Jim Ward, a real class act

Puts his signs up at polls blocking opponent’s

Not the first time he’s violated campaign sign protocol with his oversized signs

Jim Ward, the candidate for Congress in CD5 who moved here from San Francisco to run for Congress in the first available district he could find, is up to more dirty tricks. First he put up illegal oversized signs all on Scottsdale intersections, a safety hazard blocking motorists’ sight while driving. Now he’s put up his oversized signs blocking David Schweikert’s smaller signs at polling locations. Schweikert is ahead according to internal polling, and Ward apparently thinks shady tactics are the only way to catch up at this point. This guy has been a prime example of how not to run a campaign – you don’t move into a district and blatantly ignore its laws. After Ward loses, how long will he stick around before he moves back to San Francisco?

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  1. I predict a month, or as long as it takes him to find a new home and start to sell whatever house he’s bought here.

  2. Conservative voter says

    Go back to San Francisco, Jim, and take your pro-amnesty position with you!

  3. conservative 2 the Bone says

    Last I heard, he hadn’t sold his home in San Francisco… easy to move back to!

  4. Shane, cry me a freaking river! It’s okay for you to endorse the dirty tricks of Haywood, Thomas and Schweikert, but as soon as another candidate impedes on your alleged turf, you start whining.

    Suck it up and grow a pair. Elections are over at 7:00 tonight, after which you and David can have your usual circle jerk.

  5. Schweikert is a cry baby!

    If he wins how will he face the big bad Democrats.

    Keep crying. It’s really working for you!

    Keep talking about how many homes a person owns, too. Schweikert has 973 – all mortgaged to buy this campaign.

  6. What will you do for fun after today?

    I mean, if Jim wins, will you just continue this pathetic crap?

    If he doesn’t win, will you keep it up anyway?

    With how dishonest this race has been, I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who took this picture moved Jim’s sign in front of David’s just to have something to bitch about.

    And I hate to try to use logic on you, since I know you’re impervious to it, but do you really think Jim went out and put all of those signs up himself?

    If you’re going with the argument that you can judge a candidate by his supporters and their actions, I’ll go there with you.

    Only one candidate has an army of anonymous bloggers spreading pathetic crap like this around, and it’s David Schweikert.

    I’ll take a little sign mischief over anonymous smears any day.

  7. Jason Rose reports that the RNC moved it’s AZ HQ right next to Schweikert. I think that tells us everything we need to know about winners and losers.

  8. IT Guy – Well there’s a brilliant strategy, make up wild false allegations about David Schweikert and his mortgage business in anonymous comments on this blog and hope that some of it sticks. You must work for Harry Mitchell. Race isn’t looking so good, is it?

  9. Mr. Conservative says

    Ward isn’t going to win. Jason Rose knows his stuff!

  10. LD17,

    Before you embarrass yourself any further, you should know I did not write this post.


  11. This picture is probably deceptive. At a lot of polling places the signs are lined up in such a way that if you got right in front of one and took a picture like this it would look like it was blocking the sign behind it. But in reality, there are probably ten signs in a row lined up with a few feet of gap in between so most people walking or driving by can see the signs just fine.

    I saw Ward signs up early at polling sites too where I didn’t see Schweikert signs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Schweikert guys had to put their sign up after Ward’s was already there.

  12. Enough with the gay insinuations! I’ll wipe your comments off faster than you can say Congressional District Five!

  13. connie concerned says

    Jim should take his jag and his carpet bag back to SF. He needs a new tailor and barber as well. His suits are all frumpy and poorly fitted. His hair makes his head look pointed. Jim gets zero style points

  14. Ward, the RINO will move back to the Left Coast after the election.

  15. Serious Sally says

    I was out this am putting up signs and saw Ward signs covering up Schweikert signs. I just moved the Schweikert sign. Like most people do not make their choice in the parking lot anyway.

  16. Oh ok kids lets leave the signs alone. We need to remeber that tomorrow is a new day and our focus needs to be on retiring Harry Mitchell, not slamming each other. Tomorrow is: pull it together day and stop Nancy Pelosi and Harry Mitchell. Save our country now and our freedom now, bicker latter.

  17. Victoria J says

    Jim Ward’s campaign manager is Sean Noble so a low class effort for a RINO candidate is expected.

  18. conservative 2 the Bone says

    otasan, you are funny AND a big fat hypocrite making “anonymous smears”.

    IT Guy, you missed my point. I don’t care how many homes Ward owns. Ward never sold his home in San Francisco because he moved to Arizona CD5 just to run for Congress. When he loses, he’ll move home. He does not care about Arizona or Arizonans.

