JD Hayworth Up on Television!

Phoenix, AZ (JULY 7) – U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) has officially launched the campaign’s first television advertisement.

The ad features Mary Hayworth talking about the negative, misleading advertisements, direct mail and phone calls Senator John McCain has employed in his attacks against Hayworth.

McCain has almost nothing to offer except amnesty when it comes to Arizona’s future. That’s why he has spent millions of dollars running ads attempting a ‘character assassination’ of Hayworth,” said Hayworth spokesman Mark Sanders.


  1. Thank you, Shane.

    Obviously there are more than a few on this site who have decided that anything/anyone is open game as long as their actions are in support of JD or in opposition to McCain. Even at your request to stop, they continue.


  2. After all these posts, one thing is verifiable i.e. the McCainiacs abstain from the issues in attacking J.D. or defending The John!

    We all know why and Bill Richardson has expressed the reason most cogently from next door in New Mexico.

    John will be back on the neoCon/liberal alliance team in January and can then return to the amnesty “comprehensive solution” fold.

    The “boobs”, “rubes” and 80yr old VFW and Legion bar slurpers will be suckered once again!

    And they sure deserve it!

  3. Let’s not criticize McCain. He has been running for president for 10 years and thanks to him we got Bush then Obama. He’s tired.

  4. Stephen Hawking is recently in the news for saying (if I have this right) that the universe could have originated without the assistance of God. Given his own lamentable condition, I can’t help wondering if he feels he could similarly get by without the assistance of God himself…

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