John McCain: A Prophet In His Own House

As Senator John McCain experiences a surge in the polls, it’s probably time to do a survey on where Arizona GOP/Conservative bloggers and blogsites stand on the McCain candidacy.

Those of us who are more politically astute than the average Arizonan can probably provide a better description of who our senior senator really is and perhaps jog their memories before they vote on hype.

A brief review of these blogs appears to reveal that a majority or Arizona GOP/Conservative bloggers do NOT support John McCain as the best Republican candidate for nomination.

Of course, we invite our fellow bloggers to weigh in with their votes and thoughts.



  1. Fred Thompson 2008 says

    That’s a great idea to get a feel for what the Arizona political bloggers feel about McCain. Of the Republican political blogs in Arizona, which ones support McCain? The only ones I’ve been able to find are Politico Mafioso (associated with the nudists at Shangri La – not even your typical Republican by any means), who is posting like crazy lately to overcompensate for the fact that nobody else on the right supports McCain here except Republicans who don’t pay attention to politics, and Think Right AZ, who hasn’t posted much at all lately. Other than that, I haven’t been able to find a single AZ Republican leaning blog that supports McCain. I looked through and the conservative blog site as well. I wonder if the rest of the nation is aware of this?

  2. Well, and I say this not to poison the well but as the truth, most of the Democrats I know consider John McCain to be the least odious of the Republicans running, and if he did win the nomination, we would be upset by the loss of probably Harry Mitchell’s seat and the devastated by the loss of Supreme Court, but he’s on the correct side of a lot of issues, including two of mine: CAFE standards and global warming so we could deal. And things like McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy show he’s willing to deal, unlike the “compromise is surrender” Bush-Rove mindset.

    He’s not a Lil’ Pinochet like 9iu11ani, he’s not ready to bring on the Apocalypse like Huckabee, not a Reagan-wannabe like Thompson, and he’s not plastic and fake and Romney. I’d survive.

  3. Fred Thompson 2008 says

    You and the liberal Arizona Republic like McCain (did you see the editorial today praising him?

    A lot of the liberal media like him and Democrats like you like him or at least tolerate him. He could be described as a Joseph Lieberman (D) kind of guy.

    Other than liberal Republicans, who among Republicans in your opinion should support McCain?

    What’s really sad is that most Republicans who know anything about McCain in Arizona prefer Giuliani over McCain. Giuliani may be slightly more liberal, but at least he’s honest about it and doesn’t attack the conservative right like McCain does.

  4. Unconverted says

    Democracy, mediocrity, McCain.

  5. kralmajales says

    Ha…get back to me when he is the nominee of your party. IF he is, I can’t wait to see how many of you sing is praises like you did after you bashed Jon Kyl. I will be amazed if any of you McCain haters here actually fail to support him or vote for him (not that you will vote Demo mind you…but vote FOR him versus not at all).

    In fact, be my guest.

    I have said all along that McCain is the closest, real candidate, on conservative issues that you all have in the race. Romney is clearly a pretender. Fred has carried little water for the party and frankly will not be elected or electable, McCain is truly conservatie, its just that some like money more than principle. What I mean by that is the groups that is the greedy hardcore conservative grassroots groups that won’t forgive him for cutting off their soft money spiggots with McCain Feingold. There is little principle behind that stance. It was about money…greed…and where some got their dough.

    As you know, Im no longer a conservative, but let me say this. John McCain is the most electable in the field, he doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but what he will do, he is pro-life (for real), anti-gay rights (for real) and supported this god awful war more than any of you.

    For that, he won’t earn my vote, but that should tell ya’ll something…he scares this lib…none of the other concern me in the least.

  6. I’m not sure if FT’08 was addressing that to me, but if so… I’d say Republicans who want to win would be wise to go with McCain.

    Romney will come across as a Republican John Kerry – plastic and fake (what is it about rich guys from Massachusetts?) – and God help him if he has to debate Obama (my dog in the hunt, incidentally). 9iu11iani will be pegged as junior facist he is. Huckabee won’t have appeal beyond the evangelical South. Thompson just comes across as a Bush on steroids (and as crotchety when he’s not listless – sorry, just my impression).

    Up against the Hillary machine – they’ll be ground into a fine pink powder. Up against Obama, they’ll look stuck in the past (anyone remember “Bridge to the 21st Century” in ’96? Sounds an awful like “CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE!” we’re hearing now). McCain would be the best defense against that. He fought the current regime on Iraq, he fought them on campaign financing, he pushed back against the religous right (until he realized he needed them – but people will remember the “agents of intolerance” and fight with Bob Jones University).

