JD….Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Here we are in the final days of the primary season for Arizona voters.  Some candidates are gearing up with media buys, getting their mailers all spruced up and ready to land in mailboxes along with the hugely popular PEVL ballot drop, and some are even evaluating the reality of their candidacy.

We saw Dean Martin, a respected public servant, already well-known and certainly deserving of success, suspend his campaign.  It was clear to him that the end result was not going to be what he really desired…a party united around one candidate with the greatest chance of holding the Ninth Floor.  It is evident unless Jan Brewer has a Mel Gibson melt-down, she will be keeping her job.   Why risk a split in the primary and allow Mills to squeak by?  Martin knows he will run another day and he will have the respect of many.  

Other races are a bit more, shall we say…racy.   Plenty of those to be sure!  

Then we have our very own Senatorial campaign.  The polls tell a story of an incumbent who is clearly leading by such a large margin, and gaining daily, that it would take lots of money and more time than they have to overtake McCain.  With just weeks left JD is dropping in the polls, a deadly combination, and Deakin has issues of name recognition and money as well. Should they wrap it up or give it their best shot?

JD has spent years on the radio touting his conservative bonafides and attempting to diminish McCain.  Even with his past time in Congress and his years of radio, he knew going into this he was the underdog.  He knew going into this he had little money compared to the GOP presidential candidate of 2008.  He knew his record was suspect as was his personal history.  He knew it was an uphill climb.

But he did it anyway.  People encouraged him.  But most of all…JD Hayworth WANTS to be our US Senator because he believes he can do the job better than McCain.

JD first ran for the House with a good deal of name recognition because of his job as the sports guy on TV.  Not his politics.  No working his way up.  Nope,  go for the big job and then try to keep it.

We know how that ended.

Either way, he ran because he felt he could do the job and had others telling him the same thing.

Now we have Jim Deakin, who has been in the race since day one.  He knew he was the underdog.  He knew he had little money compared to McCain, he knew he had little name recognition.  He knew it would be an uphill battle.  But, he believed he could do the job better than the incumbent.  He believes he can do the job better than the other challenger.  Deakin has people who also believe that and encourage him to keep going.

Deakin grew out of the Tea Party movement and in other circumstances could be a much more successful candidate.  He has never had a gig on TV or radio to get his name out there and his voice perfected.   He has never had the benefit of a walk-in office to develop his resume’.  So, run and get your feet wet.  Develop your place and your position.  The chances of his winning are less than JD’s.  Neither has a real shot at victory.  But…you lose every race you do not finish.

JD wants Deakin to quit.  He hopes the Deakin votes will go his way and maybe some of the undecided will, too. 

If after years on TV, service in the House of Representatives, more years on conservative talk radio, FOX News spots, and being propped up by certain members of party leadership JD cannot get traction with voters and donors…that is a problem.  The problem is JD not Jim Deakin.

Jim Deakin has every right to run and to stay in the race.  If any candidate’s success is only possible by the failure or limitations of another….then that candidate is too weak on their own and should be the one to drop out, if anyone does.

The cries for Deakin to drop out are just another example of JD’s attitude of do as I say and not as I do.




  1. Have the last three or four post here hit home Molly? Is McCain really worried? JD Hayworth has grass roots support from the Tea Parties, 912 groups, resistnet, and many many regular citizens across the United states. McCain has gone around brow beating poeple like Trent Franks into giving him endorsements. McCain a powerful Senator who went after a private citizen JD Hayworth, for pointing out McCain’s Senatorial votes. Does Mccain need to run from his recorded votes? JD was pointing out the flaws in how Mccain betrayed us all. Why is McCain’s campaign so nasty? Did he do that to Obama? No, you say? Why? Is it because McCain was running a sham campaign against the Muslim? Was he too afraid of his so called POW records being released?

    McCain should retire, leave us in peace, he has done enough damage to this great country. Now we all know if he is reelected he will vote for Amnesty, ‘COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM” under any names is still Amnesty, even the Democrats are out there saying this. I believe if he loses we will get Amnesty anyway, McCain will get even with us for not supporting him anylonger. Goldwater made a horrible mistake endorsing this traitor to the American people who is so caught up in his own self-worth he refuses to give us a chance to elect a real conservative.

