Jeff Flake Responds to Tom Husband

In what has become another round of political chess, Congressman Flake has responded with the following letter to Maricopa County Chairman, Tom Husband.

August 21, 2008

Mr. Tom Husband
Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Party

Dear Mr. Husband,

You have indicated that you need evidence of J.T. Ready’s affiliations with Neo-Nazi organizations before you will consider action leading to Mr. Ready’s immediate removal as a precinct committeeman in LD 18. I have attached material detailing those affiliations.

You acknowledge that Mr. Ready distributed anti-Semitic literature at the January 19th meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Party. According to the Phoenix New Times, you said, “we acted immediately to correct it” because “we’re not going to have hate literature permeating our meetings.”What action was taken? If distributing racist literature at an official meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Party does not merit the removal of a precinct committeeman, what does?

What message does it send that the Maricopa County Republican Party has found time to censure our Party’s nominee for President of the United States, but does not have the time or inclination to immediately remove a precinct committeeman with ties to racist organizations?

It’s not enough to merely let Mr. Ready’s term expire. As Republicans, we need to demonstrate that hate and racism have no place in our party by immediately removing Mr. Ready as a precinct committeeman.

Thank you. I look forward to your timely response.


Member of Congress

The letter can be read here.



  1. Jeff Flake needs to be our next Senator.

  2. just curious says


    Or Governor…The Republican Party needs a major face lift and Jeff Flake and John Shadegg are leading the way. Thank you thank you thank you.

  3. Rep. Flake,

    The answer to this question:

    “If distributing racist literature at an official meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Party does not merit the removal of a precinct committeeman, what does?”


    When such actions become politically untenable otherwise, and not a moment before.

  4. GlendaleGOP says

    Flake is just keeping it going to keep trying to whack Pearce. Ignore this bum Tom and don’t fall for it. Someday Jeff will want a higher office and we’ll remember how low he stooped.

    Kudos to the MCRC for electing decent people in place of JT Ready. You all did your job while Flake sat on his thumb, working on his smile for 60 Minutes. Flake knew the whole time and did nothing. You guys knew and took action. Job well done.

  5. Was not JT Ready elected? Don’t we have to follow the same procedures as is being done with Phil Gordan to remove him? RECALL

    Jeff, you should have already know this.


  6. Antifederalist says

    Hey, Herr Klute (who approves of Nazi methods as evidenced by his own writing),
    I’ve already agreed with Flake and you that Ready should have been removed in January (I did in my previous posts on the issue) or even earlier, but for you to claim that the entire LD is racist is just complete perfidy.

    Also, I’d like to point out that there’s a VAST difference between issuing a resolution against something and the process of removing a duly elected PC. Sure, Ready should have been censured ASAP after the Jan. incident, and proceedings to remove him should have been started in at least Jan., but I’ll ask again: if the Congressmen knew a year ago that Ready was speaking to neo-Nazi’s, why didn’t they contact Husband then?

    In conclusion, yes, the R party failed to act when it should have, but to make an issue of this NOW, while in THRITEEN days, Ready will no longer be a PC, is just utterly ridiculous. This should have been handled long ago.

  7. David John says


    Come on fellow conservatives, remember the big picture.

    We need the GOP to be successful and beat the Democrats. The three Congressmen wrote a public letter in an effort to announce to the entire world that the GOP is not a racist party. A good move, because we are not a racist party.

    Unfortunately, some people in our party are predisposed to oppose anything our party’s Congressional Delagation do, and took a letter denouncing a known racist and decided to argue against the letter with picky points.

    Those people have missed the point. This was not a letter to take personally and respond like your feelings are hurt and you need to stick up for yourself. The point is to take the opportunity to respond to the Congressmen AND THE PUBLIC and say, “we agree, we will not tolerate racism in our party!” But that is too hard for some when they don’t see the big picture.

    They would rather use conspiracy theories to think this was a subliminal attack of their Russell Pearce, because he is buddies with the Neo-nazi. Even though he wasn’t even mentioned in the letter.

