Jana Jackson: The Wrong Choice for Superintendent of Maricopa County Schools

Amidst this year’s biggest political races ranging from Arizona’s heated U.S. Senate race to different Congressional races, we often overlook other, important elections. For example, the election for Maricopa County Schools’ next superintendent is absolutely critical to the county and all of our children. According to Wikipedia, Maricopa county is the “most populous county in the state, and the fourth-most populous in the United States. It is more populous than 23 states.” These statistics only add to the increasing importance of electing the right person for the job, which in our opinion is not Jana Jackson.

Why, you ask? Because as an education leader for this nation’s 4th largest county and someone who will influence our children’s’ futures, we expect nothing short of complete honesty and integrity. Let’s start off with this simple requirement: we expect the Superintendent to never have a warrant out for his or her arrest due to failing to appear in court for charges of any kind. Janifer “Jana” Jackson, previously Janifer Mayden, would not fulfil such a requirement back when she lived in Indiana (click link to see more). Besides, “check deception” is not exactly a speeding ticket or two… this is a serious charge. A charge which Jackson evidently avoided and ran from seeing as she never appeared in court.

We all make mistakes, yes. However, what sort of example would Jackson be setting for our children and for the county if she is elected? This is not a record suitable for a public official in charge of our schools.


  1. Sara Alexander says:

    It’s that time of year, where everyone’s every move, is scrutinized. It’s too bad that Ms. Jackson is being attacked for something completely unrelated to her ability to do this job. I’m a former educator, principal, and superintendent, and I’m not perfect either. Not one of us has a perfect past. This is mud-slinging at it’s finest, and we should all see it for what it is.

    Whether I vote for Ms. Jackson or not (I am undecided at this point, as I am researching each candidate), the above article is malicious, and I encourage anyone in the public spotlight to hang in there. It’s not easy being in the public’s eye.

    Look for a candidates voting record, or actions taken while in the role. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

  2. Jana Jackson is the best Candidate running for Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools. She is a fine upstanding Christian young woman who has children of her own and adopted special needs children. Her oldest son works in Homicide in the Phoenix Police dept. She wants to stop Common Core as it is desperately hurting out children and dumbing down our children. She has some excellent plans to implement that will make our school system work better and will compliment what Diane Douglas, our Arizona School Superintendent is/has been putting in place.
    Do not believe what you are reading here in the Sonoran Alliance as her opponent (one of them specifically) is afraid of her and what she proposes because it will bring the children back to actually learning again what they are supposed to learn. Learn correct math, learn what our true history is vs what is being shoved down their throats as real, actually learn to read properly, learn to write and write in cursive, they will be able to sign their name and so much more. If you go to our website http://www.grassrootsteapartyactivists.com you will read all about Jana. You can also go to her website to learn all about her proposals and who she is vs lies being put out by her opponents and having Sonoran Alliance led to believe the lies are truths when they are nothing more than misrepresentations and convoluted lies about Jana. Truths that are about her divorced husband, lies about her integrity and character.

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