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Jim O’Connor’s Leadership Raises AZGOP Questions

Jim O’Connor’s Leadership Raises AZGOP Questions

Interesting information regarding the role of Republican LD-23 in the 2016 Primary Election. Under the direct leadership of Chairman Jim O’Connor, LD-23 endorsed Republican Primary candidates like Alex Meluskey – not illegal but certainly out of character and spirit with Republican primary election principles.

In this message, retrieved from an August memo to precinct committeemen, Chairman Jim O’Connor acknowledges the endorsement of Alex Meluskey in the Republican US Senate Primary. (The memo attempts to address how LD-23 PC’s should respond to Meluskey’s dropping out of the race.)

LD23 Memo to PC'sThis has particularly impact for the Arizona Republican Chairman’s race as it demonstrates Chairman O’Connor’s potential influence and leadership should he be elected to the post. Would a Chairman O’Connor lead an effort to endorse another Senate run by Alex Meluskey or perhaps Dr. Kelli Ward over sitting US Senator Jeff Flake? Would Chairman O’Connor push for the election of a primary challenger against Governor Doug Ducey? His prior record of intervention and leadership raises serious questions and concerns over how he would lead the Arizona GOP over the next two years.

The 2018 mid-term election will be critical for statewide and congressional races. The party must have the most objective even-handed Chairman at its helm.


  1. True Patriot and PC says

    You, Jim, will prevail as in polling the state committeemen you have them and the mud your opponents spokesman Graham is slinging will bury them all!

  2. Yet another reason to not vote for for Mr. O’Connor. He is an accomplished con artist, friendly and affable when you first meet him. Talks about God and country.

    Behind the scenes he is a dishonest snake. A backstabber extraordinaire.

  3. Sheila Muehling says

    This is a joke and Jim O’Connor 100% endorses what he is calling “Ghost PC’s” Everyone in LD23 who is a PC both past and present and actually is an active PC knows it.
    Jim’s wife is a PC who has never gone to a meeting. Joe Meli the past Chairman’s wife is also a PC who has never gone to a meeting, except for Joe’s election meeting. Now both O’Connor and Meli’s sons are PCs. I don’t think they will be coming either. But I bet they will be casting a vote.
    The State Committeemen list that was distributed at the LD23 Organizational meeting had 32 brand new PC’s listed on the “CONSERVATIVE SLATE VOTE FOR ONLY THESE NAMES” with 17 of those write in’s on the ballot in August.
    LD23 has be torn apart by the behavior of the 2014/15 Board and will be totally destroyed with the new Board. We have no money because they gave it away without any discussion of the PC’s, Why we asked, “Because we are in charge and we can”. I don’t think the lady who has been covering all the expenses will be able to cover the State but hey, you never know.
    Don’t get to comfortable Mr. O’Connor, people will not remain quiet even when you attack them like you did me. Robert Graham protected you before but he will not be here to do it now.

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