It most certainly “ain’t so.” Munsil’s record speaks for itself.


The allegations that Republican gubernatorial candidate, Len Munsil, is supportive of abortion would be laughable if not occurring in the midst of a contested primary election cycle. 
While it is true that someone with involvement in his campaign has endorsed a pro-choice candidate over a reliable pro-life candidate, that in no way reflects Len Munsil’s long-held position regarding the sanctity of life.
Len Munsil’s record speaks for itself. As a keynote speaker at events which have raised substantial funds for the pro-life community over the years, he has gained national prominence. An author of countless articles on the issue, Munsil has been a reliable voice, lobbying on behalf of pro-life bills in the Arizona legislature. He is the only candidate in the governor’s race endorsed by Arizona Right to Life.
At the many events Munsil promoted and organized, featuring nationally recognized speakers. Don Goldwater was never an attendee. In fact, Goldwater previously ran, and lost his bid for elective office with the support of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups.  His aunt, Peggy Goldwater, a friend of Margaret Sanger, was a founder of Planned Parenthood of Phoenix.  Don Goldwater is a recent election year convert to the pro-life position–although his newly held beliefs are rife with exceptions.
Len Munsil’s strong commitment to life is unquestionable. 
Attempts to marginalize the one Republican candidate in Arizona’s governor’s race who has a real opportunity to regain the state’s top office plays into the hands of the Democrat opposition. 
It is essential we remain committed to ending Napolitano’s occupation of the governor’s office. Engaging in allegations that will hinder the only candidate who qualified early with donations and signatures, harms Republicans. 
Incidentally, although Goldwater, who has been in the race for a substantial period, submitted his petition signatures by the filing deadline, he still has not qualified for public funding.  Len Munsil qualified in all areas in record time and has the endorsement of the majority of our congressional delegation and a large number of state legislators.  Munsil is the candidate whose credentials are impeccable.  He is running on his own record, not that of a famous relative.


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    No one ever said that Munsil supported abortion.

    It was recommended that Munsil put a little distance between himself and someone supporting Carolyn Allen (still a valid point.) Your post is well written but the initial premise is incorrect.

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