Is the past prelude?

In October 1964 a young college student wrote that Senator Barry Goldwater, who was the Republican nominee for President, was an “incompetent” flip-flopper who pandered to “extremists.”  Was it an activist Democrat pining for Lyndon Johnson?  Nope.  It was Rudy Giuliani.

The story in today’s New York Post is titled Student Rudy’s Lefty Days and is likely to only be one of the first in a long series of articles which will begin to disect Giuliani.

This will begin to drive his numbers down among conservatives, and he will have to react in order to prove his bonafides within the Republican primary field.  The one thing Rudy has going for him is that there is not a viable stand-out conservative in the race.


  1. What’s funny is that Hillary began her political involvement volunteering for Goldwater.

    And I think McCain is viable enough.

  2. Hometown Guy says

    I’m not a Giuliani fan since we differ greatly on the social issues. However, let’s hope many of us have grown since the incipiency of youth. I was pro-abortion in those days, and said things such as, “Republican’s are for the rich!” It took me earning a wage, paying taxes and supporting a family to learn otherwise. We all grow. Let’s hope Giuliani has. He’s got to be better than our senior senator, who still aligns with liberals (McCain / Finegold), while attempting to put constraints on free speech, provisions of the Second Amendment and supporting a host of other left-leaning issues. He has spoken with disdain of national Christian leaders and lives off his wealthy wife.

    Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter and Rudy Giuliani are viable alternatives. And, please don’t bring up their past comments. I appreciate growth in ideas as a person matures. Better than staying stuck in liberal mire is getting out of it.

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