JD Hayworth press conference on McCain’s Ponzi scheme money broadcasting live at 11am

 Watch LIVE at 11:00am PDT while J.D. Hayworth exposes McCain’s extensive ties to dirty money funneled through campaign finance reform loopholes.

Go to http://grassrootsinterviews.com at 11:00am PDT to watch the press conference in its entirety.

To learn more about THE Consistent Conservative, J.D. Hayworth, running for the U.S. Senate to represent the great state of Arizona, please visit, www.jdforsenate.com.


  1. “Character Counts”????

  2. Jack Hammer says


    “Character” in John’s case means that you don’t come cheap!

    See Charlie K.!

  3. I am still waiting to hear John McCains explination as to why he accepted funing from the likes of George Soros.
    Soros does not give out money for nothing in return.

  4. Right now, I’m busy laughing at McCain’s co-founding of the “Stop Global Warming Virtual March”.. along with RFK,Jr and Laurie David… Yes… THAT Laurie David.. the one Gore’s humping.

  5. Jack Hammer says


    I’m wondering what line the McCainiac shills (Ann, LD17 & Travis) take to “spin” their way out of this!

  6. Michael Holliday says

    McCain seems like he’ll deal with the devil for a few campaign contributions.

    Just what we need, more shady Pozni scheme campaign finance shenanigans from the McCain camp.

    I wish this guy would just hang it up and hand the reigns over to JD Hayworth so we can start moving Arizona in the right direction.

    I’m sick of burning calories worrying about McCain’s finance ethics. This has gone on too long. This is too much!

  7. We know McCain has no scuples. Mr personality plus.

  8. What exactly is JD’s right direction?

    Dividing our communities.
    Wasting more of our money.

  9. Wow Wake me up when it’s over and tell me how many times he pointed the finger instead of answering a question.

  10. Jacobite says


    Are we living in a sane society when applying the rule of law to immigration divides it?

    Fortunately there are records and ratings regarding spending. You just might check them out and see who has scored better.

    Hint: It isn’t “The John”

    Bob: It appears to me that McCain should be answering questions.

    In any event you guys should get an “A” in obfuscation attempts.

    But you’re not succeeding!

  11. This site always makes me laugh. All of JD’s employee’s paid to twist, turn and burn McCain no matter what the cost. Sad to see the guy who at one point could actually say a nice thing about McCain turn so hard to make money and gain popularity. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think McCain is perfect, far from. However, I do know, from HISTORY (not JD’s history) that McCain is our best choice. JD just does not have the brains to pull it off, he cannot make his way through Congress in these dire times as the dumbest Congressional member. We cannot afford it, not now!

  12. Jacobite says


    If J.D. was/is so dumb why did he land a seat on the Ways & Means Committee!

    If McCain is so smart why did he finish at the bottom of his Annapolis class?

    Why did he take out the flight deck of a carrier?

    How many successful missions did he rack up as a pilot?

    Which of his legislative endeavors make you believe he’s the best choice?

    1. McCain-Feingold

    2. McCain-Kennedy

    3. The Southeast Asia M.I.A. coverup

    4. Cap n’ Trade

    5. Gang of 15 formation

    6. Keating Five

    It seems to me that he’s proven to be an Arlen Spector clone over the past twenty eight years.

    Why don’t we give him the opportunity to join Arlen and Charlie Crist (another of his buddies) by September?

    You of course, out of intellectual honesty, can accompany him. (along with Ann)

  13. Jim Deakin, That is all I have to say!

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