Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Small Business Owners for Neely

CONTACT: Paul Bentz

“Peggy has been a champion for small business.”

Phoenix – For Peggy Neely, “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” isn’t just a campaign slogan – it is the hallmark of her track record. During her time on the city council, Neely was a strong leader in job creation, attracting regional and national headquarters, as well as small businesses to Phoenix.

“Peggy has truly proved herself to be interested in the small business person, as Councilwoman she has always made herself available whenever myself or someone from the Northeast Phoenix Business Alliance has called for an issue or help with a problem, Peggy truly understands that strong business means Job’s and tax revenue for the city,” said Keenan Strand, owner of two local McDonald’s and leader of the Northeast Phoenix Business Alliance, “I respect Peggy for making the right decisions for our neighborhood and business rather than worrying about polititics! She has a long track record of reaching out to the community and listening to our needs and bringing results. I have witnessed Peggy work with businesses of all sizes which creates jobs – she has proven to me that she knows how to bringing people together to find solutions.”

During her time on council, Neely reached out to business owners on a regular basis making sure that the city is a help – not a hindrance to doing business. In addition to successes in attracting new businesses, she also helped existing and small businesses expand.

“Peggy Neely understands that it takes businesses of all sizes to truly make a thriving economy. She has given me the same attention and interest as she has given to CEO’s of major corporations. To Peggy, every job and every business counts,” said Denny Matrunola, Owner, Truno Budget Car Rental.

Working with Councilman Sal DiCiccio, Neely has already started the work of cutting the red tape associated with doing business in the City of Phoenix. Streamlining the permitting process is already underway, but it is limited to small projects at this time. Neely pledges to continue this work and remove the barriers that small businesses face.

“Peggy Neely has the drive and determination to help ensure that business owners have the tools that they need to succeed in Phoenix,” explained Sharon Rueckert, Martial Arts School Owner, “She cares about businesses not only for the jobs they create, but the benefits they bring to the community. She has been a strong supporter of our efforts to educate children and youth in self-defense and life skills.”

Neely has been active in local businesses and their programs such as “Fight Like a Girl” which promotes self defense in women and was the past president of Women’s Council of Realtors. Neely has also pledged to repeal the food tax because she understands the burdens it places on families and the unfair way it was slipped past the taxpayers.

Realtor Naomi Thomas stated, “I have known Peggy for over 20 years on a professional level and as a member of the Phoenix City Council. As a former small business owner herself, she understands the value of working hard and keeping costs down. Small business owners can count on her to cut through the red tape and make it easier to do business in Phoenix.”

Neely has pledged to focus on ALL of Phoenix – not just the areas of downtown. She has been a champion for her District encouraging people to shop and dine in local eateries close to her home in North Phoenix. One such local restaurant counted among Neely’s favorites is Roma Garden.

“We were proud to discover that Peggy mentioned our restaurant as one of her favorite places to eat in Phoenix,” said Mr. Vjeko Mareclic, Owner, Roma Garden, “She is understands the value that local eateries bring to their neighborhoods and has been a patron for many years. She is a strong advocate for dining and shopping locally.”

Neely launched a comprehensive jobs plan as part of her vision of the “Phoenix We Want.” She explained, “Phoenix should no longer accept a back seat in the area of public policy. It must lead. It must lead in quality economic development focused on high income jobs that are as diverse as our city. The most critical need is a plan to diversify our jobs base. We can’t rely on construction alone to fuel our future. Instead, we must help existing businesses expand and then work with them to facilitate new relationships with companies looking to relocate.”



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