JD Hayworth Releases New Ad: John McCain made illegal immigration problem worse

Here is J.D. Hayworth’s latest advertisement in his run for the U.S. Senate. The ad highlights the record of his opponent, John McCain, who has failed to secure the border and to add insult to injury, has voted to make taxpayers pay for benefits to illegal aliens.


  1. Michael Holliday says


    Nice knock out punch to John McAmnesty and the McAmnesty-bots.

    Go JD!

  2. Pathetic. Your boy has lost, as evidenced by…this dreck.

  3. You are right on LD17. It is like the reflex of a chicken with its head already cut off.

  4. Jane 001 says

    Keep it coming Hayworth!!!

    It can’t be told enough the many ways John McCain has sold out seniors, Arizonans, and our freedoms. I know of several voters who weren’t sure which way to vote and made up their minds for Hayworth once they learned more about the havoc John McCain has created as a Senator.

    Time for McCain to retire from public office.

  5. The truth hurts doesn’t it McCain! Go JD

  6. ………………………
    LD17 Says:
    July 30th, 2010 at 12:02 pm
    Pathetic. Your boy has lost, as evidenced by…this dreck.

    Hmmm. McCain’s record summed up as “dreck.”

  7. Dragon Lady says

    I love how arrogant and dismissive McCainiacs are when they KNOW they’ve been b*tch-slapped.

    This ad hits McCain right where it hurts – on his horrific record for Arizonans!

  8. Jack Hammer says

    And not only is McCain’s record drecklike, supporters such as the nudist camp refugee and R.I.N.O. District “mouthpiece” provide living proof of McCainiac communication “class”

  9. Jack, I understand your frustrating desperation, there was no need to call me a refugee or RINO, but if it eased your pain by getting rid of some gas and prevented you from suffering a stroke or worse I’ll let it go and be happy for you.

  10. There’s producing “dreck,” and then there’s pointing it out.

  11. I am pretty sure that the rest of the voters, including myself, pretty much do not believe what JD says anymore. JD pretty much ruined himself when he lost his seat to Mitchell in my eyes. I have continued to lose respect for him throughout this race. I am voting for McCain, only because I am voting AGAINST JD. I just cannot imagine JD really embracing the Republican values and representing us well.

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