    Mccain went after JD twice, we hope this time it will not work.

  2. Glenn Beck's my hero! says


    Well, well, well! McCain’s hired guns couldn’t stand the truth! That is soooo interesting! Dean Martin is a respected public servant for dropping out of the race against McCain’s Cujo-like “iron lady”, Brewer; who spend’s other people’s money as fast as McCain.

    Yet, about Jimmie Lee you say, “Jim Deakin has every right to run and to stay in the race. If any candidate’s success is only possible by the failure or limitations of another….then that candidate is too weak on their own and should be the one to drop out, if anyone does.”

    SO Ms Pitcher, BY YOUR logic stated above, Jan Brewer should definitely drop out SINCE SHE is “too weak on their (her) own, and should be the one to drop out”!

    Only in this case the McCain ‘Goon Squad’ forced Martin out of the race!! There is either the ‘character assassin’ Pitcher write lies, or the ‘political knee-cap buster’ Grant Woods or Mark Buse to destroy you in your purse or in the press. Either way, Dean HAD to go or he was ‘going down hard!’ The “Goon Squad” would make sure of that!

    The irony of your contrast is SOOOO FUNNY!! Except for the tactics used to scare Dean Martin. He had just received over $700K, opened his office, has the support of MANY patriotic Arizonans in the Tea Party movement and out, and could have returned to his front runner status against Ms McCain

    Yet you appear to ‘admire’ Jim Deakin! A guy with no money of his own,(like Carly Fiorina), isn’t bought and paid for like a $2 Wh**re (like McCain), no celebrity status (like Palin), and ABSOLUTELY no legislative experience whatsoever!! Worse yet, he can’t even get his attacks right!
    JUST read the piece by Samuel Adams earlier.

    You make it clearer for all logical, honest Arizonans, JUST how much Deakin is like McCain, in his dishonesty and grasp of the ‘facts’! LOLOL

    Seriously though, IT WAS NOT JD who wanted Deakin to quit; it was all of us honest Arizonans who have watched McCain ‘reign of error’ terrorizing the citizens for decades, a period reminiscent of the “Dark Ages” in Europe.

    No the people who wanted him to drop out, are FED UP with the ever Progressive McCain’s destruction of Free Speech (McCain-Feingold), Amnesty for Illegals (so many times!), endorsement of Algore’s “Cap & Trade” (better known as “Crap-n-Tax”), his opposition to the Bush Tax Cuts, and EVEN his proposal of FDA regulation of vitamins and food supplements!! He’s really gotta love everything the Marxist-in-Chief is ramming down the throats of America!

    And YOU wonder WHY the good people of Arizona want the “Arizona Godfather” out of here!? It’s time for you to wake up!

    Molly, I have a question for you. Do you have a picture of Joseph Goebbels on your desk? You do him proud! Of course, I’d better be careful with what I say, or the “Squads” knee-cappers will be coming after me!

  3. catsclaw says

    Somehow I figure that if McCain gets re-elected his version of comprehensive immigration reform will raise its ugly head again. McCain knows that 6 years is a long time and unfortunately many voters have short memories. Do not trust him, we have in the past and post election we get a different story.

  4. All I can say is: SILLY!!!! McCain is getting desperate.

  5. whitneymuse says

    Charlotte W. said it well; McCain has been for McCain; why did he duck Obama? In the general election? In some ways his ego spared us of him and his presidency; that said, remember the Kennedy-McCain amnesty bill that we all went nuts over calling congress to vote NO.

  6. Molly – it seems you are refering to McCain, since he is the King of Do as I say, not as I do – hence Keating 5, Amnesty, Cap & Tax, Global Warming hoax, McCain-Fiengold, 2nd Amendment, 1st Amendment, loving Obama, voting to confirm Napolitano, Holder, siding with the Dems at every juncture, the list goes on & on & on. McCain will never get my vote no matter what – he is NOT a man of honor, never has been & never will be.

