Jenney responds to “stupid oath” comment

On Thursday Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly stated that Tom Jenney of Americans for Prosperity “is sending out a stupid oath that he wants politicians to sign.” We have reprinted Jenney’s response below. The oath is a multiple choice form that lets politicians pledge to be a Friend of the Taxpayer or an Ally of the Taxpayer and even has a nice line for any qualifications.



17 May 2008

Re: “Hollow Promise,” The Skinny, May 15

To the Tucson Weekly:

Skinny columnist Jim Nintzel finds AFP Arizona’s 2008 Local Government Tax and Spending Pledge to be “stupid” (“Hollow Promise,” May 15), because we are asking local officials to “vow not to support increasing government spending at all.”

Nintzel is often a keen observer of the state and local economy, but he has apparently missed the dozens of news stories and official reports this year projecting sharp downturns in various streams of tax revenue, including state-shared income and sales tax revenue, which will probably come in below last year’s revenues.

Even the spendthrift majorities on the Pima County Board of Supervisors and the Tucson City Council managed to get the news—and have been putting the brakes on spending. So far, the County and City budgets from FY 2009 look relatively modest, with projected spending lower than that of FY 2008.

[Sources for projected budgets:]

Further, the planned slowdowns in spending come after a year in which local governments went hog-wild with spending. In 2007, Supervisors Bronson, Elias, and Valadez voted to increase the county budget by 15.8 percent, and Tucson’s City Council members voted unanimously to increase the city budget by 14.6 percent. That is more than twice the rate of growth of the Tucson-area economy—even when the economy is in a period of strong growth.

In 2007, the allowable spending increase for the AFP Arizona scorecard was 7 percent, which allowed for population growth, inflation, and real per-capita economic growth. The 2008 tax and spending limits are lower, because of the recession. The people of Pima County and Tucson are going through tough times, and local governments have no business increasing taxes or spending money faster than the economy is growing.

The 2008 Local Government Tax and Spending Pledge is available online here:

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director, Americans for Prosperity
(602) 478-0146


  1. Mark Zemel says

    Great work for the taxpayers Tom. Nintzel thinks there is no need to budget State expenses. “Due to inflation, taxes must be raised.” I don’t think so, Mr. Nintzel. In our family budget we have to earn, and then ask for a raise. And that is after reducing highly favored expenses. It’s time the liberals in government learned to make the hard sacrifices it takes to stay within budget.

    For more from Tom Jenney listen in to “The Arizona Right Report” for Tom’s take on Gov. Janet’s side agreement with the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona. “The Arizona Right Report” is heard Sundays at 8 PM on KFNX 1100 AM. Listen Live at (Thanks S A!)

  2. Conservative to the Core says

    For those of you in Phoenix, just a friendly reminder to go vote “No” today on the tax increase.

  3. Thanks Coservative,
    The Big problem with this article is why give a photo to Nintzel? We’d rather see Jenny’s mug on here. He’s the one speaking up for the taxpayer!

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