Introducing Sarah Palin!

Thank you Senator McCain for picking Governor Sarah Palin. I don’t know about anyone else but I am very excited about Governor Palin being on the ticket! She is a solid pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-family conservative. Here is her bio. Here is her Wikipedia page.


  1. Edward Adams says

    What surprises me is that the Obama campaign has made good comments about Senator McCain’s choice of Governor Palin yet these uninformed people still write that the Obama campaign has attacked the choice of Governor Palin. My vote will be for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

  2. Matt S & BSExpress
    Because a person gets divorced does NOT mean in any way they don’t have family values. Life happens sometimes and there are many different reasons for divorce. It is not always the easy way out but sometimes the most difficult decision you will ever make. To me it is as bad or worse than a death. There are plenty of people that stay married that have no values at all. That is just a weak attempt to discredit the ticket. Bill & Hillary’s marriage for one is a joke.

  3. Edward Adams
    Are you kidding? Were you not listening yesterday? As soon as the Palin announcement was made they were releasing a statment from the Obama campaign attacking her. For one, they talked about her inexperience, that’s kind of like the pot caling the kettle black isn’t it? Regardless of the amount of people she has represented, she still has more experience than Obama. Say all you want Klute, she’s a great choice and the Dems are scared. Strong, gentle, compassionate, young… this woman is “ALL THAT”

  4. Klute: You lived through hurricanes, did you manage, as the state’s chief executive, state agencies that dealt with public safety?…anyway, I concede that my words didn’t come out quite like I intended there. Point taken.

    So, the big question, she’s being billed as a woman who took on her own party.

    So does that mean Sproul is going to go negative on her?

    When is the fundraiser in Phoenix for Obama where they’ll say “Hey, he meant to be Republican, he just forgot to re-register”? “She’s too far to the right for America, she’s dangerous”

    When does the Group “Alaska Deserves Better” get stood up so they can make independent expenditures showing photos of her with a bloody dead moose or a hunk of whale blubber and say that she’s known to hang out with people of Russian ancestry…?

    I mean, you have to be very careful to attack the status quo as we’ve seen all over this state.

    We elect McCain-Palin and hopefully that “reform” concept will ripple down the whole ticket. Maybe we can have a little earthquake of our own in Phoenix come January. Dump some tea in Tempe Town Lake.

  5. Now the conservatives are defending divorce as “family values.” Maybe hell has frozen over.

  6. Crank,

    Despite my snark, I get the thrust of your argument – I just don’t buy it. Has Alaska had a “Dante’s Peak”-type emergency in the last 2 years that required Sarah Palin to execute emergency plan Alpha?


    We’ve seen what happens when people with “executive” experience get their mitts on disaster plans – do the names Michael Brown, Michael Chertoff, Katherine Blanco ring a bell?

    Just because someone puts me in the cockpit doesn’t make me a pilot.

    You’re all saying Obama is unqualified to lead. If so, Obama put in a backup system that is tested. By that logic, McCain is qualified to lead and put in a backup system that is untested.

    You cannot have this both ways. I’m not opposed to a woman be 1st or 2nd in command (An Obama-Clinton ticket would have been an unstoppable juggernaut). I can name 3 or 4 conservative women who I would not making this argument against (Condi Rice, Elizabeth Dole, Kay Bailey Hutchinson off the top). Palin is unqualified – it’s as simple as that.

  7. When Truman became President, he ended the war with Japan and worked quickly to contain the Soviets.

    He didn’t have any foreign policy experience but he had a solid foundation and FDRs cabinet and advisors.

    I honesly don’t think that anyone is truly “qualified” to be POTUS. We run them through this thing called a campaign and we each make our choice. But your “backup system” argument relies on the faulty premise that somehow Obama would bench himself if he wasn’t doing the job. Don’t see that happening. That just doesn’t fly. That is just utter nonsense.

    McCain has gone through all the health screenings and he’s been pronounced to be in good health. Fifty year-olds drop dead the same as Seventy-five year-olds. There are no gurantees of mortality.