    Any letter saying the Maricopy County Party will not take action against JT Ready, condones his actions, and reflects badly on all good conservative Republicans.

    Don’t argue against Flake, Shadegg, and Franks! That gives the appearance of tacit support for Ready! Denounce Ready, Save the Party!

    Don’t give Arizona to Napolitano and the Dems! We need Arizona to remain the State of Barry Goldwater!

  8. Again, Antifederalist, you’re still not quite disrespecting my family enough. Untersturmführer, or maybe Oberführer – “ober”‘s more fun to say.

    But to this point:

    “In conclusion, yes, the R party failed to act when it should have, but to make an issue of this NOW, while in THRITEEN days, Ready will no longer be a PC, is just utterly ridiculous. This should have been handled long ago.”

    So let’s quitely sweep it under thr rug and pretend it never happened, everybody!

    FDR should have acted right away when he found out what was going on in Europe. At least he eventually did the right thing – Tom Husband appears to have not learned that lesson: Whether you deal with Nazis now or later, you deal with them.

  9. Antifederalist says

    Untersturmführer/Oberführer Klute,
    Your logic is just cracked. You say, “Whether you deal with Nazis now or later, you deal with them.” So, the R party has put off dealing with Ready to the point where it would be ridiculous to act now because it would involve cost AND be MOOT in THIRTEEN DAYS! So, why not “deal with” the Nazi “later,” it’s been put off to the point where nothing can be done anyway? It’d be less costly. I guess you Dems have no problem with spending taxpayer money (remember, this would have to be a public RECALL election). And exactly HOW do you plan on getting all the petitions signed in time to stage a recall election in THIRTEEN DAYS? Perhaps we should hold a recall election on the SAME DAY as the election in which Ready is NOT running to remove him from a position which he would no longer hold? You’re just being nutty now.

    Would you be satisfied if a couple of us Rs said “mea culpa” and flagellated ourselves Catholic-style? Would that make you shut up and go away? Because to tell the truth, at this late stage of the game, there’s not much that can really be done. Husband is right and the Congressmen are latecomers to the game. If THIS is your reason for not being a Republican, LOL! that’s just WEAK, my little Nazi-method-approving friend.

    And Untersturmführer/Oberführer Klute, if you think the R house is the only one with dirt under the rug or skeletons in the closet, you’re delusional. The Dems have their problems too.

  10. When is Russell going to call Chairman Husband and ask him to swallow his pride, kick Ready out, and let this thing die. I know Chairman Husband doesn’t want to appear like Flake is calling the shots, but this whole controversy is only helping Gibbons!

  11. Marcus- the point that you and many others are missing is that no one argues that Ready needs to go and should have ben gone in January (which he effectively was after his stunt- he was no longer included in D18 events or communication). You can’t “kick” ready out. He’s an elected official. Flake knows this and got exactly what he was looking for- to keep the Pearce/Ready connection in the spotlight another few days.
    Notice how this came out a few days after it was pointed out his office was visiting Pearce’s website daily? Of course Flake is completely staying out of this race…ya we all believe you there Jeff.

  12. Antifederalist,

    So you’re real problem with dealing with this poisonous element in your party is that it would cost money? Really?


    “Would you be satisfied if a couple of us Rs said “mea culpa” and flagellated ourselves Catholic-style?”

    No, but not saying stuff like “Well, we’d like to deal with this Nazi who infiltrated our party, but dang it if it wouldn’t cost us some money” would be a step in the right direction.

    Husband’s “right”, eh? Husband could have acted, but no, this would have embarrassed the party so now we better sweep this under the rug and run out the clock.

    “The Dems have their problems too.”

    Oh gee, I didn’t know that! Derr Derr Derr! I know all about the Dems problems with Jews and Blacks in the past. We’ll clean our house, you clean yours, k?

