It’s a wrap.

First the YouTube videos. Now vehicle wraps are the in thing. Certainly name recognition is not everything but is does help. Here is the wrapped truck from legislative candidate Frank Antenori, LD 30 House, and a wrapped car from county supervisor candidate Joe Higgins, Pima District 1.


  1. Great job on bringing attention to trends in campaigning. You’re not only making note of candidate websites as they go online, you’re also illustrating You Tube and vehicle wraps. The local morning daily is ignoring stuff like this and reporting on presidential candidate themed condoms and what “Sex and The City” charcter that some congressional candidates prefer.

  2. Glad to see that “Leadership not Politics” made it on to the VW.

    Very dignified.

  3. Frank’s truck is decent, but the VW wrap is very well done!

  4. Duke the Dog says

    I think Frank’s truck has an advertising advantage with the tail gate, but both Higgins and Antenori seem to be pulling out all the stops to win their respective races.

    There’s lot to say about a guy that will cover the side of their “precious” vehicle with a giant sticker, most people wouldn’t even dare put a small bumper sticker on their car.

    These guys want to win.

  5. GOP Spartan says

    Wow! All they’re misssing are the big loud speakers on the roof!

    The down side is, every time you cut someone off you lose a vote.

  6. Man, I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also, if you dont mind

  7. I love your site!

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