Jim Deakin, helping McCain get re-elected?

The countdown for candidates filing with the Election Services starts April 26th and the last day to file is at 5 p.m. on May 26. With this deadline in mind…one starts to think about the candidates running and who should “fold” up shop and decide where to shift their support to, etc.

John McCain has been losing his political foothold in Arizona since January of this year. He picked up 53% of the potential GOP Primary vote at that point, whereas Hayworth had about 31% support. Now THESE TWO are so close in percentages that it could go either way. On April 16th Rasmussen telephone polls reported McCain at 47% and Hayworth at 42%; realistically thats within the margin of error. Two percent (2%) of that same poll preferred some other candidate, and eight percent (8%) were undecided. I’m assuming that the 2%  who preferred another candidate were supporting Jim Deakin, aka the “other JD” and the self designated “Tea Party Candidate”.

Results of a GOP Straw Poll performed on January 16 had shown that Jim Deakin was leading all registered candidates and a subsequent press release claimed that he “was in a great position to perform probably the biggest upset in Arizona politics”. It is now April 26th and most non-politically active voters that I have talked to have still never heard of Deakin or the groups that have officially endorsed him. They have however heard of JD Hayworth and John McCain.

In a January press release it was stated that “Many Americans feel politicians have lost touch with the people. Jim Deakin’s real world experience has earned him the support of TEA Party groups, 912candidates.org and TheGoodEggClub.com and thetenthamendmentcenter.com.” It’s important to know that at that time, no official Arizona based Tea Party organizations were supporting or endorsing candidates. Most could not legally do so. It wasn’t until February that a Tea Party group officially announced their support for one of the Senate candidates. That joint endorsement came from Liberty First PAC, TaxDayTeaParty.com, The Patriot Caucus, The American Liberty Alliance, and Asheville Tea Party….and that announcement was in support of JD Hayworth.

As the reports have said, Deakin has exceeded the signature requirement listed on the Secretary of State’s website and will be included on the August 24, 2010 ballot. Will this be a good or bad thing for John McCain and JD Hayworth? The answer is – bad for Hayworth because in a race as close as this, Deakin will cost Hayworth some much needed votes. Only McCain wins if Deakin persists forward. McCain has a very long political history in Arizona and he has lots of campaign experience…and money. And most importantly – he is nationally recognizable. Can Deakin realistically compete against the McCain legacy and win?

Deakin is a great candidate in theory…but he has zero real life political experience and zero chances of beating McCain. He lacks the financial contributions and campaign resources needed to defeat McCain. It’s difficult to do, but we all have take off our “favorite candidate goggles” and look at the big picture. That goal should be defeating John McCain. The question must be asked then, why doesn’t Deakin realize the gravity of the situation, fold up shop and help Hayworth (who is the real front runner) get rid of our do-nothing incumbent? Only Deakin can answer that question. As a candidate, when unbiased poll numbers illustrate that you aren’t breaking double digits; one would have to wonder what the point of continuing on is all about. At this point in the game Jim Deakin could very well be unintentionally enabling McCain in holding onto the Senate seat. If Deakin continues to push forward in this race and costs the Arizona conservative movement the opportunity to remove our non-representing incumbent, his name will undoubtably be held in ill repute for many years to come.

As the Chair of the Arizona Patriot Caucus, I am openly and publicly urging Jim Deakin to pursue the proper course of action and drop out of THIS race and wait to fight another day. It is no surprise to many that I am supporting JD Hayworth and it is my view that Deakin cannot possibly win a primary against McCain. If Deakin really wants to help Arizona for the right reasons he should unite behind JD Hayworth; a candidate that can realistically go up against a deeply rooted and well funded political machine like John McCain…and potentially win.

Should Deakin drop out of the AZ Senate race?




  1. Marcus Kelley says

    If Hayworth loses by Deakin’s margin of error, then man will live in infamy and I will actively ensure that he NEVER holds elective office. Defeating McLame is just TOO important to let someone of questionable sanity allow McLame to have another 6 years in office. Hear me now, Jim. Listen well.

  2. Marcus Kelley says

    Sorry, it’s late and I should go to sleep. I meant if Hayworth loses by a margin of Deakin’s vote total in the above post.

