Joanie Flatt & Carolyn Allen

Our good friends over at Hot AZ It Gets posted on a recent event featuring Arizona Republic “Plugged In” columnist, Joanie Flatt. Recently, Flatt hosted a fundraiser for liberal pro-abortion “Republican” Carolyn Allen. Of course, as she reported on the event Flatt had to attack conservative pro-life Republican Colette Rosati in her column.

What was hardly mentioned in the coverage is that Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona (PPCNA) was all over this event having drove its upper-class elite “pro-choice” membership to attend. Lest I also remind you. PPCNA is the largest abortion provider in Arizona having killed over 7,243 babies in 2004 or 59% of the business.

In 2002 when I was the Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life, I sent our Director of Education to an event co-sponsored by PPCNA in which the discussion was all about sex education. At that event, most of the attendees were upper-class women who you would find at a Arizona List or Arizona WISH List event. One of the most disturbing underlying themes at the event was how to stop poor Mexican women from having more babies. Of course, PPCNA pushed for getting them into their mills to pump them full of hormones or to perform abortions on them. But it was clear at that event that there was still a subtle tone of racism – something PPCNA’s founder, Margaret Sanger, pushed heavily through her eugenics activities.

I’m assuming that nothing has changed. PPCNA/Joanie Flatt’s event most definitely attracted some of the same people – those who believe in a subtle eugenics approach to immigration, health care and education. And their starting point to accomplishing this is electing pro-abortion advocates like Carolyn Allen to the legislature.


  1. RINOspotter says

    This is so typical of the slimy Carolyn Allen, and typically aided by her many liberal media friends. Also, leave it to Allen to pull a race or ethnicity card. That was a cheap shot; a ridiculous and unfounded accusation. And this is not a rebuke of a fellow Republican. Allen would be registered as a (liberal) Democrat in any other state where she thought she could win as a Dem.

    Last time Allen and her protege Michele Reagan ran for election she made “liberal” use of her WISH List and pro-abortion activist buddy, KNXV ABC15’s main news anchor Katie Raml, to lead a series of campaign rallies and fundraisers for them.

    That strategy worked pretty well until Raml and her Phoenix station KNXV got busted by the media ethics watchdogs at Columbia University’s School of Journalism.

    Not that Raml or the TV station really cared or altered their behavior.

    Also not too surprising, Allen has many more liberal friends she can call upon in the media to support her and attack her opponents — and of course, she has Governor Janet in her corner.

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