JD Hayworth on Record to Repeal Obamacare, Fight Earmarks

Back on April 9th, JD Hayworth pledged to repeal the massive takeover of the Obama Administrations’ healthcare law. Hayworth even signed a pledge issued by The Club for Growth and the Senate Conservative Fund to repeal the same law. Here is a copy of the Club for Growth Pledge:

JD Hayworth also signed pledges by Citizens Against Government Waste to reform earmarks. Here are those pledges:

So much for John McCain’s shallow claim that JD Hayworth supports or will vote for earmarks.



  1. Brian Rogers says

    We’re supposed to take a piece of paper that Hayworth signed over his 12-year record in Congress of requesting hundreds of millions in earmarks and voting for billions of wasteful earmarks spending? C’mon Shane, voters are smarter than that.

  2. The Mole says

    Brian Rogers – I can’t tell if you are a liar, McCain’s spin doctor or just plain stupid. Hayworth has a lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union of 98% over his 12 years in Congress McCain only manages an 81%. Since neither candidate can buy their way into that organization, I have to assume it’s an unbiased opinion and the earmarks are a red herring.

    McCain’s approval of TARP trumps any spending ever done in the history of this country. McCain was also implicated in the Keating scandal. All his hi profile legislation was done with Democrats. His pride and joy McCain/Feingold was found unconstitutional.

    If McCain and any balls at all he would debate Hayworth in public instead of cowering behind his campaign committee. It’s what we the people want. Let’s see a serious, gloves off debate. I don’t give us that crap about there is nothing in it for McCain. If he seriously thinks Hayworth is a buffoon, let’s see him bring it out in front of us. So far all we have seen is McCain hiding, not showing up when he knows we will be there to ask the question he doesn’t want to answer and give McLame excuses.

  3. The earmarks McCain and his paid goons Brian Rogers *ccuse Hayworth of voting for were of regular appropriations bills that other members of Congress attacked pork to. I can’t wait for the Hayworth campaign to come out with a list of all those kinds of bills that McCain has voted for during his 24 years in the Senate. It’s much “worse.”

  4. Earmarks are a lame issue for McLame, they’re only 1% of the budget and we have HUGE fiscal problems that are going to take more than trimming around the edges with earmarks. McCain voting for TARP puts the taxpayers on the hook for 10 times more than JD’s earmarks over a 12 YEAR Congressional career. Not to mention when he made that vote, it was as good as BO taking the oath of office. McShame’s insistence on concentrating on earmarks are a smoke screen meant to cover up his sorry excuse of a record over 26 years in Washington.

  5. PC in LD6 says

    Seeing red just trashed Pamela Gorman for signing too many pledges – thanks for having a positive story about them and how maybe it’s a good idea to have a clue what your candidate stands for before you vote!

  6. Brian,

    We’re supposed to take a John McCain’s recent “conversion” experience and reconcile that against his TWENTY EIGHT YEARS of voting against conservative principles? Sounds like McCain is really the convenient conservative in the race. C’mon Brian, voters are smarter than that.

    Oh, and did I mention that JD Hayworth has also pledged to serve only TWO terms unlike the old career politician John McCain? The problem with John McCain is that he’s been there so long that he forgot why he went. John McCain did not change Washington. Washington changed John McCain.

  7. Jane 001 says

    Having pledged a two-up term in writing says JD is at least listening. And it speaks a tad louder than “build the danged fence.”

  8. I’m still trying to reconcile the 2007 John McCain “I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.” (Vanity Fair) with the 2010 “Build the danged fence” John McCain.

  9. “Oh, and did I mention that JD Hayworth has also pledged to serve only TWO terms unlike the old career politician John McCain?”

    LOL! Oh, and did you mention that JD Hayworth broke his 1994 House term limit pledge! He served 6 terms for 12 years! He only stopped at 12 years because he lost his formerly safe Republican leaning Congressional district to Harry Mitchell!

    Anyone who believes any term limit pledge from JD Hayworth is a SUCKER! JD has proven that his signature on a piece of paper means NOTHING!

  10. Brian Rogers says

    Just the facts guys:

    JD Hayworth was a flunky for the big-spending House leadership that screwed over fiscal conservatives with crap like the Bridge to Nowhere as Redstate’s Erick Erickson recently said – that’s why he supports John McCain: http://bit.ly/cF9rRL

    Tea Party leader Dick Armey said Hayworth had “a fairly short, undistinguished congressional career with virtually no initiative on his part” and “There’s nobody who can match McCain’s record on fiscal responsibility”: http://bit.ly/bKbUKx

    This isn’t just me saying it – though unlike my friend “The Mole” I do have the cojones to post under my real name – but real, living, breathing conservative activist leaders.

    Have a great night everyone!