  7. Walt Stephenson says

    It would seem we have some hypocrites on board this web site. They cry their love and affection for President Reagan, want to be just like him, yet conveniently forget President Reagan did give amnesty to over a million illegal aliens. President Reagan is my hero warts and all. Senator McCain never gave amnesty to any illegal alien. I think the real reason most of you have a problem with the Senator is you blame him for Obama. If you remember, Senator McCain was ahead in the polls right up to the point our economy went in the toilet and Republican’s as a whole took the blame.

  8. Glenn Beck's my hero! says

    Walt, It’s typical for Pretend GOP (A democrat too liberal to be a RINO) like yourself to obfuscate the truth. McCain FAILED in his quest to destroy our nation’s sovereignty by pursuing Amnesty, BECAUSE of the diligence of Patriotic Americans.

    Your fellow liberals LIED to the American people and President Reagan back in the late 1980s, as is typical for Progressives like McCain, Grant Woods, Rick Romley, Jan Brewer, and of course yourself. They refused to fund the border defense then and McCain and Obama are refusing to enforce the promises made then.

    IF you think that our problem with McCain is Obama, YOU REALLY ARE utterly clueless!! Just read Kathy’s post (#6) at 9:40 am. She lists some of the reasons… Oh yes, look in the 9th paragraph of my previous post!

    The only hypocrite on this page is you, well Molly (LJ) Pitcher as well! LOL

  9. Gee Walt:

    Those of us who supported Reagan, who supported Simpson-Mazzoli are hypocrites because he got bamboozled by the Chambermaids and pots within the party and we don’t seek to make the same mistake!

    And the only reason McCain didn’t offer amnesty is that he and “Dubyah” faced a revolt within the party.

    But Bill Richardson had it right the other day, claiming John will return to the amnesty fold as soon as he’s re-elected.

    But there’s one little problem that will pop up on Aug 24th and then you and Lisa J. can arrange a first hand retirement party at a certifiably establishment country club for the professional prisoner of war!

  10. Jane 001 says

    This weekend, Democratic leaders in the Senate are hustling to secure the final votes to pass the Financial Overhaul Bill coming up this next week. This bill will hand over the last choke-hold on American commerce to the Obama administration. Where is this supposed leadership from John McCain? McCain has done nothing to halt government takeover of our economy, yet he claims he’s the only one in this race who can influence congress. Tell McCain to get off his arse and STOP THE DANGED BILL! Then he’ll have something to talk about. Until that time, he has nothing to say but “I’m sorry America for letting you down…year after year after year!” All the glib blogs and the dark commercials from his campaign don’t hide the fact that the man hasn’t done his job in years!

  11. Molly Pitcher/Ann/Lisa James,

    Boy the McCainiacs are sounding scared whipping out a post like that! JD is the only one with principles in this race AND a chance of winning, which just went way up now that he is running TV ads. What kind of scared paranoid attack are you going to come up with next? We eagerly await the next round of delusional ranting.

  12. Jacklyn M. says

    JD is the only one with principles!?!? Like giving away “free government money” while saying he’s a fiscal conservative. Saying it was buyer beware, until he realized conservatives don’t like it, then he apologizes? Voting for millions and millions in pork when in office but now saying he is against that. Warping the Massachusetts law to say falsely that one could marry their horse? Saying that a Dracula reference is in effect a death threat? etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    You all say character assassination when the McCain campaign points out JD’s faults. Problem is, he has so many, it does border on character assassination, but that’s not McCain’s fault, JD gives them so much ammo.

  13. Michael Holliday says

    More pro McCain propaganda.

    I don’t buy it.

    It’s JD Hayworth or amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens. That’s it. That’s the issue.

    McCain gave us Obama. McCain will give us amnesty.

    With McCain, our country, the way we have known it, will end–forever!

    I believe the Arizona citizens will not risk McCain and will not risk Deakin. Everything’s at stake. Everything America has worked for for 230 years will evaporate.

    Americans will vote for survival. They want to pass something along to their children and grand children.

    McCain is finished. He’s done. Stick a fork in him.

