JD Hayworth Going Live, Going National!

JD HayworthIf you haven’t noticed already, JD Hayworth is about to launch a major challenge to Senator John McCain. This statewide race is about to go national as indicated by JD’s media appearances in the last 24 hours. He’s been all over the radio from Denver to Philadelphia and San Diego back to Phoenix. Tonight he appears on nationally syndicated Lars Larson’s show at 6:30 but before that, you’ll be able to watch him play Hardball with Chris Matthews at 3:30 (Here’s the lead up story from the other night).

There’s no doubt that this race will go national – even more so than the Florida Primary where Governor Charlie Crist is facing a challenge from Marco Rubio for the Florida Senate seat.

Sonoran Alliance is being hammered by requests for how to contact and support JD Hayworth as his campaign ramps up. Although his website is not up and running, it should be within the next 24 hours. (Watch for it at www.JDHayworth2010.com) In the meantime, if you want to donate to the campaign please send donations to:

JD Hayworth 2010
P.O. Box 28604
Scottsdale, AZ 85255


  1. Knew I should have registered the domain.

  2. PHX Conservative says

    Oh yes, where can I dump my money for a losing cause! Please do tell!

  3. And hey, remember when Ned Lamont primaried Lieberman in 2006? How the media blathered on and on about the “angry left”, and how disrespectful it was to do that to Holy Joe, considering he was the second banana is the party just six years prior?

    And how we’re not hearing it now? Which is especially weird considering it was just 2 years ago for the *GOP’s* Top (!) Banana. I keep waiting for that “liberal media slant” to kick in.

    Does anyone know if state law will allow McCain to run as an independent if Hayworth beats him?

    Maybe McCain and Lieberman could start their own party!

  4. Just saw JD on hardball. He was actually pretty good.
    Charlie Cook wouldn’t count out JD and Ron Christie said he would vote for JD over McCain any day.

    Check is in the mail JD!

  5. I just read that Rasmussen Reports that a survey this month showed McCain holding a 53% to 31% lead over Hayworth. Whoa!!!

  6. 20/30 GOP,

    If you really think Rasmussen knows what a likely voter is going to be in this primary on August 24th this year you are in idiot.

    Also Rasmussen is notorious for its polling numbers being off. So yeah just keep hoping those numbers are right.

  7. I say look at polls but they don’t hold any water this far out. Scott Brown was 30 points down 30 days out.

  8. McCain has been lying about J.D. for a month now. When the national media gets involved (and it is starting now) people will find out how dirty McCain is playing. Mark Levin is going after McCain right now on the radio. He is not amused at McCain’s antics. Rasmussen doesn’t understand the depth of Arizona’s dislike for McCain. They will when they take another poll in a month.

  9. True. And according to Rasmussen back in December McCain and Hayworth were in a dead-heat in the polls. Looks like Hayworth has already lost his luster. That’s too bad, I would have really liked some more ‘pet projects’ in the form of pork-barrel spending to have came our way.

  10. “I would have really liked some more ‘pet projects’ in the form of pork-barrel spending to have came our way.”


  11. Charlie Crist is also in trouble:

    Poll: GOP primary for US Senate seat in Fla. a tie!


  12. McCain has already started with the attacks and intimidation. This is same technique he uses against anyone who dares disagree with him. One of the very reasons we must get rid of him. He forgot he works for us!

  13. PCbutnotPC says

    If JD gets a lot of $20 donations, sorta like some current President did in his campaign, the onslaught of money, along with more serious large donations, will confront the McCain incumbency. Moderate voters may view McCain as past prime and wish him well.
    McCain & Hayworth both have past baggage, but JD presents a younger, forceful image and has stayed on one course.
    Captain McCain nows that constant course changes are good for avoiding enemy subs, but in public policy the electorate wants the smooth, consistent Carnival Cruise Line course.
    Hayworth is no junior in politics and arguably can say he has time on the Hill.
    My moderate buddies even are saying they think it is time for John Mac to get the USS Winnabago out and take the STRAIGHT TALK EXPRESS on a KOA vacation to become elder RETIRED statesman.
    If Hayworth succeeds, the internal Az Republican Party playing field will have more combat than the invasion of a Taliban mountain stronghold. If Hayworth plays to be a CONSISTENT STATESMAN with class (save the barbs), then he can also lead the state party as well as succeeding in a Senate race.
    Right now, it’s a horse race.

  14. 20/30 GOP,

    so you agree with me that the polls right now especially rasmussen mean nothing and then cite another one…

    Or were you saying you agree you are idiot for believing them…

    just trying to figure you out what you meant 🙂

  15. Republican Lady says

    JD hasn’t even gotten started! McCain has the jump on him now but just you wait until JD gets going. JD is the Tea Party candidate and that’s what we need.

  16. kralmajales says

    This is the best thing Rodney Glassman could have EVER hoped for.

  17. Rasmussen stated that the poll registered reaction to Sarah Palin’s decision to campaign for McCain (after his staff threw her under the bus!)

    But there will be many personalities coming in for this one and it’s just begun!

    If this is decided on issues and track records, the “John” will be flushed!

  18. And has anyone visited Sarah Palin’s Facebook page lately? The comments are running overwhelmingly against campaigning for McCain.

  19. But will she stab McCain in the back the way she’s done to every one of her political mentors? I’m gonna say “no” here – Palin knows her game is longer than one Senate race in state where the base, if asked by Palin to set themselves on fire, would ask: “Matches or Lighter, Sarah?”.

  20. I want to know what J.D. is going to do about jobs. McCain is a snake, he sponsored a bill that would virtually eliminate the limit on H1B Visas. J.D., what are you going to do about foreignors taking American jobs. It’s not only the H1’s we have to worry about, the L1’d are far worse. A company just has to open a store front operation in a foreign country, such as India, and they can bring as many foreign workers into this country as they like to. When is this crap going to stop. Eliminate this and we will put a million Americans back to work. It’s a bunch of crap that we don’t have the talent, ask the millions of unemployed Americans that would love the job.

  21. June Bennett says

    Yes, John McCain is a snake. He is even against his own constituants. He just introduced a bill S.3002 called the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, the latest threat to curtail our access to dietary supplements. The pro pharma FDA doesn’t need more power to misuse against safe dietary supplements, they just need to do their job as mandated by the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act which McCain’s bill would effectively repeal. His bill would wipe out even the minimal protections contained in DSHEA. It would give the FDA full discretion and power to compile a discreet list of supplements allowed to remain on the market while banning all others. Let us not forget that McCain is also for amnesty for all illegals, and a .50 a gallon increase on gas at the pump. None of you have forgotten that have you?

  22. I was supportive of McCain because in all honesty you can touch the man’s record when it comes to fiscal responsibility, he never votes for pork. However I just came across interesting news today that really turned me off about the man and he pulled a classic establishment politician move, he introduced S. 3002 to put Natural Supplements (aka your multivitamin) under complete control of the FDA. Now your going to need a Doctors prescription to buy your Vitamin C. Some support of health care freedom.

    Senator McCain you do not have my vote this time around.

    J.D. Hayworth, where do you stand on this issue sir?

  23. Great information in your blogpost, I saw this report on television the other day about this same thing and since I am getting married in two weeks and the timing couldn’t have been better! thanks for the info!

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