  13. Antifederalist says

    Untersturmführer/Oberführer Klute,
    Nope, money is NOT every consideration, process is too. Let me quote myself to again demonstrate just how unhinged your litte tizzy is:

    “exactly HOW do you plan on getting all the petitions signed in time to stage a recall election in THIRTEEN DAYS? Perhaps we should hold a recall election on the SAME DAY as the election in which Ready is NOT running to remove him from a position which he would no longer hold?”

    If you don’t understand now how working to remove Ready at this point is utterly useless, then you’re beyond helping.

  14. How about a censure? How about Tom Husband admitting he was wrong? Neither require voter consent. Neither require anything more than Tom Husband showing some spine?

  15. Jeff Richards says

    Rep. Flake,

    Thank you for your disingenuous request to have Ready removed. As his term expires Sept. 3rd this year, it is physically impossible to follow any kind of recall process. You know that so, your request really boils down to a negative public relations campaign doesn’t it?

    While you have time to dream up campaign tactics for your brother-in-law, could you give the illegal invasion a little consideration? Our porous borders are allowing in thousands of law breakers every day. Do you have time to write a letter to the editor encouraging defeat of the phony “stop illegal hiring” ballot initiative which is actually intended to gut the Fair and Legal Employment Act?

    Will you please consider giving the profiteers from illegal labor at least as much heat as you give our fine County Chairman?

    Nobody welcomes neo-nazis into Republican activities. However, we have 20 million people who are not automatically out of our hair come Sept. 3rd. Many of your constituents are the victims of illegal alien crime. We have problems that need your attention more than a neo-nazi problem automatically solved 13 days from now.

    75% of Arizona voters are for enforcing immigration law. We are not hearing that kind of representation in Washington from our Representatives. The profiteers of the illegal invasion are very please with your representation, however.

  16. Antifederalist says

    Untersturmfuhrer Klute,
    Censure is a good measure, but I think Husband said in his letter that the next LD meeting is the day after the primary. If you want the leadership of LD to formally cesure Ready, I think it’s gonna have to come AFTER the election, when Ready is no longer a PC. At ths poiint, the only thing Husband can do is unilaterally express his own remorse and mea culpas…or the LD leadership can INformally censure him I guess. Again, I’m with you that this should have been taken care of LONG ago, but at this point, doesn’t seem like there’s anything FORMAL that can be done. That’s sad, but sometimes that’s just the exigencies of reality.

  17. Well said, David John.

  18. Precinct Committeeman says

    Frankly, I thought the Party made the proper move in January. If Ready’s constituents wanted him removed they could have recalled him.

    The problem isn’t that the Congressmen want something done about Ready – that’s already been accomplished. The problem is their timing to try to make Mr. Pearce look racist in the eyes of voters. For that, shame on those three men. It may be politics, but it is not gentlemanly.

  19. get a clue says

    This is nothing more than Flake trying to take Pearce down a peg or two because Pearce thought about running against him. They have already squeezed two days out of the story. How many more can they get?

  20. Can we all just for a minute – divorce ourselves from the D18 race. It doesn’t matter what motives Flake, Franks, or Shadegg have in this case. Ready is an absolute embarrassment to the party and this should have been dealt with a long time ago – it wasn’t. You have a Republican PC who distributed anti-semitic literature and just yesterday was quoted in the paper talking about Zionists. He should be gone – period. And if that can’t be accomplished then a strong message from Husband should already be out of there condemning this guy and saying he is not welcome in the party. Husband seems to want to hang on the fact that the Congressmen didn’t call for his removal earlier. You know what, it wasn’t there job – it was his! Why didn’t Husband, as chairman, move to remove this guy or at the very least let him know publicly that he wasn’t welcome. Husband didn’t do any of it. So to try and lay the responsibility on Flake, Frank, and Shadegg to call for the removal earlier sounds a bit hollow when Husband should have done it himself as Chairman.

