Is Pat Right?

Day of Reckoning 

Drudge is reporting that Pat Buchanan is about to launch a new book tour with the theme that, “America is coming apart, decomposing, and…the likelihood of her survival as one nation…is improbable — and impossible if America continues on her current course. For we are on a path to national suicide.”

Buchanan, the 1992 equivalent to 2008’s Ron Paul, releases his new book, Day of Reckoning: How Hubris, Ideology and Greed Are Tearing America Apart an addendum to his earlier release, The Death of the West.

In his latest, Buchanan asserts the following:

• Pax Americana, the era of U.S. global dominance, is over. A struggle for global hegemony has begun among the United States, China, a resurgent Russia and radical Islam

• Bush’s invasion of Iraq was a product of hubris and of ideology, a secular religion of “democratism,” to which Bush was converted in the days following 9/11

• Torn asunder by a culture war, America has now begun to break down along class, ethnic and racial lines.

• The greatest threat to U.S. sovereignty and independence is the scheme of a global elite to erase America’s borders and merge the USA, Mexico and Canada into a North American Union.

• Free trade is shipping jobs, factories and technology to China and plunging America into permanent dependency and unpayable debt. One of every six U.S. manufacturing jobs vanished under Bush

• “Sovereign Wealth Funds,” controlled by foreign regimes and stuffed with trillions of dollars from U.S. trade deficits, are buying up strategic corporate assets vital to America’s security

• As U.S. wages are stagnant, corporate CEOs are raking in rising pay and benefits 400 to 500 times that of their workers

• The Third World invasion through Mexico is a graver threat to our survival as one nation than anything happening in Afghanistan or Iraq

• European-Americans, 89% of the nation when JFK took the oath, are now 66% and sinking. Before 2050, America is a Third World nation

• By 2060, America will add 167 million people and 105 million immigrants will be here, triple the 37 million today.

• Hispanics will be over 100 million in 2050 and concentrated in a Southwest most Mexicans believe belongs to them

He then goes on to recommend the following:

• A new foreign-defense policy that closes most of the 1000 bases overseas, reviews all alliances, and brings home U.S. troops

• A purge of neoconservative ideology and the “Cakewalk crowd” from national power.

• To avert a second Cold War, the United States should “get out of Russia’s space and get out of Russia’s face,” and shut down all U.S. bases on the soil of the former Soviet Union

• To reach a cold peace in the culture war, Buchanan urges a return to federalism and the overthrow of our judicial dictatorship by Congressionally mandated restrictions on the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

• To end the trade deficits and save the dollar, Buchanan urges a Hamiltonian solution: a 20% Border Equity Tax on imports, with the $500 billion raised to be used to end taxation on American producers

• To prevent America becoming “a tangle of squabbling nationalities” Buchanan urges: No amnesty for the 12-20 million illegal aliens; a border fence from San Diego to Brownsville; Congressional declarations that children born to illegal aliens are not citizens and English is the language of the United States; and a “timeout” on all immigration.

Sonoran Alliance would like to know what Arizona conservatives are thinking. Is Pat right? Is he way off base? Is this tapping the same nerve as Ron Paul’s campaign? How does Arizona’s illegal immigration problem factor into this? What will Arizona look like in 5, 10, 20 years? Or is Pat out to make a buck on our illegal immigration woes? 


  1. Mostly, he is right. He leaves out a fair tax (sales tax) which would help our exporting countries to dominate globally. Tariffs, which is what he’s calling for, only encourage tariffs the other way as well. Encourage free trade but take the shackles off of our companies!

  2. The wholesaling of America has long been a concern. We have traded security for convenience and cash. From the foreign owned businesses that we all believe are American owned because they once were, to our imported foods that have about 50% less restrictions than domestic, we have allowed the world to own us piece by piece.

    Citizenship for anchor babies should not even be in question. The thought that it may not be Constitutionally guaranteed is not all that new and deserves further evaluation.

  3. I think our biggest problem is we no longer know how to delay gratification. Our lifestyles demand that we have whatever we want whenever we want. Personal sacrifice has been replaced by a demand for entitlement. America may have to hit bottom before we get back into reality. This is probably a major reason why candidates like Ron Paul appeal to many people.

  4. There is a great lack of legitimacy in America. The made to order life has led to a loss of reality and a life based on perception.

    How significant was Roe v. Wade in the progression of our sense of entitlement? Specifically, the adult woman whose vision for life did not include a baby at the moment, thank you very much. When we can control life itself, if it suits us, why not everything else?

    Too many people believe they are to never be out of style, out of money, or out of time. Someone, and right now, better provide it!

    Who doesn’t have a cell phone, laptop, Ipod, DVR with cable, car(s) less than 3 year old, and name brand jeans. The recent stats on “poverty” tells a much different story than the connotation of such life. Keeping up with the Joneses’ has become keeping up with the Rockefellers! (I do not have an Ipod or designer jeans but I do have a KitchenAid mixer and 32 bottle wine frig, much better in my book!)

    As a country we want to watch filth on TV because it is entertaining but do not want our children to act like what they see. We want to have our music however we want it, despite the racial, gender, or ethnic slurs. To say anything about it is to stifle creativity and the First Amendment. Yet, political correctness rules the day.

    Even the concept of our nations tough guy icon is a made up character, Jack Bauer!

  5. Yes, he’s right. And there is not a damn thing anybody is going to do about it. Fatalism? No, simply wisdom from being observant of my fellow human beings for 65 years.

  6. Wow. The turning tides are almost giving me an identity crisis. Is it really possible I find myself agreeing with Pat Buchanan, the man I demonized in 1992 as a religious fanatic?

    Some of what he says is spot on, like getting out of Russia’s face and the stupidity of bankrupting ourselves trying to rule the universe. We require breakthrough thinking and new concepts that integrate these ideas. Cheney wants to rule the world. Buchanan goes too far in the other direction, wanting to shut it out. We can do neither.

    The Bush administration $erves itself and its friend$, not the United States of America.

    Bush and Cheney took oaths to protect and defend the constitution of this country.


  7. Perhaps. It will be fixed pretty damn quick if we hit the kind of Depression we had in the thirties. It will no longer be a case of the latest…(fill in the blank) but whether we will eat today. Of course, any number of our problems will be ultimately solved. Pictures of people in the thirties didn’t appear to have an obesity problem. Foreign policy? They will have the same desease.

    Anyone who does a thorough reading of the years leading up to the Great Depression may be surprised at the similarities of the ups and mostly downs of the stock market in the last few months before the last precipice was reached.

    Likewise ‘exuberance’ seemed to be rampant then. Must the GAY twenties-type decade always leads to the somber thirties-type decades? THEN it was the unending possibilities offered by stocks that rose daily, but never got turned into hard currency with borrowing via ‘margin’ loans. This time around it was the cash-cow house that constantly permitted greater loans.

    It is said history repeats itself, but who believes that????

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