    They’ll vote for Hayworth…

  14. Glenn Beck's my hero! says

    Oh Jacklyn M. To Your first silly point: The “free government money” are the programs passed by McCain and other progressives over the decades. Also, just remember $700 Billion TARP and $150 Billion in”earmarks” voted into law by McCain in 2008! (Billions and Billions!!!) Oh yes, McCain also voted for the earmarks you attack JD for voting in. You are the hypocrite!

    Oh Yes, Jacklyn, Earmarks are “Designation of Specific amounts ALREADY Appropriated to different Agencies” by individual Congressmen and Senators for the benefit of constituents. SO, DOESN’T JOHN McCAIN GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HIS CONSTITUENTS?? GUESS HE PREFERS UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS BACK IN DC (where he has more control?) DECIDE WHERE TO SPEND THE MONEY!!!

  15. Jefferson Smith says

    Bottom Line: the anti-McCain people will forgive and forget almost any weakness in their Great Hyped Dope as long as he’s the best option they’ve got. J.D. is a seriously flawed candidate whose weaknesses play right into McCain’s strengths and messaging. Free government money? Really?

    Jim Deakin makes their (now longer and longer) shot at defeating McCain impossible. That’s why these supposed “grassroots” Republicans are trashing single-digit Deakin. Hayworth’s math can’t work with him in the race so he has to go, the “grassroots” be damned. For these party leaders, the grassroots that produced Deakin should sit down and shut up and let their anointed insider/failed ex-congressman have a clean shot at McCain. Pathetic.

    Instead of supporting a strong and honorable man or woman, these party leaders tried to play the insider game against the ultimate establishment candidate in McCain. Was putting up another insider politician ever going to work against McCain?

    Maybe its the now-disgraced “Free Government Money” Hayworth who should step aside for the underfunded-but-authentic grassroots candidate Jim Deakin.

    Deakin deserves zero scorn from Hayworth’s hatchetmen and hatchetwomen. Its Hayworth who betrayed the anti-McCain block in the Arizona Republican Party.

    McCain has a lot to answer for. But Hayworth’s clown-like campaign and reputation has let him off the hook. Shame on you J.D.

    Once the voting and crying are over, I hope the anti-McCain forces place the blame for failure on themselves for trusting J.D. Hayworth to run a campaign we could be proud of instead of one we’re ashamed of.

  16. Jefferson:

    What about the 700 Billion plus T.A.R.P. money plus pork which McCain helped push through?

    Your memory like all establishment backers, no matter how nuanced, is rather selective and short!

    Whatever J.D. may or may not have been guilty of during his political career has been dwarfed by the incumbent whom you’re accepting!

    Spare us the crocodile tears accompanying the accept what we have routine!

  17. Jacklyn M. says

    You and I both know that T.A.R.P. was not used the way it was sold.

    The country was in serious need of help. McCain acted.

    It turns out that it was a bad idea but nobody knew that at the time. I would still he rather have done nothing than vote for it, but in my mind, what I and everyone else knew at the time, for me it was a toss-up.

    Blame the administration for bailing out the bankers with that money rather than bailing out the home-owners as they said they would.

    So give up on the TARP stuff. I’m not buying it. The only people that care are the 29% voting for Hayworth.

  18. Michael Holliday says

    I am voting for the candidate with the best shot at stopping amnesty. That candidate is JD Hayworth.

    JD has a 100 percent pro life record. Such a record is no joke! Such a record puts him ahead of the pack on the ethical plane.

    This is the moral and spiritual dynamic that people seem to overlook.

    He also has high ratings from conservative organizations.

    JD has made mistakes. We all understand that. But his strengths going into this war agaisnt amnesty for illegals far outweigh his past mistakes and weaknesses.

    The Tea Party is here to stay. They aren’t going away. This is a good thing. They don’t have to have everything and have it now. They can win smaller victories on the road to larger ones.

    They’ll gain more traction in the future.

    As for Deakin, he has stated his position is that it’s JD who should have left the race. Based on what, I ask? But on the strength of JD’s pro life record alone, he has Deakin beat by a million miles.

