Issues Dems Avoid

Here’s an interesting observation I’ve made differentiating Democrats from Republicans. Almost every Democratic candidate website I’ve visited avoids using the words “pro-choice” or “reproductive-rights.” In the past Dems have ran from the “A” word like the plague but apparently during this election cycle, they are not even using typical “pro-choice” rhetoric.

Perhaps the voters have caught on to the reality that such language is really double-speak for the gruesome act of killing an innocent vulnerable baby? Or maybe someone at the top drafted this year’s playbook such that the only issue word to be used is “health care.” Take a look for yourself at a few of these Dems website by visiting the Democratic candidate website.

Another observation is that they hardly mention the “M” word or “G” word. I’m guessing that many won’t take a position on gay marriage since it will be a major issue on the November ballot.

On the contrary, most Republican candidate website proudly proclaim a position on the right to life and marriage. That’s good news.

In my consulting advice, any Republican should corner their Democratic opponent on these issues and force them to reveal their true position. This will be a winning strategy for most Republicans and it will help the voters differentiate candidates night from day.

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