  19. Connie Concerned says

    I heard a sink hole swallowed up a sonic fast food joint in GA. Rumor now is sink holes are swallowing Jim Ward signs. They just drop out of sight, could they be running to SF early? Amazing.

  20. These are the type of people we are trying to get out and keep out of office.
    Dirty tactics won;t help Jim Ward to win the primaries. David Schweikert has shown to a the true gentleman throughout this election cycle.
    Honest people will prevail. David will win. I already voted today. Have you? GO Vote!!

  21. Anna, I agree. Go vote, do it now. Take back our country….Vote again in NOV.
    My favorite quote:


  22. Shane:

    I wouldn’t worry about L.D. 17!

    The guy is just a mindless establishment “hack” and will probably follow Jim Ward back to San Francisco once the “15 minutes” of fame are over!

    If not you can be sure, he’ll be in the trenches for some other RINO against Schweikert in two years!

  23. David Schweikert the True Gentleman. Now that’s funny stuff.

  24. VSB – your brand of reasoned logic is not welcome here.

    This is a place to hurl anonymous accusations and make claims about who is the mostest conservative.

    Vote for David Schweikert! He drives a Ford and has the constitution on his iPhone and has never attacked another candidate (because he’s too gentlemanly) and sprung forth from the deserts of Arizona to become the conservative messiah that we all need!!!

  25. David Schweikert has no carpet in his whole house. It’s ALL tile. That’s how much he hates carpetbaggers.

  26. Check otasan, I don’t care if Schweikert has no carpet. This is about a candidate we can trust. Like him personally or not (you’re clearly a not) he’s exactly the kind of principled fighter we need right now in Washington to take on the squish establishment like you. Otasan, what do you believe? What do you stand for? Please enlighten us. Your slighted attacks lack conviction. I’m curious what a man of your persistence believes is needed right now in our country? What say you?

  27. John Millbury says

    Good morning,

    On my way into my polling location I found the same to be true regarding the Ward signs. I received a picture text from a friend not long ago also showing the same. Unfortunately, it’s bad taste that rules the final hours before the results are in. However, it is what it is and we move on to defeat Harry Mitchell in November.

    Our focus MUST be that of uniting as a community that puts our country first and not High School antics. If we are serious about fixing a decrepit economy, reversing socialized medicine and securing the border then get with the program folks.

    The election is now hours away from being decided. Do your civic duty and leave the rest up to the poll workers.

    In the mean time, to the other candidates and those that have showed them tremendous support: Please know that the folks at David Schweikert’s office would very much like the opportunity to gain your trust and support for David in the coming week. We can’t go forward alone.

    It’s time to put away the childish things and let’s get moving in the right direction towards a slam-dunk victory in November!!!

  28. Annie Hoyle says

    Same with my polling place and the Ward signs. My husband went to 2 different polling places this morning before 6:00 to put Schweikert signs up. A loyal Schweikert friend had already been there and had put them up… Ward’s signs were right in front of them blocking them.

  29. Conservative 2 the Bone says

    I’m retired, what is your excuse?

  30. I saw with my own eyes Ward’s people putting up signs blocking Schweikert signs. If he (Ward) allows that, just what would he allow if he were elected? Sounds like a man without much moral character to me. David Schweikert is one of the most honest, open and dedicated people I have ever met. He had my vote via mail weeks ago. I CAN’T WAIT until tonight!

    As for when is Mr. Ward going back to SF, I don’t care.

  31. John Millbury says

    If that’s the case everywhere then it would probably make sense to take as many pics as possible and email them into the news outlets asap. Fox10, Ch. 3 and all the print outlets as well.

    Bad form, Jim… bad form sir.

  32. Appleman:

    The fact that Schweikert possesses and acts upon principles is the main reason the McCainiacs like LD 17 detest him.

    In their eyes, all political corridors are not only but SHOULD BE Van Buren streets!

  33. i have asked this question before too to the “persistent” mr. otasan. what is otasan’s conviction? other than attacking men of principle, what do you believe. what moves you sir?

  34. Not Crazy Pam says

    Why does this even matter.

    Schweikert wins today.

    Mitchell wins in November.

    America is screwed the day after that.

    Let’s just pray that this is David’s last run for Congress, he has already done enough damage to our party.

  35. Not crazy Pam,

    It is with a defeatist attitude like yours that America is damaged. One candidate will win today, if we all pull together then we all win in Nov.

    It is time to move forward and defeat Pelosi and Mitchell.

  36. Connie Concerned says

    I am more impressed with the man who came back to fight again, not who lost when the dems got carried in by Obama in 08.

