It’s a Horse Race and the Amnesty Candidate Falters


LATimes –

Giuliani 27%  Thompson 21% (within margin of error)  McCain 12%  Romney 10%

Rasmussen –

Thompson 24%  Giuliani 24%  Romney 11%  McCain 11%

A conservative Republican candidate who opposes amnesty who can and will win. 


  1. YES!!!!

  2. The guy in row two says

    It won’t be McCain.

    My concern is that he will be the catalyst to bring other Republicans down with him.
    This divisive amnesty bill (call it what you will, that’s what it is!) will be a slippery slope for the GOP. Bush’s stubborn insistence has lost him the party faithful, Kyl is up to his eyebrows in the same muck, and Flake will not disappoint us. We can put a fork in Renzi—that is if anyone can locate him these days.

    All of this adds up to cultivating and fielding some strong conservatives. That should be a priority that we begin working on—YESTERDAY.

  3. Oro Valley Dad says

    row two,

    All is not lost. Bush’s ratings are so low that the nominee will have to distance himself from the president. The immigration issue makes that OK with the party base.

    Kyl is not up for election in several years. Flake is who he is and we already know Renzi was in trouble. We have a good shot at retaking CD-5 and CD-8. The Dems will be busy defending those seats as well as their legislative seats that are in Republican districts. The key will be for the party to get along and put out an effective message to independent voters.

  4. The guy in row two says

    You’ve got it right!

  5. Am I the only one who’s glad that the moderate Republican is either tied or leading Thompson?

    That shows you something too.

  6. What? Can it be… we all agree?! OK, where’s Tim…?

  7. You’re all wrong. You stink… What morons… What idiots!

    How’s that?! 😉 Its nice to be missed!

    Actually, yes, recruit and run good conservatives. Yes, get ready for the McCain seat (tough race against Janet!), yes, get ready to replace Renzi (might take a primary because he may not get out of the way on his own) and yes, get a primary for Flake as well!

    Plus, go after a whole bunch of legislative seats and elect some actual doers to the Corporation Commission so that they can fix the mess that is APS!

    Now, you’ve got your marching orders people, get out there and get it done!

  8. Evan,

    Yep. It is really unusual that a candidate who has not even filed his official Exploratory Committee is tied with the media darling and, in some ways, a hero of 9/11.

    I think it is a harbinger of things to come. Remember 1980 – This could be a wild ride over the political experts.

    The best side of Thompson is he energizes the base and has good numbers with independents. That portends well for down ticket.

    If the Congressional Delegation will pull their weight in fundraising, we should go back to at least 36 in the House and 19 in the Senate. Those numbers could be higher with concentrated effort and cause some real heartburn on the ninth floor. The challenge will be getting the wishies and squishies to vote their registration

    Lets roll!

  9. Thompson will revive those who have felt left out, pushed out, or are just a drop out because of the war, the scandals, and the bickering and negativity of politics in general. His campaign can be a distraction from the things that most people find unseemly and a renewal of the time when the president really was a man of the people. His line last night, “I haven’t been running for president since high school,” will be the key to why people trust him. His motives in life have been led with life in mind not power.

    He will be the guy who was just minding his own business when he came across a burning house, volunteered to help and saved the whole family. When asked why, replied, “I was just doing what anybody in my position would do.” Yes, he is one of us and we in turn are great because of him.

    His campaign will be a distraction from all the things the voters hate and take out on candidates. Anyone, on the R side, that aligns with him gets a fresh coat of paint in the mind of the typical voter. We have alluded many times here to the notion that who really knows who their county chair is, the national committeeman or woman, who even knows those positions exist? We are the aberration not the norm. All of this other “stuff” matters to us because everything matters to us. But in the end, all that will matter is who wins.

    My friends, we will get it done!

  10. Ann’s right. You’re blog/comment section has been like a civics lesson. I’d like to know more.

  11. You must not have read the other threads… Its like a frat house in here!

  12. Hey…. us sorority chics deserve some respect!

  13. According to the Chicago Tribune this is what we can expect from the MSM in the way of Thompson exosure.,1,4079442.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

    Perhaps we should quit shooting at each other and accept our differences as not good or bad just different and focus on the future.

  14. Party HQ says

    Hey Ann:

    Give Sean McCaffrey a call at 602-957-7770. He is the Executive Director of the State GOP and he would like to speak with you today.

  15. I appreciate that and will certainly do so if I can. That is not a cop-out but while typing on a keyboard can be done conveniently calls may not always be so. But, I will not ignore the request.

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