Jim Ward, a real class act

Puts his signs up at polls blocking opponent’s

Not the first time he’s violated campaign sign protocol with his oversized signs

Jim Ward, the candidate for Congress in CD5 who moved here from San Francisco to run for Congress in the first available district he could find, is up to more dirty tricks. First he put up illegal oversized signs all on Scottsdale intersections, a safety hazard blocking motorists’ sight while driving. Now he’s put up his oversized signs blocking David Schweikert’s smaller signs at polling locations. Schweikert is ahead according to internal polling, and Ward apparently thinks shady tactics are the only way to catch up at this point. This guy has been a prime example of how not to run a campaign – you don’t move into a district and blatantly ignore its laws. After Ward loses, how long will he stick around before he moves back to San Francisco?

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  1. Well said John and I would include those from the Bitter-Smith campaign, Salvino campaign, and Lee Gentry campaign. We need to pull together to beat the Mitchell/Pelosi crowd.
    It is about our freedoms.

  2. John Millbury says

    No question, Dallas and I hope it goes without saying; The folks at Susan, Chris and Lee’s camps are top notch and would be a welcomed addition along with Jim’s supporters as we build towards a better tomorrow through November.

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