    If you have never lost at something, you have never tried.

  37. obamanation says

    Yawn- this is even blogworthy?

  38. Jaguar Jim is a real jerk. He lies about the WSJ and Fox News Declaring him the anti-establishment outsider. Now in his last classless act he put signs in front of opponents.

    Jim Ward should stop saying that he is the professional politician and just admit that he JUST NOT PROFESSIONAL!

  39. I guess when it comes to signs, bigger is better.

  40. John,

    Do you know what I saw while at poll this morning? Either a staffer or volunteer for Schweikert’s campaign, pulling Schweikert’s signs out and moving them around. I feel bad that after all their hard work, they had to re-do it. And here is what is funny.. I actually saw this lady moving a Bitter-Smith sign out from behind a Ward sign. Guess some people have more class than others.

  41. Just to clarify post 8 is not me… Its someone else who I do not know

  42. Connie Concerned says

    Amatuer hour is over, for all the sign games and hit pieces, they wouldn’t be doing it if David wasn’t the front runner.
    Go David

  43. Sorry guys, I would have answered earlier, but I was out trying to get Jim elected. (My strategy was entirely based on putting Jim’s signs in front of David’s signs- I hope it works!)

    As for what I believe, I’ve answered that before, but I’ll summarize here, since it’s hard to follow across threads.

    Here goes:

    I believe that CD5 needs a candidate who can win the general election.

    I believe that most of the candidates in the GOP primary would vote almost exactly the same if they got to Washington. (All but maybe Lee Gentry… it’s hard to understand him sometimes)

    There may be minor differences in how Salvino, Ward, Bitter Smith and Schweikert would vote, but nothing material.

    I don’t believe that David is the “most conservative” candidate or the “true conservative” or the “only conservative” in the race.

    I believe that of all of the candidates Jim has the best chance of winning the general election, and that David has the worst.

    David lost the same race by 9 points 2 years ago.

    I don’t believe that a rematch will end differently. I don’t believe that “national mood” makes up the 9 point gap.

    I believe that David is arrogant. Just a few days ago he was quoted as saying he “made no apologies” for his 9 point loss. A few days before that he canceled his ad buys, since he had the race in the bag.

    I believe Jim Ward’s experience, temperament, and personality would make him the most effective legislator.

    I don’t believe David has the leadership qualities required to bring people together to win this race. I believe Jim Ward does. I also think Susan and Chris do.

    I believe that many of the Schweikert supporters that I have met are nasty, angry people. They don’t see anything wrong with anonymously attacking other candidates. They reflect David’s “Win at all costs, everyone else be damned” mentality.

    I believe that Schweikert supporters feel, as David does, that everyone else in this race is an illegitimate candidate and that David should be crowned the victor.

    And I think we should have a clean primary where all parties play fair and we let the voters decide who the best candidate is.

    I don’t believe that I will change anyone’s mind by posting here.

    I post here because it amuses me.

  44. Oh I forgot one – I don’t think that dwelling on what kind of car someone drives is useful to the debate.

  45. Just to settle the car question, when I saw Jim at our district meeting, he was driving an older model Japanese import. The only question should be who will have the better odds of beating the incumbent, and I believe Jim is the man for that job.

  46. You’re obviously a democrat o. Get off the page and get back out in the field. You don’t want im to lose by 20 points now do you? 😀

  47. Connie Concerned says

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA don’t care what car he is driving it is going the wrong way.

  48. Conservative 2 the Bone says

    Schweikert wins! Ward doesn’t even come in 2nd!

  49. Class acts, to the end. You should be so proud.

  50. John Millbury says

    To Jim Ward and your supporters:

    The prelims are over and the winner is David Schweikert by nearly 2 full laps. That’s not to boast, simply stating a fact as you believe you have done in the past.

    While each of the candidates ran very competitive campaigns, what’s done is done and we move on to November. Before us lies the task of uniting as one and releasing Arizona’s residents from the grip of Mitchell and the Pelosi regime.

    However, the question must be asked, “Will you join us?” I believe in the freedom of choice in representation as much as the next guy but unfortunately your campaign has come to an end. If you truly wish to reform Washington and dramatically change the direction of our country, I believe I speak for all of David’s supporters when I say we gladly welcome your time and support in our joint quest.

    Now comes the task of stepping up and acting like adults, nay, I say each of us now need to pick up a sword and shield and fight for what we know is right and true.

    Call David’s office today and ask how you can help take our country back! We certainly can appreciate and respect the time and dedication you and all of the other campaigns have displayed the past few months. It would give us great pleasure to know we have you on our side.

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