Is this Ann Day’s idea of constituent services?

     Ann Day has been making all sorts of wild claims lately. One of the best is that she works hard on constituent services. You wouldn’t know it from driving around NW Tucson. Day has represented the area one way or another for 18 years and has done nothing to address the constant flooding and disruption to traffic at La Cholla and the CDO wash. Here is a picture from this morning.


     Here is another picture of traffic backups caused by all the people forced to drive out of their way because of the closure on La Cholla.

     Last weekend there were barriers up at Overton and the CDO wash. Here is a picture. The barriers were finally removed this week and then there was a rescue early this morning of a motorist that got stranded in the water. I suppose Day counts sending out the rescue team as a constituent service.

     Day’s recent campaign mailer bragged about 54% of county funding for new road going to District 1. Yes, the county spent over $30 million to widen and beautify the perfectly functional Craycroft Road. Next, they are working on beautifying and widening Kolb Road. Maybe the residents on the NW side stuck in traffic will be satisfied to know that Craycroft Road now has a nice walking path. Maybe.


  1. What a nightmare. I was 20 minutes late to work because of that.

  2. Kids are screaming, I’m burning gas at $4+ per gallon. Do we live in Patagonia or the middle of Pima County?

  3. The road situations on La Cholla and Overton are completely unacceptable! How difficult is it to plan ahead and build a bridge so we don’t have to drive 30 minutes out of our way every time it rains. I have come to hate monsoon season. My property taxes have doubled in 10 years, where’s all the money going?

  4. I live at Tucson National and we cannot get out of our drive when Overton is closed due to backed up traffic.

  5. I grew up in a neighborhood just off of Overton Road beginning in the mid-60’s. The Canyon Del Oro Wash has always been a problem since I can remember. You would think that the Pima County Board of Supervisors would have fixed this problem by building a bridge at Overton and La Cholla (like they did downstream at Magee Road near the entrance of Tucson National) since growth started in this area in the 80’s. So what’s the hold up Ann? Where’s the money going?

  6. Buffalo Rick says

    Where is the money going? To entitlements for illegal aliens, that’s where! No doubt inspired by Isabel Garcia!

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