John Fund: “John McCain was all about Washington”

In case you missed what John Fund (Wall Street Journal) really thinks about John McCain.


  1. Jack Hammer says

    So much for “reaching out”!

    And you can bet that John’s following on this list will find a way to form a “Republicans for Glassman” org at the behest of “the dear leader”

    And you can also safely wager that Grant Woods, “Ann” & “LD17” will pick up the banner!

  2. Hate to disagree with you on this one Jack.

    The crowd you mentioned above will only go if paid!

    Woods is probably an exception1

    He, along with Romley, if not elected will just switch parties!

  3. “Through a spokesman, Mr. Hayworth says he can’t remember just how much he was paid for his late-night infomercial appearances. Whatever the amount, it can’t compensate him for the political credibility he has lost because of his days as a pitchman touting “free government money.”
    — John Fund” (as of today, now, concerning this race)

  4. Ann,

    I cannot remember how much I made working for Americans for Prosperity last year as their Grassroots Coordinator. What’s your point. I doubt many of us can’t remember how much we were paid three years ago for specific projects.

  5. It wasn’t my point to make…I was quoting John Fund from todays WSJ. The point I believe Mr. Fund was making is that whatever he made, it wasn’t enough for the price this will cost him.

  6. LOL! DSW is running out of comebacks. He already posted this:

    • VSB,

      Given that John McCain is running an endless number of radio and television ads, I think my one re-post is justified. If McCain’s people want to bring up John Fund, I’ll be glad to remind them what John Fund thinks and said about John McCain. So I have to laugh right back at you! LOL!

  7. “I cannot remember how much I made working for Americans for Prosperity last year as their Grassroots Coordinator. What’s your point. I doubt many of us can’t remember how much we were paid three years ago for specific projects.”

    LOL WUT?!? You can’t remember how much you were paid? No idea at all? LOL!

    I think most people have a pretty good idea how much money they make and what they have made over the past few years!

  8. Not if you are paid by projects. Salary is easy. Contract to contract is always different.

  9. Michael Holliday says

    This will cost JD nothing!

    This will cost John McCain everything as JD’s logic clamps down around McCain like a vise during the debate!

    The whole friggen’ bloody government was foisting lax standards and free money to anyone that could breathe. Especially illegal aliens buying $300K houses while making $17K a year. And now McCain has written these banksters a practically blank check for $700 BILLION to feed their garantuan orgy of economic debauchery!

    Did JD look goofy up there doing a late-night infomercial? Yeah, he looked like he was working it a little. Kind of like a guy getting your kid some hidden college money from a slush fund of taxpayer dollars. BIG DEAL! But no more than G. Gordon Liddy pimping Gold on TV or Sean Hannity selling Ruth’s Chris Steaks on the radio.

    I’m glad I didn’t see it though, I probably would have hurled a banana at the Television screen!

    Did JD get sheisted by some shiesters? Sounds like it.

    But all of this gibberish of little significance now. It’s all past history that nobody but a desperate McCain and his elitist amnesty supporting cronies care about. It’s pure rubbish!

    You’ve got the Sheister in Chief working with the Arizona Senate Sheister trying to foist the biggest scame in history on the American people: the comprehensive immigration/amnesty plan scam.

    That takes the cake!

    That’s the real issue here.

    No one saw the JD infomercial. No one reads the Arizona Republic anymore. And even less watch MSNBC.


    Look at Wolf Cheeseblintz and Larry Ding Dong of CNN. Nobody cares about their propaganda any more. Their rating are in the tank!

    When JD reminds everyone that McCain surrendered the presidency to Obama and foisted that leftist lunatic on America, the worst president since Jimmy Carter, they’ll flock to the order, stability and security that JD represents for Arizona and America.

    Look for a future JD Presidential run.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain will want to cut a deal behind the scenes. Sort of like the Devil offering Christ the Kingdoms of Heaven on Earth if he’ll only go along with the plan.

    That will signify the end of McCain’s political career.

    Of course JD would refuse. He’s got bigger fish to fry…

    In the end, I’ll put down the Root Beer, JD pom poms, and wipe off the Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie crumbs from my face and relax in peace for a while because Arizona will have survived for another interim.

  10. Legislative guru says

    What is bothersome is that Ann/Susan Bittersmith spends all day, every day, commenting on this blog. She is on the Board of Directors for the Central Arizona Water Project – she should be looking out for the interests of US, not engaging in partisan political fights unrelated to her work for Arizonans. She also has a fulltime job working for the cable industry. I wonder if they condone her spending all day, every day, slamming conservatives on this blog. I bet they don’t because it is taking place on their dime. Instead of lobbying for them, she is attacking the very people she needs to lobby – conservative state legislators and other lawmakers. Not very effective and a real theft of company resources.

  11. John McCain – Trap funds – McCainCard – 14 trillion dollars and counting.

  12. Jack Hammer says

    And Ann still can’t explain the presences of the Charlie Keatings and Scott Rothenbergs throughout John’s career!

    He’s never been a self-provider!

    Starting with marriage!

  13. A self-provider?

    You would discount his accomplishments and personal service and sacrifice to this country. That isn’t significant in the evaluation of passion and drive? is all about money to you, then. That makes sense. You are just like JD. Mercenary to the core.

    Of course you can’t give attention to the lifelong accomplishments of McCain, it would reveal JD as the egocentric opportunist with a sense of entitlement that he is.

    I will compare John McCain’s life-long achievements of personal grit and grind to the smooth-talking, money-grubbing JD Hayworth on any day.

    Not only that, Mr. Hammer…I will give you a head start. Go ahead, list the accomplishments and successes of JD Hayworth.

    If you need help…start here:

  14. CharlotteW says

    Ann, I guess you are really a Juan McMex supporter, you post in support of Juan while you are working for another company? Shame on you as usual from a RINO. Lets talk about Juan’s accompolishments, you mean his traterous activities in the “Hanoi Hilton? You meam his conpiring with North Vietnam to keep all records sealed on our MIA”s, or was it really just for his records? His explanations on that alone makes him a traitor. Then he tried giving the Country away to the Illegals. We all remember Amnesty, Oh but all of a sudden he heard us. what happened 3 years ago, we were silent? Juan is all for Juan and Juan alone. After McMex got JD fired from Congress with his trumped up investigation JD needed the work. Juan will never get my vote, I do not care this time who is running against him.

  15. Gracias por dar información tan interesante y útil.

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