Is Rick Romley attempting to sabbotage Bill Montgomery?

First of all, I make no statements to the guilt or innocence of any police officer.  This is very much not about that, it is my hope that in time the full truth will be told and justice will be served.  Justice.  Interesting concept.  With that said…..

Rick Romley is a lame duck Interim County Attorney.  He had his wings clipped by the voters of Maricopa County, the area he actually serves and by which he is employed.  His opposition to SB1070 was not lost on voters.  He was soundly defeated, embarrassingly so, by Bill Montgomery in a primary with an empty Dem slot on the ballot.

Now, Mr. Romley has gone to the grand jury procuring an indictment against a Phoenix Police Officer accused of 2nd degree murder, in a short one week after the incident.  A week filled with Hispanic activists blaming the shooting on race…and race alone, calling for murder charges.   Nightly their drama played out at 5, 6 and 10 with local TV giving a sounding board for their anger.  All 25 of them which eventually grew to about 100.

Romley felt he had sufficient evidence to go forward.  In one week.

Was there a completed investigation?  What is the Police Standards Bureau saying about the shooting?  Any experts involved?  What was the rush?  The officer is off the streets.

Are Romley, and his sidekick Jack Harris, merely playing politics with the handling of this case?

Romely is done.  He is out of office in a little over 2 months.  Word is that he is still very angry about his defeat.  It will be Bill Montgomery who will have to prosecute this case.  It is Bill Mongtomery who will have to decide how to proceed after a complete investigation is provided.  Bill Montgomery, the guy who won the election Romley felt was his.

If the evidence should suggest that there was no crime at all…that the officer was fully justified in his use of deadly force…what will the Carlos Galindo crowd do then?  What sort of outrage will be allowed to build as the months go by and they fan the flames of race based anger?  Will the story line be the SB1070 supporting County Attorney lets this case go….or that justice was served?

Romley is playing to the Phoenix voter.  The Phil Gordon, sanctuary city, voter.  He is certainly working the crowd of Hispanic activists, as is Harris.  Interestingly, the Mayor’s race in Phoenix has no front runner and Romley will be out of a job soon.

Mayor  Romley of Phoenix?  Nah…a better idea is to go into private practice with a like minded attorney.  I can see it now…Romley & Woods, PC.


  1. Steve Calabrese says

    I’ve tried to post a comment twice on this and it seems to have failed. Is something wrong with the posting system?

  2. The author’s reasoning for Romley’s ulterior motives is the seemingly hasty pace in which the murder indictment was sought. The defendant, with ten years on the force, a Hispanic girlfried, and one conduct blotch on his record tells one story. The Hispanic officer with him has some thirteen years on the force and a clear record. The defendant has a mis-conduct incident on his record, but other than that there is nothing to suggest that he would act as the other officer claims. This scenario would require a lengthy investigation since it is one officer’s word against another. The family has protested nightly, the media has fanned the flames, and Harris and Romley have kowtowed. Bringing a quick indictment and changing commanders at the South Mountain precinct are obvious signs of caving and catering. Witnessing Harris’ and Romley’s behaviour, the presumption of innocence, along with truth, appears to be flawed.

  3. Steve Calabrese says

    There’s plenty of evidence to charge this cop with murder. If a person who didn’t have a badge held a gun to someone’s head calling them m-f, then shot their dog, then shot the victim, a cop’s word would be enough to have murder charges brought.

    And it’s not the first time this cop has played games like this. Here’s some delightful video of the “officer” in question planting evidence on a mentally ill homeless woman so he can pretend to find a meth pipe and the other 3 officers can scare her. I mean, because, it’s so fun to put the fear of God into crazy homeless transients, right?

    So, this cop has been in trouble twice – once when he shot someone in front of another cop, and once when he had the “misfortune” to get caught by a business’ video surveilance system planting evidence as a joke. He deserves a trial. He’ll get a trial. But you have to wonder how many other times he’s pulled stuff when no one was looking.

    I can’t stand Romley. I respected him once, but he’s blown that. And, perhaps the protests may have influenced his decision to move quickly. But I still think there’s plenty of evidence to file murder charges, and I doubt any desire to hurt Bill Montgomery factored into that decision. That said, I agree Romley is a nasty vindictive person who will do anything he can to hurt Montgomery if he gets the chance.