    It’s up to the citizens to figure it out. I believe they will vote to save themselves by voting for JD.

    John McCain is, without a doubt, the most destabilizing force in politics in modern times.

    I understand some of the psychodynamics behind McCain.

    I heard something startling on Fox News tonight. Pro amnesty Geraldo Rivera was arguing with Huckabee on SB 1070. Geraldo seemed to think that it would be overturned as unconstitutional. Huckabee wasn’t so sure of that since SB 1070 merely mirrors the federal law.

    Huckabee stated that Pat Cadell, a Fox news analyst, said he thinks we’re in a pre-revolutionary (pre-civil war?) phase in America right now.

    Those are some strong words…

  19. rusty nail says

    Arizona is saying we need help on the border.

    That DC is not doing anything.

    McCain is in the US Senate and has been there for how long?

    Where is McCain besides walking around a fence?

    We have been asking, begging for your help McCain but you don’t do anything.

    I wouldn’t mind if you were filibustering, adding amendments to bills, doing something. Even if you failed, you would be trying.

    But you are not doing ANYTHING!!

    Folks, don’t you get it, that why JD is my man.

  20. Earlier, it was stated “You and I both know that T.A.R.P. was not used the way it was sold.”

    But did McCain storm the floor of the Senate to say this? Did he offer any bill to correct it? Did he do anything besides ask for campaign donations from those who got TARP $?

    No, he feebly says basically that he was brainwashed.

    Wow, what courage, what s statesman, what a joke.

  21. Stephen Kohut says

    After spending yet another hour on a teleconference call with McCain on Friday and getting excuses rather than action I stand by my original conclusion that AZ’s two Senators and their fellow GOP Senators and leadership are spineless. Sen. Gregg’s 12/1/2009 “Minority Rights” memo sent out during the HC debate detailed all the tools available to stall or blog legislation under Senate rules. Bottom line was the GOP DID NOT use the tools they had available then and they are not doing it now. I wuill give Kyl’s staff a small measure of credit in that they did admit that Gregg’s recommendations were not sued during HC because “it would disturb the decorum of the Senate.” The Senate’s decorum was more important the protecting us from Obamacare.

    We now have the Dodd-Frank finance bill over our head, our state is being invaded and McCain is wringing his hands saying “I’m doing all I can but we need more votes”. When I pushed Sen. McCain hard on the issues of using the Senate rules all I got was excuses, syuggestions that I did not udnerstand the Senate’s rules and that they can’t hold 41 votes together. Sorry Senator, I do understand the rules, I know what objections to unanymous consent calls and hard quorum calls can do to bring the Senate to a grinding halt. Sen. Gregg’s memo is very clear. If we want people with spines and warrior attitudes McCain and Kyl are not it.


    He has done so much for Arizona like:

    OK, but he needs to be re-elected to keep away the bad wolf Hayworth.

  23. JD, It’s my seat and keep your paws off it. I bought it, sold it to the highest lobbyist bids and still owe money for it, so back off JD.

    P.S. Anyone interested in a new “TARP”?

  24. Harris Shirley says

    Molly, what on earth are you smoking?

    “The polls tell a story of an incumbent who is clearly leading by such a large margin, and gaining daily”

    Keep dream’n … the Mac’ster hasn’t climbed over the 50% fence

  25. McCain’s too tired to actually campaign and he’s to egotistically needful of power to retire gracefully, so here we are.

  26. To the couple of loquacious commenters…I don’t care what you call yourself, what name you use, or how often you comment…

    However, you are posting 5-6 times, one right after the other, under different names in order to give the appearance of more folks supporting your statement.

    Have some courage. Say what you want…just stop with the foolishness.

  27. Harris,

    I suggest you check the latest polls.

  28. rusty nail says

    I supported McCain before, even both times for President, when there were a number of politicos and RINO’s in AZ who did not.
    Maybe, it’s not the same person but real people who are all just frustrated as I am with the inability and inaction of McCain to get anything done. Is it just a select few who get to give their opinion? And by the way I am not a paid mouthpiece for anyone.