  11. Just the facts and the shill says:

    McCain/any other democrat that he can kiss
    open boarder guy (until election time)
    the F bomb guy
    the no show guy
    the pro abortion guy (except when he needs votes)
    just plain vile person.
    TARP (again because of the size of the disaster)

    you get the point. Brian’s meal ticket is going away.

  12. So, when faced with the public record of his previous Congressional service…JD signs new pledges? This is to do what? Rehabilitate his image and instill trust?

    What a piece of work! Call out McCain for his record…distorted as you may make it…but somehow we are to ignore the abysmal record and poor reputation of JD because he just signed a pledge or two…and this is to be considered “consistent”?

    Basically, JD is saying…”I know I was not a fiscal conservative then…but NOW, I’ve signed these pledges and I promise I will, I will be good…really!” “Pick me, pick me!”

    Yes the voters are smart and will not fall for the charade that is JD.

  13. Ann,
    When Congressman Shaddegg (a friend) can hardly control his laughing after viewing McCain’s “fence” ad, you know Sen. McCain has lost his credibility. Everyone knows McCain is no more for closing the border than Obama is. He will sing a different tune as soon as the election is over, just like Sen. Kyl did after his last election.

  14. Jane 001 says

    Odd, Ann you have only to lift your eyes a couple of lines to see McCains public record but noooooooooo.

    Faced with the previous public records of both, I’ll go with Hayworth. His foibles cost millions, McCains foibles cost billions!

  15. Oh…the Morning Joe piece. I was watching that morning. Shadegg and Joe served together and he is on the show often. It was a cheesy ad, no doubt. It deserved to be snickered at…the message is not the same as the delivery and they did not question that.

    They did however have a great exchange about JD.



    Here is an excerpt of their discussion about JD:

    “…Shadegg said “He had a fairly conservative voting record when he was in the House, but he was an earmarker.”

    “John Shadegg and I along with about seven, eight, nine Republicans used to give Newt Gingrich hell after Newt decided he liked earmarks and liked big spending. And [Gingrich] liked teaming up with Dave Obey and attacking us, and I’m quoting Newt, as ‘jihadists,’” Scarborough said. “So Newt called us ‘jihadists’ and I remember our friend JD Hayworth standing up in those caucus meetings and just beating the hell out of us.”

    “Yeah, that’s right,” Shadegg responded. “J.D. was on the other side of those fights from us ‘jihadists.’”


    I guess that was before he was a consistent conservative.

  16. Jane 001 says

    Hmmm… there are proposed term limits in the Citizen Legislature Act, but I did not find a personal pledge by Hayworth in 1994 as other congressmen had provided that year. Can the Mcpeople claiming one exists provide proof?

    As a follow up…

    Could you see John McCain voluntarily making room so other good citizens can serve as Senator…ever? How do you think Arizonans would feel jetting his hospital bed back and forth to D.C. for critical votes when Democrats need a ringer? How do you think Arizonans would feel about passing their Senate seat to Cindy or Megan to finish out a McCain term, or won’t it matter what they think? Hasn’t til now!

  17. McCain’s desperate attempt to look conservative is ridiculous.

    McCain must be real nervous because Pro-Amnesty candidates are going down all over the country.

    No wonder he is negative on TV already, and no wonder he is running a slash and burn campaign.

    But soon, John McCain will be swift boated on Amnesty and he will not recover.

  18. Obamanation says

    What irks me most about McCain is the fact that he worked less hard than his current smear effort on his PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. I appreciate that he understands this is now do or die for him, and that he sees how Arlen Specter has done so well in his desperate attempts to cling to power in his twilight years; I heard he’s actually hanging out with Obama now LOL- perhaps he got that job that Slick Willy was trying to bait Sestak with?

    Point is, people, look at who McCain surrounds himself with. They are Pro-Death, Pro-Taxes. What gives you or anyone else the impression that McCain is any different?


  19. Alicia Gegner says

    McCain implies that if we re-elect him, all will be good again. He is currently our US Senator – so what is he doing for us now? What did he do to stop the flow of illegals? He dangled amnesty in front of them. Pour molasses on the ground, and guess what – ANTS, lots of them, crawling out of nowhere. Same with amnesty. ILLEGALS, lots of them, crawling out of nowhere, and McCain actually has his name attached to it for all to see.

    JD has pushed to close the border and get serious about this problem ever since we can remember.

    McCain? Those who know him best, like him least. One of his fellow servicemen who brought him back from Vietnam says he should have left him there. Character matters. That is why that serviceman made that comment.

  20. SInce so many people will be beating JD Hayworth over the head with this if he doesn’t abide by it, it is a political stance that will leave him wide open to public opinion abuse and voter disgust if he doesn’t adhere to it.

    So, it’s displaying more political clarity and risk than McCain is displaying.