  4. TruthJustice says

    I can completely see Romley being vindictive. You should view the public Board of Supervisor recent agendas. They are filled with last minute attorney and personnel appointments that Romley is jamming through with his Board buddies. It appears that Romley has schemed a hard transition for Montgomery which shows his (and the Boards) vindictiveness. Hopefully Montgomery will be able to undo the damage.

  5. OK…I can’t be quiet anymore!

    This wasn’t some random guy showing up at some random door and calling him an MF with a gun to his head. It was a cop called to the scene by his mother who said her son had been violent, she was scared,and wanted him to leave. His mother said he was violent…

    He refused to allow officers to enter the home. Not his home. Is he armed? Do they know if he has weapons? What is on the other side of the door? How much can they see? What provoked this guy to beocme violent with his own mother and what does that say about how he would treat anyone else? Is he on drugs, does he have rage that is magnified by the police being called?

    Key element….Reportedly violent individual. His mom’s opinion.

    Command presence. Yes, cops use tough language. They also wear a bullet proof vest. For a reason. They come into contact with violent people, daily.

    Rarely, very rarely do they use lethal force. But…sometimes it happens.

    Command presence. It means using less than kind words and tactics that in “normal” situations would be out of line…and if it is on a guy who had been violent with his mother after she requested police assistance and he refused to cooperate from the bet!

    Would this work better? “Hello sir. I’m sorry to bother you sir, we were told you wanted to hurt your mom. You might have scared her so much she left the house and called the cops. I hope this isn’t upsetting to you, sir. Do you think you would be so kind as to allow us to come in and just talk to you a litle bit. Maybe have a cup of tea and work thru this? Please? Is that a pit-bull, sir? Does it bite…you wouldn’t be armed by the way would you?”

    “No…you won’t let us in?” “please..pretty please..sugar on top?”

    I am very sorry this young man lost his life. I am veryy sorry that mother is grieving and surely guilt ridden.

    He chose his actions. He chose to be violent toward his mom, to challenge the cops..yes that is a bad thing. Did he deserve to be shot…I don’t know. We have only heard part of the story.

    I have my questions about the whole thing, too. Ttust me, they are not the questions that have been brought up here!

    This is what I do know…My husband leaves every day to go to do a job others like to second guess from the comfort of their sofa with their laptop all fired up. That and a remote they can use to watch Law & Order.

    He comes home every day because he doesn’t let the bad guys win. Sometimes, that ends badly…for the bad guy. If not…my kids have no father.

    I don’t feel badly for anyone who threatens his mother, then challenges a cop, was taised, pepper sprayed, and continued to avoid arrrest with his pit bull at his side…

    Rick Romley…what a disgrace! There is no way he had sufficient evidence to move forward within hours of the shooting. Hours. Did he review the reports of ALL the officers at the scene? What about the evidence? No mention of that yet.

    This rush to judgement is based on the immediate accounts of one officer. Romely wanted a case. He wanted a reason to make the Hispanic community love him.

    I did not like Andy Thomas…at all. Romley is worse.

  6. TruthJustice says

    Well stated Ann. It’s unfortunate that our officers are not afforded the same due process as street scum. Look what they tried to do to Deputy Puroll. Romley could care less about Justice – it’s all a future agenda. The honorable thing to do is to leave serious matters to the future elected County Attorney – not some appointed by the corrupt Board guy with an agenda.

  7. @ANN Right on. Neither Romley nor the filth in the media has even mentioned up what brought the call to the police in the first place. Every time they interview the mother, she has nothing but praise for her son. She stated she called the police to “scare him”. This guy was no damn teenager, so there must have been a lot more going on than a tantrum.

  8. Klute,

    The county has an obligation to prosecute when there is evidence of a crime. True. Does that obligation require they also use ALL the evidence in that evaluation? Does it not also have an obligation to fully investigate with the goal of justice?

    This investigation has not been an investigation at all. It has been an effort, with the purposeful intent, to affect “perception”. Harris and Romley are using this tragedy to play the public and manipulate reality.

  9. Or not.

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