    I’m really surprised about your sudden support of Condi Rice. I thought the left blamed her for intelligence gaffes leading to the war. Elizabeth Dole? isn’t she “old” (used by the left to describe 72 year olds) like McCain? Hutchinson would have been a nice pick too. Four Senators duking it out for the White House until November would have at least kept them out of our pocketbooks for a couple more months. 🙂

    Palin is a governor and was elected to do so. She has a record of accomplishment to examine, something that Obama is quite thin on. And while Obama again talks “change”, she’s stood up to her party and to government croneyism. In her life, she’s practiced Republican values: capitalism, 2nd Amendment rights, lower taxes. You don’t like her, vote for Obama.

    Even Hillary Clinton said numerous times that all Barack brought to the dance was a speech he gave in 2004.

    You expect the second string to have less experience. You expect the first string to have some seasoning. The Dems just got that backward. Obama would bench himself if times got too tough….uh yeaaaaaah. “Hey, Joe, I can’t handle this, can you take over as President for awhile?”

    Not buying that.

  8. Truman was a Senator for 10 years and part of a major political machine for longer than that. Palin’s not Truman.

    “But your “backup system” argument relies on the faulty premise that somehow Obama would bench himself if he wasn’t doing the job.”

    That wasn’t my implication – the “backup” system argument refers to the fact that Obama has a go to guy who understands 1. Washington and 2. the larger world stage as his #2. Unless McCain’s looking to open negotiations with sockeye salmon, what’s Palin going to be able to do?

    “There are no gurantees of mortality.”

    As a 35-year old with a replacement aortic valve, you’re preaching to the choir. In fact, I go so far as to say that Obama has LESS of a chance of living out his term than McCain, sadly. Which is why the Biden pick shows Obama’s understanding of the responsibility of the job. McCain shows his unseriousness.

    “I’m really surprised about your sudden support of Condi Rice.”

    Oh, I think Condi is remarkably unqualified to for high office due to her incredible lack of judgement, but I could understand the pick… Dole and Hutchinson I disagree policy-wise, but they’re both qualified for the office, I wouldn’t argue against that. My argument against Palin is that he’s basically a bone thrown to the conservative base and the PUMAs… I’d be offended if McCain hadn’t already proved he was willing to sacrifice his principles to win the nomination.

    “You expect the second string to have less experience. You expect the first string to have some seasoning.”

    In response to this: Bush/Cheney. Are you really going to suggest that Cheney was the less experienced and seasoned of the two?

  9. Bush had been a governor. Lots of governors have gotten elected to the White House. You keep dragging this down rat holes…there is no rule that the Veep has to have LESS or MORE experience, or be older, or younger or thinner or fatter.

    Obama is the one running for President. He has limited experience in government. There’s going to be an up or down vote on this in November. Palin is not running for president. If anyone thinks McCain’s number will come up in the next four years, then they’re going to judge Palin on the vetting she gets over the next sixty days.

    The Veep is not the main “go to” person on policy and execution. If FEMA were to screw the pooch again, I’d hate to have her unleashed upon the agency if I were the director or some entrenched bureaucrat there and I wasn’t doing my job.

    Experience level is about the seventh or eighth reason down that I’m not going to vote for Obama. That’s a depth chart the Wildcats would like tonight.

    Your comment on McCain opening negotiations with sockeye salmon, however, was very funny and got a good laugh though. Clever line, funny visual at least. The salmon want more salt in the water and a slower river flow for spawning…

  10. PUMA = Party Unity My A$$ = Demo’s upset that Hillary didn’t win and are not yet onboard with Obama.

    For the benefit of those like myself who until a minute ago didn’t know what that meant….I was probably the only one who didn’t get that.

    Anyway, funny that she would have been picked to satisfy the Conservative base AND the PUMAs….really a couple of non divergent constituencies, don’t you think? If you could win them over with one person, heck, that would be geeeeeenius…bwaaahaahahaha

  11. Since 1968, the U.S. has elected only current or former governors or Vice Presidents. The advantage goes to governors. A senator has not won since 1960. The Dems are running two senators and the GOP has a senator and a reform governor.

