Is Chandler unfairly labeled a sanctuary city?

Chandler is frequently labeled a sanctuary city along with Phoenix. But is it really? Phoenix has an ordinance in place stating that police officers may not report illegal immigrants to I.C.E. for small violations such as traffic offenses or cite-and-release misdemeanors. Chandler has no such written policy. The definition of a sanctuary city can include a city that has no written policy, but only if its actions reflect the behavior of a sanctuary city. Recently, I.C.E. increased its responses to calls from local police around the Valley, no longer ignoring illegal immigrants arrested for most crimes. More illegal immigrants are being turned over to I.C.E. in the Valley, even in Phoenix. Over 6,000 illegal immigrants were arrested in the Valley within the past year, twice as many as the year before. It might be time to take Chandler off the sanctuary list. I’d be curious to hear if others disagree.


  1. Is it a city ordinance in Phoenix or in the operational orders of the Police Department?

  2. I guess that depends very much on how much Chandler cares about its image of being a warm, family place to live. It has more to do also with whether they care about the growth of their city…which has undoubtably been built (the homes) with the help of undocumented laborers.

    If they were ever a sanctuary city, the latter would have been why. Find some carpenters and get back with me.

  3. To answer the headline, NO! One is written and one it verbal. For all intents and purposes, it is the same.

  4. No doubt Chandler is a sanctuary city. Just look down Arizona Avenue between Pecos and Chandler and see the loitering going on. Drive west on Chandler from McQueen to Arizona between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. and see the sleepers in the park across from Guedo’s. Our Mayor and Councilmembers do not respond to questions regarding this situation. No one can possibly feel comfortable in that area. These “day laborers” are quite brazen and walk within inches of a car if they think there’s a possibly of getting work. It’s shameful that the police do not have the authority to stop this. Who will buy a condo down in that area unless it’s fenced and the windows are barred. The crime rate in that zip code is staggering.

    It’s shameful that our elected officials are happy with the label of “sanctuary city”.

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