  3. Jim, thanks for stepping up early in this contest, but it is now very apparent that all you are doing is helping McCain. Please stop. Please remove yourself from this race, and throw your support behind JD. To do otherwise serves only to help McCain and stroke your own ego.

    It’s over.

    You are right: McCain must go.

    Now do the right thing to help make that happen.

  4. Oberserve says

    Or Hayworth can be smart, listen to Deakin’s platform and why Deakin’s 3-4% support him, and then take Deakin’s platform points (that Hayworth doesn’t already have) as his own.

    That’s how it workds. Hayworth would pick up the extra 2% he needs.

    If Hayworth doesn’t do that and then complains he only needed 2 extra percent, it’s his OWN fault not Deakin’s.

  5. Have you ever thought that some people don’t want to vote for either McCain OR Hayworth? These are the Deakin supporters. Believe it or not, there are some people who will not vote for Hayworth even if Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe personally order them to. These people know that Foghorn Leghorn is just a big spending bag of hot air.

  6. nightcrawler says

    Exactly Joe and Oberserve,

    There are no entitlements due. Earn your keep. Win the old fashioned way, convince the voters. This call to for Deakin quit is arrogant, shameful and makes JD look weak.

  7. If JD Hayworth had not got in the race, I would probably have supported Deakin. There are many others who would have done the same.

    McCain’s supporters are loving the fact that Jimmie Lee Deakin, Jr. is staying in the race. They are either silent or antagonistic toward JD’s supporters attempt to talk Jimmie D down off the ledge.

    If Jimmie D stays in the race and costs Hayworth the election, Jimmie D’s name will forever be mud in this state. He ought to think long and hard about that before he takes the elevator up to the 7th floor at the State Capitol.

    One word to describe Jimmie Lee Deakin, Jr. – “Delusional.”

  8. No McCain says

    I know many people that have spent time personally with the Deakins, and that alone, was the deciding factor for not supporting him. Deakin is not in any way an ideal candidate, and he and his wife are prone to attacking and postings rants on the internet. It is childish and embarassing.

  9. I’m voting for Hayworth and I’ve donated money to Hayworth and will be donating more.

    That said, this is America and anyone who wants to run can.

    Good for Deakin. If Hayworth doesn’t like it, then he can appeal to Deakin voters himself.

    The only country I know where “the Party” decided who the candidates would be without respect to the grassroots was the Soviet Union.

    It’s really ironic to see Republicans here in AZ now emulating the soviet spirit.

    Check yourselves.

  10. Jim Deakin has worked very hard, crisscrossing the state and sharing his ideas. If he has the signatures, he has the right to run.

  11. Smith Bradly says

    I have no issues with Deakin. My issues lie with the earmark lovin JD. It is not exactly the time or place to gamble on JD again. He failed us once, I am not about to let him fail us again. The thought of watching his immoral decision making cause the Republicans to lose another seat in Congress makes me sick! JD is too inexperienced and too corrupt for Washington.

  12. It would be nice to have a run-off if no candidate gains 50% we have a run-off between the top 2. This would allow people to not have to make a choice between their conscience and McAmnesty. Secondly, it would keep incumbents from proping sham candidates up to split the anti-incumbent vote. That would be right up McShame’s alley as long as he is running against a Republican and not one of his fellow Dems.

  13. Rosco P Coltrane says

    Let’s see. I could vote for big government CFR McRaza… or I could vote for big government Bush-lackey JD… or I could vote for a guy I’ve only heard of a little bit who isn’t under the command of the Washington party, at least not yet.

    Well, I know what I’d get with McLame or JD – more government, more wars, more spending. So I choose Deakin.

    In fact, I think McCain should drop out of the race because he’ll steal votes away from Jim Deakin. Go Jim!!!

  14. Rosco,
    There you go. Vote for Deakin. We will have you and whoever else does to thank when we get McCain again. I’ll send my electric bill to you when we get Cap and Trade. We will have you to thank when the border isn’t closed.

  15. Giles Norman says

    The Deakins are sending out emails begging for $5,000 just to meet their campaign expenses. They can barely pay their campaign bills. You all want to support a guy who can’t pay his bills?

  16. I’ve met and spoken with Deakin – seems like a nice guy, but really not very knowledgeable about the border. He’s also not a good speaker, nor very assertive. He would be like sending “no voice” to Washington.

