JD Concedes

Congressman JD Hayworth

Late this afternoon, Congressman JD Hayworth conceded the congressional district 5 race to Democrate Harry Mitchell. Since the election last Tuesday, counting the remaining early ballots allowed JD to close the gap but as of Monday, that trend reversed allowing Mitchell to widen the gap between both. Today, JD decided to “make the call” meaning it appears that the next Congressman from CD 5 will indeed be Harry Mitchell.

Now I can rail on about how terrible Harry Mitchell is – a extreme liberal, pro-abort, sign-stealing, big government,¬†heterophobe but as I predict, Mitchell will be a one-term Congressman in a district where Republicans outnumber Democrats by 52,314 voters (latest voter registration). It appears the 87,060 “Independents” gave the election to the Dems.

Two years from now when Republicans take the pleasure of saying “we told you so” to the voters who will be fed up with Mitchell’s leftist agenda, expect a crowded field of Republicans to take the field. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Michele Reagan will be licking her chops at the opportunity to skip the LD 8 Senate seat for the CD 5 House seat. This will be a battle as the RAPAW’s (Rich Anglo Pro-Abortion Women) seek to take the seat back. Conservatives real work will be to groom a candidate over the next two years to win the Primary and take back this traditionally conservative seat.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Since the comments section on Carol Turoff’s post are closed, let me just use these here!

    First, welcome Carol, send us more stuff!

    Second, did you really say that Duncan Hunter was close on the heels of John McCain? Hee hee… Ummm, no…

    Front-runner, $100 million faster than anyone in history, endorsements out the yazoo, versus Duncan Hunter. I’d have listed his other attributes, but other than his solid position on defense and on the border, he doesn’t really have them. Imagine Tom Tancredo without the name id.

    What do they use on the surveys when you get too few votes to get an asterisk? I guess we’ll find out…

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Hey, good stuff… I heard Tom Liddy’s name being mentioned as someone who had expressed interest in the Hayworth seat… Can you imagine?! What a hoot…

  3. Not going to happen. In two years Scottsdale will be infested with San Fransiscoians who can no longer afford to live by the bay. Any Republican who wins this district will have to be a liberal fron now on…

  4. Mike Triggs says

    Now that JD has conceded, can Cathi and the folks from CAP be far behind. We’re still waiting from word one on what went wrong.

    What happened to that “ground swell” of support behind putting discrimination in the Constitution. Maybe Nathan and the supporters of the amendment should have paid people to vote….it worked to get the amendment on the ballot.

    When you spoke of a conservative candidates for District 5 the names that immediately sprang to mind were COLETTE ROSATI or Len Muncil. Why not the best?

    As a proud REAGAN supporteer I’d love to see a Rosati/Reagan or Munsil/Reagan matcchup in Primary!

  5. What’s a heterophobe?

  6. While you’re busily not ranting about Mitchell, I thought I might just note that just because Harry doesn’t leap at every opportunity to bash gays, that doesn’t equate to hating heterosexuals.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Hey moderator, moderate already!

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