  21. get a clue is right. Mr. Husband, your non-response will speak louder than any response you can provide. Please don’t give them what they are after…extended play of the story. You already provided a dignified response which is more than they deserved considering their slimy ulterior reason for bringing it up in the first place.

  22. Why didn’t the Congressmen, with all their resources – exponentially more than the MCRC – take the step of recalling Ready? Since Ready was an elected County Official just like the Supervisors, the Sheriff, etc. , you have to take the same legal steps to remove him from office that you would have to take to remove one of the others.

    The commenters who are fulminating in support of the little flake are either democrats wanting to fracture our Party further or they support illegal immigration and the employment of illegals at substandard wages.

    I have been very embarrassed by the actions of Rep. Renzi that have brought disrepute on the Party and may cause us to lose another seat, but I never heard these demand his resignation – one of their peeers – and he had over a year yet to serve. Lots of time to initiate a recall.
    Let’s hear a response on their lack of action on that matter.

  23. And while we bemoan the merits of the then and now…watch the posturing and preening over hwo is and who is not REALLY in charge, let’s all pratice this saying…

  24. “President Obama”
    “President Obama”

    Once again… “President Obama”

    And how many D congressman will we have? And how about that state legislature, how long has it been since the Dems had a majority leader…?

    Do you really think socialism is as bad as they say? I just need to know how to plan for the future and if this is any sign of the focus and priorities conservatives have…I’m going to need it!

  25. get a clue says

    With this kind of infighting and people blindly justifying attacks within the party, Ann is right. Get ready to open your pocketbook because the D’s will be in charge.

  26. Friday night entertainment used to be watching the D’s do this to each other during an election cycle…

  27. Keep it up. I’m loving it.

    The bottom line is you still can’t admit the real problem. Pearce is your problem. Just like bad morals were Bill Clintons. Ready is not the only neo-Nazi in the hay stack folks.

    Arizona is filled with questionable white-supremist groups with ton’s of “JT Ready’s” and Pearce took donations from a few during his run against Flake. Also, he has been romancing them for years for support on his Employer sanctions and other ant-immigration legislation. And guess what? They are not as patriotic and honorable as you all thought. They are squealing like pigs as we speak.

    If I were Pearce, I’d take some time to read his list of endorsers on his website (friendly advise) except I already have a copy and it might look “funny” if he removed any.

    Pearce had better plan on doing alot more explaining real soon.

    I’m going to go make some popcorn now…this is getting interesting. I have never seen something happening so fast. While you folks are blaming Flake, a neo-Nazi somewhere is talking to the media about Pearce.

  28. No matter what the date on the calendar, no matter what other “pragmatic” considerations one might raise, for the sake of our Party, we must stand against, and take action against, hate speech such as that espoused by JT Ready. Those that argue against the congressional message on this are using “pragmatism” as a shield against sending the right message. I understand why they would do that, but they are wrong to do so. Certain behaviors are so inimical to our society’s interests that a stand must be taken, no matter the date on the calendar.

  29. For many of us, January was the first time we were aware of JT’s association with the neo-Nazi movement. After his “coming out” party at the county mandatory meeting, the LD 18 leadership took behind-the-scenes steps to disassociate our party organization from Ready and worked with our other PC’s and the executive board to ensure that he wouldn’t have any official capacity at the state convention later in the year. We also watched for an opportunity to recruit other people to run for PC if JT had filed a petition and would have actively worked to see that he was not elected. JT has not been coming to our meetings for several months now, and is not on the ballot to be considered as a PC in the fall. At this point he can only be appointed a PC after the state meeting in January 2009, and that will never happen.
    As for removing him from office – his constituents are the ones who would need to do that – by a recall election, something which is impossible to do at this point. JT has effectively resigned his position and it would have been nice for him to have quietly slipped off the rolls and into oblivion, but instead we have people with their own political agendas broadcasting this embarrassment for all to see and hear. The problem had been solved in a quiet manner without undue attention to this loathsome individual. Now we are keeping this issue alive and providing JT and others like him with a platform from which to spew their bile.
    This cannibalism has got to stop! It is destroying our party.

