John (Bob Dole) McCain.

bob dole.gif     A new Wall Street Journal / NBC News poll came out today. They asked about the current presidents approval rating but they also asked about whom people liked for 2008. Hillary, Obama, and Edwards are the top three for the Democrats.

     For the Republicans the top three are Giuliani, McCain, and Gingrich. That’s right, Newt is ahead of Romney. The survey asked about one scenario for the general election, McCain vs. Edwards (not quite sure why they choose the #3 Democrat and #2 Republican.) Anyway, Edwards beat McCain by 2%. Yeah, yeah, I know it is early. But McCain is a sitting senator who is in the news every day. The last time I saw John Edwards in the news it was over a staff member trying to hustle Wal-Mart for a PlayStation3. One would think that McCain would be able to poll ahead of Edwards at this point.

Wednesday 12-13-06, 6:10 pm

Thanks to STS for bringing the Bloomberg / LA Times poll to our attention.

Sorry about the story but the WSJ has added two pages of questions to their report since our post was first written. They do have Hillary ahead of McCain but only when adding Bloomberg as an independent. McCain does win over Obama in a head to head race.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    In fairness, the survey asked about McCain versus each of the top three Democrats.

  2. I admit to being surprised Edwards would poll ahead of McCain. My only thought is McCain’s position vis-a-vis the war must really be hurting him.

  3. Poll Reader says

    This poll surveyed “Americans,” not registered voters or likely voters. As such, it is worthless for measuring who will win an election. Given that voters are more Republican, especially likely voters, that means McCain is ahead.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    Poll Reader,

    Thanks for catching that. The poll is also probably worthless as well because it is so far out time wise. I just thought McCain would show up a little better. Also remember in 2 years McCain will look that much older and Obama and Edwards will be that much more organized.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Check out these results here. Much better polling and more details on everyone!

  6. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thanks. We linked to the LA Times coverage which had a lot of detail.

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