Janet Made the Appointments

Arizona 9/11 Memorial Website 

Here is a link (pages 45-46) to the document that began the appointment of members to the Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission. Needless to say, Janet Napolitano’s fingerprints are all over this. The text of the document is as follows:

1700 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-1316
Diane Saunders, Director

The Commission shall consist of no more than 35 people. The Commission membership shall include a chairperson to be named by the Governor. The Commission membership shall include at-large members representing government, first responders, victims, the business community, the general public and other diverse parties who share an interest in the development of this Memorial. The members shall serve terms of two years from the date of this executive order and may be re-appointed by the Governor for additional two-year terms. The Governor’s Office shall serve as staff to the Commission. The Commission shall plan and establish an appropriate and fitting Memorial in remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001. The Commission shall solicit and review ideas and designs for the Memorial. The Commission shall identify funding strategies for the costs of the Memorial and related expenses. The Commission shall submit an interim report on its activities to the Governor on or before September 11, 2003, and it shall be posted on the Governor’s web site. Executive Order 2003-2.

Term Expires
John Basha, Jr. Napolitano 08/13/2006
Lynne M. Christian Napolitano 10/01/2006
Donna Killoughey Bird Napolitano 08/27/2006
Daniel Valenzuela Napolitano 06/10/2007
31 vacancies

Here is the current list of commission members:

Crystal Allman  
Benito Almanza  
Joe Anderson  
Marcos Andrade  
Johnny Basha  
Viana Bruce  
Cassidy Campana  
Lynne Christian  
Shelley Cohn  
Kathy Copeland  
Rich Dozer  
Susan Ehrlich  
Paul Eppinger  
Jennifer Glazar  
Dan Hoffman  
Jake Jacobsen  
Donna Killoughey Bird  
Ronnie Lopez  
Paul Luna  
Ken Magoch  
Cindy  Petrovich  
Penny Pfaelzer  
Bob Ramsey  
Diane Saunders  
Billy Shields  
Sonia Singh  
Steve Speisman  
Joe Tucker  
Daniel Valenzuela  
George Weisz


  1. redcardphreek says

    How many of these people are Republicans?

    How many are conservatives?

  2. This could be the nail in El Napo’s coffin.

  3. Half of the commissioners were appointed by Governor Jane Hull. I guess you’re saying all 17 of them were too stupid to see this coming? Or perhaps all of them are anti-American too?

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