folks who get disoriented and the vapors at the thought that a conservative would support a conservative candidate, but maybe that could be put in the suggestion box.

  15. Jack Hammer says

    And obviously “Joe” is a McCainiac!

    Perhaps you can hook up with Ann, Travis & LD17 to create a RINO blog!

  16. Jane 001 says

    @Calabrese, I didn’t notice that SA had engaged in calling John McCain any names in this post. Nor did notice that SA had attacked McCain’s choice of partners. Since there is so much to talk about, why not stay on the topic of the post which calls attention to McCain’s lavish lifestyle and obvious campaign mismanagement.

    McCain wants to be known as a fiscal conservative, but he’s signed every budget-busting piece of legislation he could touch. Now attention is focused on a similar problem with his campaign finances. After his campaign boasted of tens of millions in the bank, is he actually running out of money three weeks before the primary, or is he just doing what politicians do so well, digging into the public’s pocket after he overspending and mismanaging his budget? I think the later is the reality, and that couldn’t be more relevant at this point in the race.

  17. Steve Calabrese says

    Yeah, Jane 001, and you proved my point.

    You made a point – a valid one – saying that if McCain is already running out of money then perhaps his fiscal management skills can be called into question. And, you did it without any nasty, low class “Lifestyles of the Rich and Fabulous” spoofs.

    In short, a few well-reasoned sentences are more effective against McCain then a cheezy hatchet job whining that he has too much money.

  18. Agree. Picking on McCain for being a filthy rich elected official isn’t fair. The number of super rich Democrats now exceeds rich Republicans – with Republicans usuually making their money in business, whiel the Democrats get richer by political connections.

    It’s time for a Lifestyles of the Rich and Fabulous” on Hillary Clinton, whose household raked in over $100 million over the past decade – not bad for two people who don’t produce anything. Hillary’s in solidarity with New York Democrats deciding the answer to their lavish state spending is not to cut their budgets, but to whack the NY state rich with a huge punitive tax. Hillary and Bill get way too much money for yak yak. They don’t even produce something as useful as toothpaste for the people. It’s only the two of them, they don’t need all that money. How much is she planning to hand over to Albany? She’s a NY state resident, in the elite rich bracket.

    How about the luxurious lifetstyle of jetting Nancy Pelosi who is sheltering her immense family wealth from depletion by sticking the US taxpayer with the cost of a private jet for her cross-country partying?

    Or the fabulous lifetstyle of Barack and Michelle Obama who dine on $100 a pound steak, caviar and quails’ eggs in luxury tents at the White House, since eating inside is boring, get free private concerts by folks like Beyonce on the White House back lawn (no riff-raff allowed), pack up their security and best buddies for a week in Hawaii for sun, sand surf and golf at taxpayer expense?

    Have the $5 million nouveau riche Obamas paid off their school loans yet?

  19. Jane 001 says

    Calabrese, I think you are missing the point. The video was an excellent illustration, and there was no name calling or “nastiness” there either. I’m all for adult-like conversation, but comedy and parody is an acceptable form of communication in the world of grown ups.

    Throwing out baseless terms like low class, nasty, name-calling makes you guilty of the very thing you’re complaining about.

  20. “Now wonder that particular district hasn’t produced a principled conservative legislator in recent local political history.”

    Yep. Here’s a list of those that you consider “principled”:

    JD Hayworth
    David Schwiekert

    Yeah. Oh, both have been defeated in embarrassing losses.

    The majority of the LD17 candidates I wouldn’t give the time of day to.

  21. Sen. McCain may be running out of money. He runs ridiculous ads 24/7. He just opened an office in Lake Havasu City and spared no expense. If he is polling so well, why is he spending so much money in Mohave County? I daresay he isn’t doing quite as well as Rasmussen says.

  22. Jack Hammer says


    But Schweikert defeated the “moderate Republican” ‘fairy princess’ and Carolyn Allen wannabe in the primary and will do so again!

    This time he will not be denied party funds in the general election

    2010 is not 2006!

    Public sentiment is not heading in your direction!

    A bit of soul searching on your part may be in order as your District has not elected a principled conservative sine the early ’90’s!

  23. No, he’s just campaigning. Clearly he’s not begging, people are willingly donating because of their belief in him as a leader.

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