James Molina on Rich Crandall-Democrat Fundraiser

For Immediate Release: June 8, 2010

LD19 Senate Candidate James Molina Calls On Representative Rich Crandall To Cancel Joint Fundraiser With Democrats

LD19 Republican candidate James Molina called on his opponent in the upcoming primary to cancel a joint fundraiser planned for later this month.  The so-called 12 in ’10 event is to benefit a dozen moderate to liberal lawmakers.  But that is not what troubles Molina.

“It is disturbing that some Republican  legislators would co-host a high dollar fundraiser event for Democrats whose  leadership has contributed to our current sad state of affairs-over spending  and budget deficits. Working with Democrats to get them re-elected is completely unacceptable,” said Molina.

Molina’s campaign manager Barbara Parker also questioned the motives behind the deep-pocketed contributors being invited to this $2,500 per person event.  “The invitation says that the candidates are opposed to the Clean Elections system of public campaign financing, yet incumbent Rich Crandall has always run on the taxpayer’s dime.  Between Crandall’s 2006 and 2008 campaigns, he spent over $118,000 in taxpayer funds.”

Molina is the conservative in this two-man contest, enjoying the support of the Senator Chuck Gray as well as popular figures like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.



  1. Antifederalist says

    Amen, James!

  2. I had no idea our current Rep. Crandall was involved in such “Back-Door” dealing tactics. Thanks for educating us –

  3. Dawna Stradling says

    This reminds me of what’s going on in Washington. I’m sick of politicians that will do anything to get elected. We need some major change! Rep Crandall obviously doesn’t get it.

  4. Please, can we vote Rep. Crandall out of office and get us some real leaders who care? Rich Crandall is only in it for himself. Those of us that know him best, see past his smoke and mirrors.

  5. Amen brother! All one need do is look up Rich Crandall’s voting record and current Democrat Fundrasing activities to see he is a RINO! This man is the most liberal representative our district has ever known.

  6. J. Brown says

    Yes, please do Educate yourselves! Turn on the light and get all the facts!

  7. Got the facts… we have too many Liberal Republican Leaders masquerading as Conservatives. Time to clean house.

    Get the Facts!

  8. … and Mr. Crandall just pocketed $30 large from the Liberal fundraiser earlier this week. Who is this guy, and who does he think he is joining forces with RINOs and Democrats to raise 1/4 million dollars for liberals and socialists? How does Rich “Big Money” Crandall sleep at night? Has he no morals? Why did he miss over 66% of his votes in the House last year? Why is he lining up for Obama’s Race-to-the-top funds so the FEDs can dictate to us what our children are taught? Why Mr. Crandall do you want to represent a district who opposes everything liberal about you? Is it so you can make millions more off the backs of the struggling tax payers? While you set in the security of your multi-million dollar house with your multi-million dollar bank accounts, the rest of us in District 19 are struggling to feed our families. 2 parent incomes are no longer enough to support the family, all the while you keep running up taxes, missing or walking out on crucial house votes, fundraising with democrats, taking up residency in NY State to secure more FAT CAT contracts for you business, and refusing to answer to your constituency! Your hypocrisy runneth over. Rich Crandall your day of judgment is coming August 24th, I only pray the rest of us wake up before it’s too late.

  9. Too Little says

    Every time I see another career politician endorsing Rich Crandall I have to chuckle to myself.

  10. I heard the fundraiser went off with out a hitch, raising something like 1/4 million dollars. I also confirmed that 2 of the Republicans backed out, but not Rich Crandall. The not-so-honorable Rep. Crandall showed up with his RINO and Democrat friends and collected a nice pot.

  11. K. Poulsen says

    It’s time to retire Mr. Crandall.

  12. Rich Crandall’s only in it for himself.

  13. Ester I. says

    Thank goodness someone finally exposed Crandall for the liberal he truely is. District 19 should NOT vote him into the Senate. This recent article says it all:

    AZ Capitol Times –
    Crandall, a Republican from Mesa, missed more than two-thirds of the floor votes in the House in 2009….

    Still, Crandall said, attendance doesn’t really matter.

    “I did nothing different this time, except that I didn’t have any commitments before June 15,” Crandall said. “And the number of votes missed isn’t very important anyway.”

    Crandall said the residents of his district don’t put a high priority on voting for what he sees as unimportant bills.

    “Do we expect someone to be there to vote on the state beverage?” Crandall said. “Are we upset at people who missed that vote? Not one person has asked me about it on the campaign. It hasn’t come up once.”

    Berman, the political science professor, said big problems would arise if all lawmakers adopted Crandall’s attitude about voting attendance.

    “If everybody felt that way, you’d never have anything passed,” Berman said. “You have to have some sort of quorum. Why should (Crandall) be the one who doesn’t have to show up? Is he an exceptional case? I don’t buy that.”


  14. I still voted for Mr. Molina. We still need him!

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