Jeff Flake Conducts Town Hall

Here is video coverage of last night’s town hall meeting conducted by Congressman Jeff Flake. If anyone has additional coverage, please link it in the comments or send us a link.

(Hat tip to dmreef on YouTube.)


  1. I seem to hear a man’s voice talking at the same time the woman at the microphone is speaking. Can you give some commentary?

  2. LOL. Apparently the Dean Martin video, without my clicking on it, started running at the same time…so I was listening to two unrelated things.

    Anyway, this looks as if it was a good, calm meeting. I think people who have serious concerns about this issue need to have a serious conversation rather than shouting at each other. If people cannot behave rationally and actually have discussions, what’s the point of town halls?

  3. These town halls are a nessesary part of the awakening of americas conservative community.

    The left however, has figured out something that conservatives both by definition and nature avoid.

    We by nature encourage thoughtfulness in our children and expect that everyone be responsible for their own actions. (Excepting of couse those who cannot)

    The left knows that a large portion of the population will regurgitate what ever ideals, morals or propaganda is most often shoved down their throats.

    Seenig that most of the established media is ready to present whatever garbage is offered them by their freinds on the left (Global Warming Etc..)as fact. It will be difficult to penetrate and demolish this old boys club.

    I want to help and dont know where to start!

    It seems like the republican party has abandoned any real principled stand for conservatism where are we to turn if not each other?

    I am looking for others who feel my frustration with a mind set to get something done.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Yours truly,


  4. kralmajales says

    Eric doesn’t believe in Global warming???? Do you believe in fairies?

  5. Conservative does not mean Republican says


    You must be the only one laughing at your pathetic jokes.

    I had a climatology professor at ASU that thinks the Earth is headed for another mini-Ice Age in about 100 years. He was part of the “global warming is going to kill us all” movement back in the 1980s and has since revised his position. He no longer believes in the apocalyptic consequences of global warming. Plenty of other scientists disagree with the notion that humans are the main cause for any type of global warming that does exist. Disagreement exists within the scientific community. I suppose you think those scientists that diagree with one or more of the premises behind global warming also believe in fairies?

  6. Dont be too hard on poor kralmajales,

    I truly believe that he or she is most likely a product of the standard (substandard) education our Government tries to feed our children in order to keep them from being able to understand
    the gifts(and responsibilities)our forefathers and founders left us. Those who look to prove what they already believe inevitably will.

    It is nice to hear that i’m not alone out here.

    Any suggestions on a good place to start a life of activism on the behalf of truly conservative principles?

  7. Conservative does not mean Republican says


    My suggestion would be to become a precinct committeeman in your legislative district. I know the Republican Party isn’t always the greatest, but being a PC allows you to have some small say in what direction the party will take. You can influence ideas shared by other PCs in your district by attending LD meetings. You can branch out and recruit other PCs that share your conservative values. Pretty soon, your vote turns into 5 or 10 or 20, and you can have more sway when it comes to determining party leaders. Outside of that, you can support conservative organizations like the Goldwater Institute or Heritage Foundation that are truly principled. I can only wish you the best of luck in making a difference.

    P.S.- If you happen to stumble upon some inordinate sum of money, you could really change the debate:) You could finance your own campaign or get those politicians to actually listen to you for a change.

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