JD Hayworth Election Night Watch Party

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Monday, August 23, 2010

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  1. Leaning to the Right says

    It will be interesting to see if JD can pull it off. McCain has spent $21 million (mostly from his prior presidential campaign) on lies and smears, and his best arguments against JD aren’t about JD’s 98% American Conservative Union rating, but grasping at straws like making fun of him for appearing in an infomercial for government grants. Will Arizona’s Republicans see through it? I hope so.

  2. Stephen Kohut says

    Jim Deakin is using his primary election night event in Casa Grande as a fundraiser for the Pinal County Republican Committee.

    I’m sure JD is doing tha same and donating all net proceeds of his event to the AZ GOP or a Republican County Committee, right?

  3. Arizona Ranger says

    If our fellow citizens have finally come to their collective senses, we WILL be celebrating JD’s victory in the primary! Let’s each of us take a moment to call a friend, fellow worker, or a neighbor and reinforce why it is so important to retire McCain. If each of did this, it would make a REAL difference! Now, stop wasting your time reading and go make that phone call!! Attaboy!

  4. Michael Holliday says

    Good points on the last minute push for JD.

    I’ve already discussed JD Hayworth’s superior positions with people I know.

    I even went on KKNT radio a few weeks back as a fill-in talk host and gave JD some significant props.

    Tomorrow night is VH Day (Victory Hayworth)!

    Then, we take back Arizona and America from the liberal lunatics in office.

    Fiat lux!

  5. Jim's Shipmate says

    It’s funny that JD is using a Ballroom for his election night party. He was just in Tucson for his last big Southern Arizona fling and moved to a smaller room to make the 70 head turnout look bigger. By the way half of those 70 heads were JDs volunteers – put a fork in him, JD is done.

  6. Jim's Shipmate says

    “Let’s each of us take a moment to call a friend, fellow worker, or a neighbor ”

    You need to hire a call center, come up with better message than the Consistant Con, for that matter come up with a better candidate. JD is unelectable.

  7. Jim's Shipmate says

    “grasping at straws like making fun of him for appearing in an infomercial for government grants. Will Arizona’s Republicans see through it?”

    Seems to me that JD will do anything if the cash is right. Arizona needs candidates WITH character not just characters.

  8. Stephen get over it. You candidate failed the end.

  9. Maybe, at least JD will do just about anything to keep his family safe, unlike Jim Deakin who allowed his house to be forclosed after making $300,000 loans trying to scam the citizens of this state and country. Ghee who wins? Not your vile vindictive failed candidate.

  10. Everyone I know is voting for JD, because they will NEVER vote for McCain because he is just another Ruling Class elitest Dem.

  11. McCain’s campaign has been despicable. In my book he’s a “loser” if if he wins the primary. Deakin is a typical politician – spends more than he has and wants the citizens to bail him out. Wonder what mortgage bailout program he’ll use? No candidate is perfect, but JD has my vote – I trust him to do what he says he’ll do.

  12. JD admitted the infomercial was a mistake. At least one of the candidates did!

    I bet Deakin was glued to the TV watching the same infomercial and probably picked up the phone to get some of that free money!

  13. Is he serving Bud Light?

  14. McCain’s commercials– “Character counts”–are the height of hypocrisy. I can understand someone changing their stance on an issue after receiving new information or having gone through a significant life experience. But he has changed his stance on so many issues that his signs should be “Consistent Con”.

  15. @Kohut
    Deakin raising money for the Pinal Party? Sounds awful establishmentarian of him. I thought he was the anti-establishment outsider? More lies from Deakin and his camp in the end.

    Exactly why would JD raise money for the party establishment? They’re largely moderate McCainiacs. …you know? The guy Deakin ultimately wants to see elected to the U.S. Senate, McCain. As far as I’m concerned, the fact that Hayworth is NOT raising money for the party makes him a more electable candidate. In my eyes, it’s a strike against Deakin that he is sucking up to the party.

    One thing is for sure, Deakin has proven to be a nasty little man. His run for Senate has branded him as thoroughly insane for life. He’ll never go anywhere in Arizona politics.

  16. I can’t wait for McCain, Romley and Horne to win tomorrow.

    That’s what I like to call; “scoreboard.”

  17. Looking forward to the results. God bless the best conservative candidates in this race: JD Hayworth, Andrew Thomas and Bill Montgomery!

  18. Stephen Kohut says


    It’s simple why Jim would support the PCRC. The PCRC has generally been supportive of the TPs, TP PCs routinely comprise 75% of the PCRC monthly meetings and we will control the PCRC leadership and state committeeman elections on 12/4.

  19. What idiot decided the party would start at 6?

    Polls close at 7, we should work until 7 to get JD elected.

    Party should start at 7:30 at the earliest.

    Just another example of poor management of JD’s people.

  20. There is a very good reason that the party starts at 6:00. It gives you one whole hour to still believe that JD has a chance of winning. Once 7:00 rolls around, reality sets in and it will all be over. It will be an early night for you. I predict that JD will give his concession speech by 7:30.

  21. Hey Ding Dong Conservative,

    People who work the polling place are up by 0500 to work.

  22. McCain is lying right to the end. Vote for JD.

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