JD Hayworth calls McCain to confess connection to $1.2 Billion Ponzi schemer, Scott Rothstein

Phoenix, AZ (JUNE 15) – U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) today said he is dismayed by claims that Sen. John McCain does not know McCain’s number one contributor who is now serving 50 years in prison.

Hayworth called on McCain to admit he knows Scott Rothstein, the convicted Ponzi scheme artist, return all the dirty money he received over the years from investment scams, and promise to return and reject contributions from shady characters.

“Sen. McCain likes to talk about how character matters, how political leaders must rise above even the appearance of impropriety,” Hayworth said. “It’s time his actions match his rhetoric. It’s time for him to clean his own house and start acting like a U.S. Senator.”

Over the last week, five known and alleged Ponzi scheme runners who contributed to Sen. John McCain have come to light. Two are in jail. Three have been charged by authorities with profiting from elaborate con operations and some of the money was used to fund McCain and other political campaigns.

Even though Rothstein funneled over $1.1 million to McCain through a bundling loophole, McCain purportedly “could not pick him out of a lineup,” according to the Senator’s spokesman.

“That flies in the face of all logic and is an insult to the intelligence of Arizona voters,” Hayworth said. “Sen. McCain is trying to cover up his relationship with this convicted felon, but the ties are too deep. Rothstein was the number one contributor to the McCain Victory 2008 committee and the number one contributor to the McCain-Palin Victory 2008 committee.

“Sen. McCain is pictured with Rothstein several times, been to his house to raise money, and even instructed his staff to set up a separate accounting system to track Rothstein’s $1.1 million in political contributions,” Hayworth said.

Rothstein’s chief operating officer, who pleaded guilty to involvement in the Ponzi scheme, gave McCain $30,000. McCain was given additional political contributions by at least three other alleged Ponzi scheme artists who are now facing criminal charges.

“The money needs to be returned,” Hayworth said. “If his donors are criminals who swindled money out of innocent victims to McCain’s benefit, McCain should return all the dirty money to help the victims – not just a portion of it.

“And he needs to rise to a higher standard and publically apologize for taking and spending money obtained through illegal activity,” Hayworth said.


  1. This trait has been a hallmark of McCain’s behavior for nearly three decades!

    But to give the devil his due, he has classic “chutzpah”

    Accuse your opponent of your own methods and adopt a campaign slogan to raise you above the cesspool in which you’ve always swum!

    But one who does this runs the risk of being hoisted on his own petard!

    You see: “Character Counts”!

  2. Iris Lynch says

    He is a CHARACTER all right! See, I know how to be kind.

  3. The money from the McCain Palin Victory 2008 committee mostly went to the Republican National Committee because of campaign finance limits on the McCain campaign! Most of the rest went to Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania state Republican parties!



  4. “money from the McCain Palin Victory 2008 committee mostly went to the…”

    VSB, you are playing a shell game. By your own admission, the McCain campaign received Rothstein money funneled through the Victory committee. Don’t pretend that McCain didn’t keep track of how much Rothstein money was coming into his campaign. It’s reported that the RNC and the DNC returned all Rothstein donations. McCain’s refusal to respond to these issues points to sheer arrogance on his part.

  5. Haha that’s the best the McCain campaign can come up with, VSB’s response that the McCain victory fund really wasn’t the McCain victory fund? Next you’re going to tell me that black is white. If you buy that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you too.

  6. The Mole says

    Character counts alright. McCain has a history of displaying his special character. TARP, Keating McCain- Feingold, McAmnesty… the list goes on and that’s just what we know about. Once this issue is fully vetted, it will be just one more on the list. In 28 years you think he would be better at this, but no, he is so arrogant he just figures the rules don’t apply. He is the great a powerful John McCain. None shall question!

    Bye John, have a nice retirement, while you still can.

  7. Stephen Kohut says

    The Florida papers, like the Sun Sentinel, are all over this to the point of having a queriable on line database for campaign contributions. As the major part of the Rothstein story is in FL, they have the most press on it. We are only getting the portions related to McCain. No fabrication McCainiacs. Just really painful truths. This reminds me of how the Keating scandal started its rollout with everyone saying “Not me! I did nothing wrong.” I only got down to the donations of 410k or more and calculated +$1.2M into McCains hot little hands using the Sun Sentinels dataase.

