It’s The Little Things…

You would think that the City Council members in Tucson—especially those who are up for re-election—would really be watching their p’s and q’s more than ever after the Rio Nuevo debacle.


Council Member Shirley Scott must have forgotten that she is up for re-election.  Or maybe she just felt that she did not owe the citizens of Tucson any explanation when she voted on a land deal directly tied to her Campaign Chairperson, instead of recusing herself.   Lawrence Hecker, who is listed on her paperwork as Campaign Chairperson (filed with the City of Tucson as of January 11th, 2011) is the very same Larry Hecker who is the legal representative for Gadsden Company.  Gadsden sent a letter to Councilwoman Scott advising her that a “Yes” vote would be a win-win for everyone.  Councilwoman Scott voted “Yes” to the deal at the March 22nd, 2011 City Council meeting.

You can read more about the land flip deal here: Controversial flip is advanced on a unanimous vote

And see where she was caught here:  Can you say… conflict?

Voters will have the chance to decide soon if this type of behavior from their elected officials is acceptable or if they will clean house.


  1. is this anything like Peggy Neely moving that Sonoran Parkway issue for her Zoning Attorney friends and the businesses that contribute to her non-campaign so they can profit off the new route of the road? She is raising a boat load of money! For a campaign that doesnt exist yet – classic case of political sleight of hand – look over here, I am really popular and raising money like crazy, but dont ask me to be honest and declare my candidacy.
    Or like Brewers campaign team at Highground that run the campaign, set up her office – to the point where Doug Cole literally walks her around official state events – and then sells their influence with the Gov to companies that need deals with State agencies, or need the Govs wink to get thier deals done?
    Maybe Im wrong. I miss the good ole days of AZ where the political highlights were press conferences at the pink taco or riduculous things like that.

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