Jennifer Wright Takes Action To Help Small Businesses

CONTACT: Ami Francisco

PHOENIX, AZ (August 19) – When Phoenix mayoral candidate Jennifer Wright saw Mirko Masini and his small business, Caffé Italia, on the evening news; she knew she had to act.

“This is precisely why I want to become mayor of Phoenix,” said Wright, “current city policies are hostile to small business and we need a mayor who understands that.”

Wright reached out to Caffé Italia owner Mirko Masini, who wanted to expand his restaurant to include a patio and grill – but was stymied by the City of Phoenix. Mirko obtained the required permits from Maricopa County, built his patio, and began grilling up carne asada for his customers. A few days after grilling began, a Phoenix City inspector shut him down for not obtaining additional permits from the City.

For weeks now, Maricopa County and the City of Phoenix have been fighting over who has jurisdiction and whose set of rules Mirko should follow. “I cannot believe that the two entities can’t work together,” stated Masini, quickly adding, “Who is in charge? They don’t even know.”

Seeing the injustice that was happening to yet another small business, Wright immediately sprung into action to help. According to Masini, “Jennifer got to the heart of the problem and I expect resolution soon.”

Once elected to the Phoenix mayor’s office, Wright will tackle the maze of competing regulations so small business likes Mr. Masini’s do not get swallowed up by the dysfunctional process. “Small businesses are the key to our economic recovery,” stated Wright. “As mayor, I will foster collaboration between government agencies to improve the environment in which our small businesses operate.”

“At the end of the day, I want to be the last person who has to go through this,” said Masini. With Wright as Mayor, Masini has hope that he will in fact be the last small business owner to be stymied by local government bureaucracy.

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  1. Phillip the Great says

    Another one for my PR goofball scrapbook. A semicolon in the top paragraph of a press release! Misused, of course.

    I also had to laugh because everything started because Jennifer was…watching TV.

    Finally, what should we make of a restaurant called “Caffe Italia” serving carne asada?

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