    More and more I suspect he’s in the race only to draw votes from JD and benefit McCain.

    If Deakin is sincere about securing the border and unseating McCain, then he will do the right thing – withdraw and urge his supporters to vote for Hayworth.

    We need someone who will keep border security and stopping illegal immigration boiling on the front burner and the only choice for that – love him or hate him – is JD Hayworth.

  17. Concerned Voter says

    The lofty goal and political game of ‘getting rid of McCain’ and ‘not giving away the vote’ all make me sick. That’s politics as usual.

    Check the records of the incumbent and the candidate from the past. If Hayworth is a strong enough candidate, then his platform will prove so. Let the other candidate INTERVIEW for the job! If you don’t know Deakin, then its your responsibility to find out about him & make an informed decision! But then, maybe that’s not important?

    When are voters going to put aside politics as usual and hire the best person for the job? Or does it just come down to “Get McCain out of office” or “Not giving away the Vote”?

  18. Daisy Dukes says

    Concerned, you need to get a grip on the reality of this situation. Deakin is not the savior that his cronies…err I mean supporters say he is. This is going to be a close race no matter if Deakin hangs on or not. But him being a dingleberry isn’t helping us oust McCain either. He will go down a bigger loser than he already is if he contributes in losing this race for JD Hayworth.

    His political future will be welded shut.

  19. Deakin 2012 we need someone to run for Jon McKyl’s seat!

  20. VNVet52 says

    Every person that was all for Throwing the Bums Out 4/15/09 that is supporting JD Hayworth is a hypocrite. Just because he has a famous name, and is well spoken, doesn’t negate the fact that he never met an appropriations bill he didn’t like. The way I see his record he is good on abortion, lukewarm on Border security, rotten on Visa programs, spent OUR money like he had a printing press, Voted NO on reducing hand gun purchase waits from 3 to 1 day(even though b/c checks only took 20 mins).
    Jim Deakin maybe new, but he has real world business experience which includes payroll, contract negotiations, balancing a budget and planning for growth/retraction(JD?).
    Let’s forget about famous and incumbent and do the right thing by Arizona and the United States

  21. The yellow PacMan rocks, now Google finally honors him 🙂

  22. don’t tell me i am wasting my vote….i predict jim deakin wins BECAUSE HE’S NOT MCCAIN OR HAYWORTH and after all the time on the job….both incumbents should stand down now!

  23. Both of The Pros voted for No Child Left Behind. Both voted for the Patriot Act. Both voted to expand Guest Worker programs.

    Both Congressmen taken together represent 40 votes for deficit budgets, and a small nation’s GDP worth of earmarks.

    How many terms apiece? Six of one, half a dozen of the other. What’s changed? Everything. FOR THE WORSE.

    Representative Hayworth promised to run for TWO TERMS once already. He ran SEVEN TIMES.

    So based on past performance, you can expect the Consistent Candidate to be running for office for the next 42 years, since he promised YET AGAIN to run for two terms. That’ll smoke Senator McCain’s paltry 28 years worth of self-satisfaction.

    Representative Hayworth also voted AGAINST reducing the waiting period for firearms. I’m not a member of GOA. And I’m sure not going to join after this endorsement.

    Jim Deakin and other Citizen Candidates like him are the only hope we’ve got.

    But things MIGHT be different this time. Maybe The Pros HAVE learned a lesson.

    See Einstein’s Definition of Insanity.

  24. Mark Levin endorsed J.D. Hayworth in the Senate race against McCain, was his endorsement for Hayworth or against McCain?

    June 28, 2010, US House Representative J.D. Hayworth incumbent three years removed upon questioning by fellow Republican candidate for Arizona’s US Senate seat Jim Deakin, acknowledged during a speech to a packed Legislative District meeting that he, Hayworth voted for a Pilot Cap & Trade Bill in 2005; H.R. 6: Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Section 752). http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h109-6&tab=summary

    We all know Mr. Levin’s position on Cap & Tax legislation; does he still believe Hayworth is a solid constitutional conservative?

    Jim Deakin battles McCain/Hayworth gets ready for the Big Show!
    by Jim Kelley on Jun.28, 2010,


  25. Anyone voting for hayworth must not have reaeached him hes the same old same old you do not have ti vote in one idiot liar thief to replace another deakin if you want any change

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