    My $.02 anyway. I’m on record previously as saying the only candidate I fear is McCain.

  7. Kral,
    I have to hand it to you. You call the shots as you see ’em, and you see ’em right.

  8. John McCain’s unstable temperament makes him unfit to serve. That should scare the hell out of anyone.

  9. FT’08
    Sorry for your candidate, if it was not for the screen writer’s strike he may have had something intelligent to say.

  10. Horst,

    I normally appreciate your comments and view you as an important part of the party.

    So what’s up? This is the second time this morning I have seen you calling the kettle black!

    In this post you recognize kral for pointing out the folly in putting down other candidates. So, you can but others can’t?

    In another more recent post you comment on Rush Limbaugh and reference his prescription pain killer addiction and call his words worthless based on that. That short-sighted attitude is like putting your well downhill from your outhouse, Horst.

  11. Fred,

    Your on life support pal. After you lose in SC, you will be dropping out of the race. Looks like you will be able to say the movie line your most famous for:


  12. Tony,

    You must not have seen the latest polls out of SC. The only movement is Huck is down by 5 points from the last poll and Fred is up by 4. If the trend continues, Fred will tie McCain for top spot within a few days.

    The huge number of SC undecideds is definitely in Fred’s favor. Let’s see what happens when we have a TRUE primary and not an open free for all.

    Do not count anyone out. I keep saying the sudden death predictions, for all the candidates, is premature.

  13. All of this is really interesting.

    And I think Kral and I have made this point before, but let me make it again.

    AZ Rs will have a significant impact on selecting the Republican presidential nominee.

    If McCain loses his own state, he will suffer several black eyes and a bruised knee cap in the eyes of the national media. It might even prove fatal. So if you like Mitt Romney….

    Like Kral says, he’s your best shot in November, because he can win votes from the political center.

    It’s your call – literally and figuratively.

  14. It is difficult to see who here is more misguided and whom is simply a fool. The poster or the subesquent reply messages. AZ will impact, well . . .nothing as is typical. Senator McCain will take the nomination, regardless of those too stuborn, foolish or mislead to support him in that victory.


  15. Well Fred Thompson2008 i respect Fred and if i were not a McCain supporter I would be backing Fred but you ain’t missing too much of the spotlight,but don’t whine so it shows your maturity or lack there of. And Astute up there well as to your astuteness that is a matter of opinion and we all know that opinions are like a-holes and everyone has one but no one is interested in yours. As far as Politico Mafioso and the nudist situation don’t worry yourself with that, I think your problem is that you don’t get to watch.

  16. Yeah you guys are scared but that’s okay that happens to the best of us and it is alright to admit it. You wouldn’t be the first ones to be intimidated by the truth nor will you be the last McCain brings that out in liars. When your candidates whole political beliefs and existance is built on lies that happens. John McCain is the truth and that is scary for you and your candidate and all that he doesn’t stand for (with the exception of Thompson)and all that he knows absolutely nothing about and is talking about things that are over their heads and trying to pull off that fake it till you make it scam. We understand because the world is full of you and your candidates. You are on every street corner peddling bullsh*#, we get you and your act. There is no place any longer for your candidate or his or her rhetoric. We as Americans want truth, respectability, character, experience and judgement and therefore we want McCain as President of The United States because he is the best man for the job.So stop crying and whining it doesn’t become you.

  17. Woah! Vicki,
    Been listening for awhile and the only whining I hear is from your obvious lack of genuine faith in the prospects of your candidate. Admittidly being in rural Arizona, we won’t make much of an impact in the General election as our numbers simply are not that high, but I must say I find little to no support for Arizona’s favorite senator in these parts.

    I think folks are more apt to stay at home rather than vote for the senator who stongly made an effort to undermine the sovereignty of this nation. That has been quite perplexing considering his distinguished military service. I know the war and the economy are major considerations for a lot of Americans and will influence who they vote for. Illegal immigration is also right up there as an issue nationally and especially here at home and I’m as certain as I breathe that John McCain is on the wrong side of that issue.

    But as patience is a virtue, I will await the decision of the masses and manage to live with the results whether I find favor with them or not. Time is too short to let such circus as political elections distract from one’s enjoyment of life.

  18. William Crum says

    John McCain: the legend in his own mind or lack of mind. He can never say he is losing his mind because one must possess it in order to lose it. Thank you and God Bless you.

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