  30. Keeper of Banners,

    Your explanation has big holes in it and is sinking faster the the Titanic!

    If January was the first your party was aware of Ready, its because you either didn’t care or weren’t paying attention. Even Pearce made some comments about Ready before January. He was already publicly exposed at a State Leg. Hearing 3 months before Pearce had him speak at the State Capitol in May of 2007! WAKE UP! The press covered it. What is your excuse for not knowing?

    Then Husband says as recently as yesterday that he wasn’t aware until now! WOW!

    So far Husband and Pearce have contradicted themselves publicly (Pearce has several times) when addressing Ready.

    It’s people like you who wont face the facts and and admit this is beyond spinning that are destroying your party. Flake still has integrity. Pearce has only begone to take your party down.
    More will be revealed.

    In 2006. Pearce endorsed Ready while Ready was publicly seeking the endorsement of The Hells Angels! (read the Az Republic) He has a criminal record that makes Hermas’s traffic tickets look like candy next to heroin. In 2006, Pearce sent neo-Nazi emails to over 200 people. Who sent it to him?

    2006 is when you should have been trying to save your party by recalling both of them.

    Now Pearce is busy taking people off his endorsement page on his website…Its too late. Your only chance is Gibbons because if you don’t vote him in I guarantee you this will be in the NY Times and National News after Sept 2nd.

    Any one want to make a wager? PBS was here all last week and they got an ear-full. Is this the kind of reputation you want for Arizona? Your party?

    Gang-I have not spoken one false word on any of these SA posts I have been making. I think we can be a stronger, better State when both Dem’s and Republicans can work together. But Pearce has only brought devision to this State and now he is doing it to his party.

  31. District 22 says

    You guys are all a bunch of schmucks to think that Pearce and district 18 didn’t know about Ready. The guy was at the district 18 meeting back in May! I was there and saw the guy chatting it up and asking questions. Nobody asked him to leave or shunned him. If you don’t believe me, ask Russell Pearce!

  32. Keeper of Banners says


    Pay attention to what I was writing. I didn’t say the party was unaware of JT’s affiliation, I said several people (myself included) were unaware of it until January. JT has always struck me as being somewhere out there on the bizarre fringe and so I haven’t really paid a whole lot of attention to him or his activities. In your eyes, perhaps, this makes me part of the problem because I wasn’t paying attention to JT’s personal choices. In my view, I have had much more pressing issues on my mind over the past several months than who is and isn’t a Nazi in this community. Now that this information is out there and is getting a lot of attention – I am painfully aware of it and want him gone as much as the next person. In the future I will pay greater attention because this is an embarrassment of huge proportions to us, and I don’t want to be associated with individuals of his ilk.
    As for removing him, he is an elected official of the party (as hard as that is to swallow) and that means he has to be recalled. It is not something that can be orchestrated or pulled off in the time we have left before his term of office is over. Raising this issue this late in the game is damaging to the party, because our inability to act makes it look as though we are willfully complicit in his staying.
    The only thing we can do is to call on him to resign of his own accord. If you know anything about JT Ready you should realize that this is a waste of time. However, in the interest of pursuing all possible options to remove this blight from our party, please accept my humble efforts:

    Mr. JT Ready – your neo-Nazi views and activities are completely out of line with the principles and practices of the Republican Party and bring disrepute on all of us. Please resign your position as a Precinct Committeeman in LD 18 forthwith.

    As for District 22’s comments: If I remember correctly, that was the night we voted for our delegation to the State Convention. On what grounds do you throw someone out of a meeting that is governed by Arizona’s Open Meeting law when they aren’t causing a disturbance? Do you provoke him into creating a disturbance? I recall that JT was there, but I don’t remember anyone being particularly chummy with him. If anything I would say that he was getting the cold shoulder from just about everyone in the room. He has not offended us with his presence since May.

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