Jeff Flake announces for US Senate, Arizona CD-6 seat opens up

Congressman Jeff Flake has just announced his entry into the US Senate race to succeed Senator Jon Kyl.

This leaves Arizona’s 6th Congressional seat open. Given the district overwhelmingly favors Republicans, expect another stampede of candidates to run for the starting blocks.

Entrants include:

Senate President, Russell Pearce
Speaker of the House, Kirk Adams
Former State Senator Chuck Gray
2010 CD-6 candidate, Jeff Smith
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu
Any number of other current and former state legislators and city councilman including Phoenix City Councilman, Sal DiCiccio
Any number of east valley political activists

With the urgency to raise money and establish a formidable primary presence, any state legislator will feel the urgency to enter the race quickly. Under Arizona’s resign to run law, resignations in the State Legislature would prompt another flurry of political announcements and appointments to succeed resigning legislators! The task of replacing state legislators would then fall to the elected precinct committeemen in those legislative districts and ultimately to the County Board of Supervisors.

Let the 2012 Republican Primary begin!


  1. No surprise, however I will be supporting someone with a much stronger record supporting the Arizona people and their views on illegal immigration and border security issues.

  2. There are a lot of factors to consider before too many names pop up; not the least of which is of huge importance: CD 6 will look different by 2012 than it does now.

    So the assumption that Paul Babeu might take on Kirk Adams (just as a hypothetical) is a bad assumption right now. It’s entirely possible that Pinal (currently part of CD 1) will be carved into its own district that includes some of the southern suburbs of metro Phoenix and some of the northern suburbs of Tucson (just supposing). Babeu and Adams (or Pearce, or Biggs, etc., etc.), wouldn’t be in the same CD. The permutations could be endless. So… nobody is copying petition forms to get on the ballot just yet since the Redistricting Commission needs to do its job. That means there will be a last-minute free-for-all in CD 6 and the new CD when the lines are finally drawn and candidates can announce. Because the new lines won’t be ready for about a year, the 2012 election will have a short timeframe. That will make petition gathering and fundraising a real tough cookie. Flake made a smart political choice. The Senate seat is the only one out there right now where a candidate can announce and raise funds today.

  3. Flake: Yes on the gay agenda. Yes on amnesty. AWOL on cap-and-trade. Promised to run for no more than three terms in the House and has already served five.

    We won’t be fooled again.

  4. amattclarkson says

    Right on the money, DGN.

    I’m excited for the upcoming election. Finally, fiscal conservatives can rally behind a stalwart candidate that votes based on classically liberal principles. If only more people in Washington had the same amount of integrity as Rep. Flake. If only more lawmakers had the guts to stand up for what they actually believe like Flake does, instead of pandering to their constituents.

    Single-issue voters constantly claim he sells out, but his votes against runaway spending during the Bush administration say otherwise. It is the same way with his stance on immigration. It would be easier to say what the loudest of his constituents want to hear, but he stands on his principles to work for a stronger solution that fixes all parts of the broken immigration system. Secure the border? What about the other 40% of illegal immigrants that came into the country legally and then overstayed their visas? Why don’t we try to fix the whole problem instead of pinpointing our focus on a little over half of it? Also, try to find me a bill that increased border security that Jeff Flake didn’t vote in favor of. You can’t.

  5. Getting back to the CD-6 race, can we expect either Russell Pearce or Kirk Adams to resign sometime during 2011 to pursue the seat? Should that happen, both LD-18 and LD-19 will be mandated to nominate their replacements.

    AND, if Congressman Trent Franks enters the race from CD-2, this will set off a stampede of entrants from huge sections of western and northern Arizona!

    This is going to be fun to watch!

  6. Patriotsunited says

    Congressman Flake has already been endorsed by the Club for Growth! I don’t need to hear much more than this to know he has my vote.

    Flake is the original tea party candidate by saying no to earmarks and railing against excessive federal spending.

    What are you crackpots smoking today that you have a problem with someone who not only knows the Constitution but is also a friend of the taxpayer?

  7. Ignore Pima Pam. She deliberately slanders and distorts a good man and his positions by ignoring the “whole story” and she knows full well she’s doing it.

    Any fair, principled, conservative looks and Jeff Flake and realizes what a rare commodity he is.

    The defining issue of our age is the threat to liberty and prosperity our leviathan government is putting on our individual economic and civil rights. Is there anyone in the last decade who has been as consistent and courageous on these issues at Jeff Flake? Maybe Ron Paul. Just those two. But I’d argue Flake has been even more consistent and courageous.

    Read slivinski’s book “Buck Wild” for the truth about Jeff Flake and how he and a small band of others took on – and continue to take on – the corrupt Republican machine in Washington.