  29. Glenn Beck's my hero! says


    I SUGGEST you look at the commentary by Rasmussen regarding an incumbent not getting over 50%, especially compare these polls with those of fellow RINO/Democrat Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and then brag about how ‘good’ the polls are.

    Remember, the “undecideds” (Consistently at 8%) NEVER break in the favor of the incumbent. Also, the deliberately cynical attempt by your boss’es to drive down the turnout with all the despicably dishonest ads will NOT work.

  30. Perhaps JD should have thought twice about hiring accused wife-beater, onto his campaign. He was surely warned by many voters earlier this year about the dangers of bringing him into a paid position.

    When youve got guys like JD who make clearly poor choices, then it stands to reason guys like John McCain will keep their Senate seat for another term. I applaud Jim Deakin, but this is not his time. Perhaps he should start at a legislative level.

    And that crippled guy…..Eric Johnson, you know the guy that worked on Don Goldwater, Bill Montgomery and Chris Simcoxs campaign? Thats where Chris Simcox had been hiding all along. Right Mr. Johnson?

  31. Molly/Ann/Lisa James,

    Why should anyone else have to use the same anonymous name when commenting on this site, but you don’t? Double standard as usual coming from the McCainiacs! You post as “Molly Pitcher” and “Ann” and other names yourself. Why not just ask DSW to shut down all the pro-JD comments so McCain’s consultants Gordon James can take over the site? That’s really what you want. Keep threatening other commenters and DSW and maybe you will get your way. The truth is, you and the McCainiacs don’t belong on this site. This is a CONSERVATIVE site, not a sellout and smear site, which is what you and the rest of the McCainiacs do to perpetuate your existence.

  32. It is extremely disturbing that Lisa James, a paid consultant with the McCain campaign through her husband’s firm, is spending hours all day long writing up posts for this site and leaving comments, when she should be working for the taxpayers as John Shadegg’s Deputy Chief of Staff. It is obvious why: if McCain loses, they will lose one of their biggest clients, and with Shadegg resigning, she is going to have to find alternative employment. Someone should submit a public records request for her computer email and websites surfed at Shadegg’s office and file an elections complaint against her. Does Shadegg approve of her spending all day long working on the McCain campaign?

  33. Joe the Grandpa says

    I voted with my fellow Tea Party patriots. We are fed up with McRINO. The vote is now 66.4% Hayworth, 8.6% McRINO, and 25% Deakin. This result, and similar poll results, are why McRINO has spent more than $6 million dollars in an attempt to demean the character of JD Hayworth (not in an attempt to defend his record nor to promote his proposals for his next term). hmmmmmm ….. how much has he spent attacking Deakin’s character????? Maybe he sees Deakin as a useful tool, no chance to win but a very handy spoiler – probably will continue to be very happy to have Deakin in the race. If I were a Deakin voter I would be asking my self – will I be happy having McRINO for six more years…………Join us my fellow Tea Party PATRIOTS and let’s deal with McRINO while we have a chance. Watch the debates and see clearly who has a vision for CONSERVATIVES in Arizona, and America. If you join us (our 92% combined vote!!!!) we will be able to make a HUGE CONSERVATIVE STATEMENT THAT WILL BE A SEISMIC EVENT TO THE RINOs everywhere. Don’t make a whimper, GROWL LOUDLY with your vote – join us. …..Vote JD Hayworth.

  34. Jack Hammer says

    Hey Molly!

    Why don’t you and hubby pitch your tents in more ideologically friendly places back east?

    I hear Rudy can once again use your services!

  35. How many Ponzi schemers did McPain have lunch with today?

  36. I LOVE it how JD thinks he can do a better job?!! He did not prove that to us when he was in the House. He did not prove that to us when he was on radio. He did not prove that to us while he was selling us out on an infomercial. I suppose he is a good liar! I suppose he is pretty good under scandalous situations!n I even suppose he would fit right in with this administration on earmarks and porkbarrel spending!

  37. JD has turned this race into a joke. It sometimes baffles me that we cannot produce more ethical candidates, more intelligent candidates, more honest candidates for the GOP. I am sticking with McCain, he has by far more qualities we need representing us in Congress then JD.

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