    Spin away VSB. No sale. The Victory plans of 2008 are no diferent than what is happening in 2010 where McCain operatives weresent from his current campaign to handle the US Senate portion of the 2010 Arizona Victory plan.


  8. “VSB, you are playing a shell game. By your own admission, the McCain campaign received Rothstein money funneled through the Victory committee. Don’t pretend that McCain didn’t keep track of how much Rothstein money was coming into his campaign. It’s reported that the RNC and the DNC returned all Rothstein donations. McCain’s refusal to respond to these issues points to sheer arrogance on his part.”

    I’m not the one playing the shell game. Hayworth is the one playing the shell game. You guys are just ignorant or can’t read or something. LOL!

    It’s a fact that the McCain campaign did respond and gave back all the Rothstein money that came to either the McCain campaign fund or the McCain legal compliance fund.

    And you are saying that the RNC gave back the Rothstein money it received.

    And if your read how the McCain Palin 2008 Victory money was distributed (I posted it), you would know that it was distributed between the RNC, the Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania state Republican parties, and the McCain legal compliance fund. And the RNC by far got the largest share because the rest had limitations on the amount that could be contributed.

    So if the RNC gave back its share and the McCain campaign gave back its share, all that leaves is the state parties! It’s not that complicated.

  9. Stephen Kohut says

    The money was McCain’s to control where and how it was spent, who and what it was used for. Rothstein, Rosenfeldt & Adler were the top contributors to both McCain Victory 2008 and McCain-Palin Victory 2008. Johnny took over $1M in dirty money and spread it around. Classic Chicago style politics.

  10. Two weeks left to collect and turn in signatures for the Ban Photo Radar in AZ initiative!


    Let’s leave Redflex in the DUST!!

  11. I love how JD totally changed the subject and never answered the question when asked who his bigges contributor was.

  12. Thats good old JD for you when confronted with his own accusations he simply deflects to his opponents. JD this is why everyone hates you.

  13. George:

    And everyone “loves” McCain?

    I haven’t run into anyone who supports him who isn’t on his campaign’s payroll!

  14. Jacobite says


    I notice that you omit the Arizona State Pary as a recipient of McCain-Palin funds!

    I find that interesting insofar as the RNC told GOP candidates here that the McCain-Palin campaign would assist them in the general election!

    What happened and why?

    Inquisitive ears would like to hear!

  15. Classic Hayworth…point the fingers at the other guy so they won’t look at me!

    I will be so glad when this horrible charade of a campaign adn candidate are over and JD can go back to…well, I’m not sure what he will go back to since Broomhead has better ratings and a wider audience.

  16. Ann, his entire campaign has been this and he will continue to point his fingers because he has no brain to talk about issues. JD will not win this, he is just not equipped to be successful.

  17. The Mole says

    McLame is the one that points fingers. Trouble is while he was pointing the one finger, the rest pointed back at him. Feingold, Keating and Kennedy for example and that’s just one hand.

  18. And if anyone should know about unsuccessful campaigns, it’s Ann!

    And Jace: When it comes to issues. when has McCain ever voted correctly on the major ones?

    He’s already toyed twice with switching parties. Let’s hope he joins Spector on a third try!

  19. Carlist wrote: “When it comes to issues. when has McCain ever voted correctly on the major ones?”

    Answer: Too many times to mention. Plus Sarah Palin.

    By the way, the patches are loose on your vest and your socks don’t match with your black Dr. Scholl’s custom fit orthodic shoes.

  20. Travis:

    Concerning major conservative issues championed by John, please list em!

    As to Palin, she was shoved down McCain’s throat. Neither he nor his campaign staff wanter her.

    Their choice was Joe Lieberman (an ideological soul mate) but that choice would have triggered a convention revolt!

  21. The issue is, it’s time for this guy to go!

  22. McCain cannot be the bully you keep saying he is and then be the guy who gets a VP pick shoved anywhere.

    He chose Palin. He defended Palin.

    Palin chose McCain. She defends and ENDORSES John McCain.

    Your hate has made you completely irrational and blind to the facts.

    I am not going to list John McCain’s conservative credentials. You can go to his website to find them. If I did list them, you wouldn’t listen anyway.

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