  21. Iris Lynch says

    Looks like the votes are in on this blog. Go JD!

  22. Jane 001 says

    This is by no means pick on Ann day, but “It was a cheesy ad?”

    No, it wasn’t a “cheesy” ad. It was a disingenuous ad, a false ad, an egregious misrepresentation of his stance on the subject since he’s been in the Senate. Considering the thoroughness with which Mcpeople “scour” public records, all of you should still be in sack cloth and ashes. Only a kindergartner would still be chanting “Bridge to Nowhere” after McCain made a ceremony out of voting for TARP especially now that TARP is being used to bribe other Senators. For goodness sakes, Keating 5 cost taxpayers $3 billion dollars in a bailout. Amnesty will cost $2.6 trillion in retirement alone!

    Even in your own minds, one man has 12 years of proof as a big spender and the other has 24 years of proof as a big spender? And you go and pick the one with 24 years of proof! Where’s the logic? Big-spending, big government liberal media outlets everywhere are favoring John McCain, and you claim people are distorting his record. There is no distorting John McCain’s record. Americans can’t humanly count of all the money John McCain has siphoned out of their pockets. Then, as though he hasn’t done enough, there’s the McCain 2010 supplement bill? One big EARMARK for the pharmacy cartel!

  23. Jack Hammer says

    Brian and Ann:

    A couple of observations:

    1. Re: Dick Armey, a twelve year career is not short! Furthermore an overall record of 98% by the American Conservative Union (which puts a heavy emphasis on spending behavior) certainly surpasses Mc Cain’s 81%.

    2. John Shadegg talks a real good game! He did so immediately after voting agains the first T.A.R.P. bill. He was all over KFYI about it. But what happened? Within a week Dubyah loaded the bill with pork, and guess what “ole earmark opponent” did?

    You got it…he voted for it probably with McCain twisting his elbow!

    That behavior along with the constant backstabbing of Open Borders opponents tells us more about the REAL John Shadegg than any public moralizing!

  24. With the exception of perhaps one or two posts on this thread, everyone on either side is absorbed with the “ear marks” issue which, frankly has been hammered to death while the real spending and appropriation procedures are never questioned.

    To deal with the problem, (which frankly deals with post appropriation distribution) appropriation procedures, in and of themselves, will have to be overhauled!

    Perhaps that’s what we should require of those seeking Congressional office?

  25. Gerald Broflovski says

    John McCain on TARP:

    …ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, I have one final thing I want you to consider. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chewbacca. Chewbacca is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk. But Chewbacca lives on the planet Endor. Now think about it; that does not make sense!
    General Public
    Damn it!… He’s using the Chewbacca defense!
    Why would a Wookiee, an eight-foot tall Wookiee, want to live on Endor, with a bunch of two-foot tall Ewoks? That does not make sense! But more important, you have to ask yourself: What does this have to do with this case? Nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, it has nothing to do with this case! It does not make sense! Look at me. I’m a lawyer defending a major record company, and I’m talkin’ about Chewbacca! Does that make sense? Ladies and gentlemen, I am not making any sense! None of this makes sense! And so you have to remember, when you’re in that jury room deliberatin’ and conjugatin’ the Emancipation Proclamation, does it make sense? No! Ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, it does not make sense! If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit! The defense rests.[1]

  26. Obamanation says


    Good argument about the merits of legalized marijuana, thanks for your input

  27. Parent X says

    There are two big issues here.

    (1) A signed pledge is a ridiculous political gimmick that none of us should support. The only ‘pledge’ our elected officials should uphold is their oath to the Constitution and their word to voters. Signing some special-interest photocopy is bad form.

    (2) I still can’t believe that McCain & Hayworth were the best Arizona’s kingmakers could come up with. I voted for McCain in the past, but it is time for him to step down.

    I’m confused, however, how any person who considers themselves to be a fiscal ‘conservative’ can be rooting for Hayworth. Aside from his very dodgy financial past (Abramhoff, PAC money for his wife), he was an earmark advocate when he served before.

    When Jeff Flake tried to introduce an amendment in 2004 to a roads bill that would have shaved pork barrel spending from each individual state’s federal funds, Hayworth balked and said that earmarks “reflect the priorities of local and state officials to help our transpiration infrastructure keep pace with the extraordinary growth we are experiencing in the East Valley.”

    In other words – pork is great when it’s for your state! That’s the crux of why we can’t reform Congress.

  28. Jane 001 says

    On the subject of ridiculous political gimmicks, just clump the term “Fiscal conservative” in with the other McCain-isms. The goal is not a cackle of self-dubbed “fiscal conservatives” all scratching their heads on cue. The goal is a smallish, streamlined government that deters challenges to its SOVEREIGNTY rather than inviting them.

    Fiscal conservative is a term Johnny-One-Note employs to accessorize his gimmicky “anti-earmarks” act, he’s a LIBERAL inside and out.


