It Even Happens in New York

We oftentimes get accused of shooting our own here on Sonoran Alliance in the name of conservative principles. The majority of the time, I have to agree that the problem with the GOP is that we try to play down our conservatism at large by running moderate to liberal Republicans only to find out that after they win, they give the party a bad rep because they vote no different than the Democrat.

We’ve been watching the same thing unfold in Republican district 23 in New York between so-called Republican, Dierdre Scozzafava, and Conservative, Doug Hoffman. Today, Dierdre Scozzafava suspenced her campaign and effectively withdrew from the race (AP Story). This is definitely good news for conservatives as the voters will now have a clear difference when they vote next Tuesday between a liberal and a conservative. If Hoffman pulls a win off in NY-23 it will send a strong message (as will the Governor’s races in VA and NJ) that the people are mad as hell at Democrats, liberals and incumbents for that matter, and they ain’t gonna take it any more.

Agree with my premise or not, next Tuesday’s election will be an indirect referendum on the Obama Administration. There are millions of pissed off voters – many of them Independents – who have swung back right of center. As for NY-23, one lesson the GOP should take away is that Republicans need to revisit the doctrine that conservative principles are actually a winning platform.


  1. Yeah not a surprise hoffman lost. I know it might be to people on SA but I don’t see how people didn’t see that coming…
    Deeds ran a joke of a campaign and corzine is the most corrupt governor we have seen since blago. If the GOP couldn’t win those races they might as well have ceased to be a party.

  2. todd Says:
    November 3rd, 2009 at 10:08 pm
    I fail to see evidence Obama campaigned for Obama.

    At this point I have to question whether you know what you are talking about. Odinga is not a Muslim but a born-again Christian. The sharia law pact you claim has been proven to be a forgery. There is no proof he is Obama’s cousin. Obama visited Kenya with full clearance and support of the Senate, Department of Defense and State Department. Obama did not donate to Odinga’s campaign. The violence following the election was because the voting was clearly rigged to support Kibaki. The US pressured Kibaki to reach and agreement with Odinga because of this. Odinga is not a marxist but a liberal.

    Now my question to you wanumba – It appears you are either a) not in fact knowledgeable about Kenya but are in just parroting various right-wing conspiracy emails which have been thoroughly debunked or b) you are in fact familiar with Kenya but are a partisan in the conflict and are attempting to completely misrepresent what in fact happened there.

    So which one is it wanumba ?

    Asiye kubali kushindwa si mshindani.

  3. He who does not admit defeat is not a sportsman…

    2 things… That took 2 seconds to find in google so it doesn’t prove anything at all. And you still have not answered any questions or provided any real evidence of your claims so as of now you are a liar and fraud.

  4. Oh and I didn’t specify but that was a translation of your phrase at the bottom and if you want I can go to english translator and use all sorts of languages in the same phrase.

  5. Well, it seemed very appropriate, given the options about me listed above:

    1) Stereotype, stereotype, stereotype
    2) denial, denial, denial

    And what have we learned thru this exercise about Obama?

    1) Obama, for some reason doesn’t think being in the company of Odinga, hard-core Marxist liar, (Odinga says he’s a cousin, YOU all say NO, no links, no documentation, but we’ll settle for liar) is a problem or he wouldn’t have allowed himself to be photographed with him. This is NOT in the interest of the United States for any Senator to be publically associated with such a partisan political figure, particularly in the context of a presidential election. This damaged US relations in Africa.

    2) Hanging with fellow Luo tribesman Odinga, distant cousin or not – (and frankly if one is a Luo, one IS related soemwhere down the line, no matter what, unless Obama really isn’t Luo, an interesting line of conjecture if there ever was one) – in Kenya during the Kenyan elections – pitted against the sitting president, arch rival tribal group, the Kikuyus, takes “partisanship” to new heights of divisiveness and favoritism. Nothing nastier than tribal politics.

    3) President Kibaki would not take kindly to your partisan, ie: Odinga’s hysterical and demogogic accusation, that he tried to steal the election. Odinga SAID that to provide an excuse to unleash a slaughter. It MIGHT be right or it MIGHT be wrong, but no one on this blog has any basis to assert that unequivically.
    Kenyans DIED, horrifically, because of Odinga’s fury, and his refusal to accept the results. Rule of Law: If at first you don’t succeed, RUN FOR ELECTION NEXT TIME.
    Odinga didn’t care about Kenya or his fellow Kenyan citizens, it was all about HIM.

    4) Everyone with any sense KNOWS Obama couldn’t POSSIBLY have donated a cool million to Odinga. Pish posh! Obama needed now-felon Tony Rezko to help get him his million dollar home in Chicago. Who would have any money left over for any frivolities after that?

    That’s so funny, ya’ll have to google what I’m talking about to keep up.

  6. Captain Obvious says

    A Democrat wins a seat that was held by the GOP since the late 1800’s and you guys are talking about Kenya? WTF!?!

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