Jeff Chimene Used “Dietary Orientation” Defense

EspressoPundit has posted on the race in legislative district 30 in which it was revealed that candidate Jeff Chimene was convicted for a domestic violence incident against a former girlfriend in 1990. While actually practicing the “rule of thumb” on his former girlfriend, Chimene blamed the domestic violence tendencies on his diet.

Chimene said the woman intentionally tried to anger him, and his low blood sugar made him irritable.

“I recognize what I have done, and I’ve done a lot to control my diet and things that led to that,” said Chimene, who expected the incident to come up when he decided to run for office.

Didn’t I recently post on this? As early as 1990, Chimene attempted to use the “dietary-orientation” argument to seek protection under the law. Unfortunately for Chimene, it didn’t hold enough weight on the scales of justice. But don’t be surprised if you start hearing this and hygenic-orientation in the years ahead.


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