    – Unless you want intrusion by the UN to include whether or not you take your kids to church,

    – Unless you want a wave of new voters that don’t know Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, California and Texas are officially part of the United States,

    – Unless you really enjoy plugging a juice box of a car into a wall outlet at the mall,

    you may want to think outside the box for a brief moment possibly reconsidering inane talking points like “dodgy financial past” which hang John McCain’s candidacy when applied to him.

    IN OTHER WORDS, Hayworth towers over McCain on matters that will break the U.S. if McCain-style liberalism goes unchecked:

    – The integrity of the U.S. Constitution
    – The integrity of national sovereignty

    I realize these are heady issues for people trained by OFA, but just think for a minute…just think….

  29. Just saw McCain picked up the NRA endorsement. Quite a blow to Hayworth…

  30. Parent X says


    No need to go on a rampage on my account.

    I’m using the lower-case version of ‘fiscal conservative’. I’d readily agree that polarizing soundbites like “Fiscal Conservative, School Choice, Pro-Life” have been rendered pretty vacuous these days.

    That said, our elected officials are entrusted with public money. I’m a little tired of handing over tax dollars to people with less-than-stellar financial records.

    There are lots of relatively boring yet smart, financially adept and honest folks in our state. Wish we could all move past the bombastic ideologue types to find a broader range of candidates. But there I go, being all idealistic again…

  31. And now you know why I never ever considered joining the NRA let alone AARP.

    NRA’s endorsement of McCain is absurd, so outlandish it proves the NRA is bought and paid for therefore irreverent. Their endorsement is so ridiculous it proves how off track our ethics and morals are in our country.

    So the NRA dislikes Hayworth so much they ignore McCain’s affinity for gun control.

    All the more reason to vote the citizen candidate in JIM DEAKIN.


    Gun Owners of America


  32. Let’s see…Right to Life is “corrupt”, NRA is “absurd”, Sara Palin is “paying back”, the entire Republican delegation are just “afraid”….

    How many more of these excuses can you people come up with?

    Good grief, is it true that those who oversee the most esteemed efforts at protecting life can be bought off? That the long-held tradition of gun ownership by patriots is now nothing more than a sham? Sarah Palin, really is the SNL persona they portrayed her to be? AND…every single member of our delegation from Franks to Flake are weak, imbecilic cowards with no credibility?

    OR…McCain is really the guy for the job?

  33. Ann,
    It is called “power”. Everyone knows McCain will get revenge if he wins. They are afraid to stand up to him. It is sickening and a good reason for senators to have term limits.

  34. Walt Stephenson says

    Im sad to see Rob Haney and the rest of you are having to give up your NRA membership. I’m a life member so I guess I can pick up the slack.

    I hope none of you are LDS as Mitt is fund raising with McCain.

  35. Parent X Says:
    June 3rd, 2010 at 10:48 am
    There are two big issues here.

    (1) A signed pledge is a ridiculous political gimmick that none of us should support. The only ‘pledge’ our elected officials should uphold is their oath to the Constitution and their word to voters. Signing some special-interest photocopy is bad form.

    Dunno. It depends.
    The Contract with America worked pretty good and it’s always better to get an agreement in writing so be able to refer to it later – people forget or don’t recall it correctly.

    It’s a two-edged sword, but a politician is putting his or her credibility on the line with such a commitment, but if he or she adheres to it and produces as promised, they are assured years of faithful support.

  36. Rebecca Norman says

    You can line up history and votes as backwards as you’d like to please your boss, the one thing you cannot change or lie about is his lack of ethics and truth. JD has a long history of this and just as recent as today I read an article about JD and his, ‘not knowing’ that McCain signed the repeal of Obamacare back in April. Sad that JD will say and do anything to make himself look good, if only for the moment. Truth always surpasses lies and I am sorry to say, your boss JD lacks a huge part of what we voters want, intelligence and honesty.

  37. RepublicanSOS says

    You mean like the intelligence of John McCain when he told America that the economy was in fine shape just before it crashed? Or McCain’s honesty when he first co-authored amnesty for illegals and now pretends to be a border advocate?
    You have to do better than this to defame JD.

  38. McCain is just saying what he knows you want to hear like he does every election. If he’s elected, he will revert back to his
    RINO ways.

  39. Hayworth signed a pledge when he was a congressmen for AZ. He failed that pledge why wouldn’t he do it again?

  40. oldschool1776 says

    Well distorting the truth comes natural to JD and his followers so we should expect that from them rebecca. Say anything do anything to get back to being a leach on Arizona.

  41. Jacobite says


    Before decrying the mole in J.D.s eye, how about removing the log from your patron McCain’s!

    One can always tell when John prevaricates!

    He opens his mouth!

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