  8. I can’t in good conscience vote for an open borders advocate.

    Flake opposed SB 1070 and supported Ted Kennedy’s and McCain’s amnesty plan.

    I hope he gets a reputable challenger that won’t let him get away from his record.

  9. Hoo-ray, and good bye! Jeff Smith for CD!

  10. SIX

  11. Earmarks are a drop in the bucket of total Federal spending. Being against earmarks makes for good press releases, but does not substantially reduce Federal spending.

    If that’s your greatest strength as a US Representative, you have essentially done nothing of significance.

    I would settle for twice the earmarks we have now if we could get some real spending reforms in exchange. For example, Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid need major reforms to get costs under control. Some cabinet departments can be cut completely. Immigration laws should be enforced to reduce spending on social benefits such as public education and medical care for illegal immigrants.

    Flake’s heart might be in the right place regarding cutting government, but what has he actually done outside of scolding about earmarks?

    As for illegal alien issues, he is, in my opinion, on the wrong side of the issue.

    Another problem is his apparent association with Nathan Sproul in connection with his brother-in-law’s campaign against Russell Pearce. Sproul is not the kind of political consultant you would expect decent, honorable people to associate with.

    We’ll see what happens with the Senate race. I hope the libertarian Flake will have a strong conservative challenger.

  12. Harris Shirley says

    While Jeff has some admirable qualities and his fiscal record is very good, I am very concerned about his position on borders, immigration, the free movement of labor over borders and free not fair trade.

    Then again, he’ll very likely be running against Giffords and that wouldn’t be a contest given the “sympathy vote” she would receive. That combined with her more centrist positions will put her in a commanding position for the seat.

  13. #13, Hunter. Actually, the assertion that “Earmarks are a drop in the bucket of total Federal spending. Being against earmarks makes for good press releases, but does not substantially reduce Federal spending” represents a misunderstanding of earmarks, how they’re used, and why politicians push so hard to keep them. You’d think that if they were only a drop in the bucket, politicians wouldn’t resist giving them up. There’s a good reason they don’t, and they are the absolute enemy of anyone who believes in a limited government. See:

  14. (and, I’d just note, your assertion that you’d double earmarks to get a swap to cut entitlements represents a failure to understand that the more earmarks you get, the more big government you also get, because they are the most effective tool for log-rolling and manipulating reps into growing entitlements …) We need to do a better job getting Republicans to understand Public Choice Economics … they keep falling into the same traps electorally and policy-wise b/c they don’t understand the political incentives systems.

  15. For what it’s worth, here is what Wikipedia says about “Earmarks:”

    “…directing money to particular purposes is a core Constitutional function of Congress. If Congress does not make a specific allocation, the task falls to the executive branch; there is no guarantee that the allocation made by executive agencies will be superior to Congress’s. Presidents and executive officials can use the allocation of spending to reward friends and punish enemies. The process of earmarking has been substantially reformed since the beginning of the 110th Congress. Members of Congress must post all their requests on their websites and they must sign a certification letter (which are then put online) indicating that neither they nor their spouse has financial interest in the earmark request. Many members have instituted an applications process that their constituents must undergo for earmark requests. Finally, member-directed projects constitute less than 2 percent of the federal budget.”

  16. You might want to add the name of John Lewis, mayor of Gilbert, to the list.

  17. dtrain, if earmarks were used to bribe members of Congress to effectively reform Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as well as abolish a few select cabinet departments (Education, HUD, and HHS instantly come to mind), then America would be better off.

    I understand the log rolling which is regretable and generally hurts taxpayers, but eliminating earmarks entirely essentially unilaterally disarms Congress with respect to controlling how the administration spends appropriated money. Transparency is the best solution.

  18. Steve Calabrese says

    Flake is one of the best voices for the 2nd Amendment in Congress.

    Flake is also supported by Tom Jenney and Americans for Prosperity because of his aggressive stance against cap & trade.

  19. Get this through your heads: Flake is no conservative. He’s not even a neoconservative. He voted FOR two of the prime centerpiences of the homosexual agenda:

    1) ENDA: your business or your church may be severely punished for not hiring people who DISAGREE with their core beliefs; no real legitimate protections for your religious liberty

    2) repeal of DADT; despite the fact that homosexuals are 4 times as likely as heterosexuals to commit sexual assault in the military ranks

    Flake’s ratings by radical homosexual pressure groups are rising dramatically.

    I hope he does run. We need a new congressman in D6 and this is the best way to get him out. We need a good rep in the House.

    Bottom line: As a back bencher for 10 years, Flake has had no or little influence in the House or the party. He has never really harbored true conservative principles. The only way he can help Arizona is by running for — and losing — in the Senate primary and exiting the House at the same time. Thank you, congressmen, for assuring us the congressman we deserve, your successor.


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