    Crank, I think Palin solidifies the base and attracts Independents. I think she brings in more Independents than PUMAs.

  12. Agree with you there.

    I’ll grant Klute that it’s an unconventional pick. Potentially a risky one for McCain. However, seeing the reaction of the conservative base, McCain may have won the presidency for himself with this pick. We’ll see. I agree that she will also attract Independents or there is a potential that she could.

    I’ll also throw back into Klute’s face that I’ve heard of nothing but “change” for the last year and the one person to inject some real change into this contest is blasted and the person he selected is blasted because she stands for–AND HAS A RECORD FOR BRINGING ABOUT–change. I mean, it’s not like Palin had a career as a backup dancer for Brittany Spears or something.

  13. I still think Sproul is going to go negative on her. Just wait, they are probably drawing up the paperwork for “Alaska Deserves Better”.

  14. Double Decaf Latte says

    This Daily Kos has a diary running that suggests that Palin may not be the mother of her 5th child but actually the kid’s grandmother:…/137/486/ 580223

    Hope this sotry doesn’t have legs.

  15. They are probably also suggesting that she’s a space alien…come on, Daily Kos?

    Pawlenty did a nice job debating Brokaw on the Palin issue. Not a nice job, a great job actually.

    They also established Palin’s strengths on the Energy issue, while highlighting Biden’s vote against the trans-Alaska pipeline, how is that good for America’s energy? Wow, what great EXPERIENCE he has. The Dems have made Energy a centerpiece of their rhetoric, and the VP has EXPERINCE and EXPERTISE in that arena.

    A correspondent put the ANWR issue in perspective: Drilling on 2000 acres of a 20 MILLION ACRE preserve.

    When trying to link McCain to Bush and his 25% approval rating, that got stuffed up the panels collective rear-end when they were reminded of Congress’ whopping 9% approval rating. Brokow predictably responded that Congress wasn’t running for President and he was met with the argument that Obama would be a sympathetic rubber stamp for a failure of a Congress.

    I’ve never seen Brokow with such a fish lipped grimace for 30 minutes in my entire life. You know that the media is dying to unload on Palin. This is just killing them.

  16. kralmajales says

    After reading this exchange I am convinced that this was a bad pick…and one that gets McCain nothing…at the very least.

    McCain’s mantra was inexperience with the Obama ticket. His choice of Pallin opened the door to this debate…as long as it continues, it does nothing for McCain, takes his campaign off message, and has to continue to find out just how to sell her to America…with only about 60 days to go. THAT is not good.

    We can debate all day about whether she is more experienced than Obama or not, but look at the debate and the discussion happening around it.

    Wouldn’t it have been better to pick get none of this at all with him and you would have ended up staying on message with the inexperience issue.

    This was a really…really…really bad choice.

  17. “I mean, it’s not like Palin had a career as a backup dancer for Brittany Spears or something.”

    And I’m not suggesting she did, she’s a female governor of a conservative state. That is no small feat, and for Republicans, it is a historic pick (I mean, we broke that ceiling in 1984 with Ferraro, but…)

    My problem with her is that she does not understand how Washington works and she does not have the gravitas for the job. Obama does. Obama brought down one of the largest politcal machines in the US.

    And that’s not because she’s a woman – I mentioned 3 Republican women who I would not be making the same claim about.

    McCain picked her because she’s an arch-conservative on issues like abortion and oil and she’s telegenic. McCain needed her to shore up the base and maybe pick up a few stragglers. He wanted Lieberman (and hey, in 4 months, you guys get to caucus with him!), he had to choose this gimmick to stay in the game.

  18. And if Palin was on top of the ticket, I’d agree with you. You guys are pretty funny. If the pick had been Romney it would have been about “there was no change, big business, money, money money, white men, Mormon blah blah blah”.

    You guys talk a big game of diversity and change but it’s only on your definition of it.

    Risky pick, nobody will argue that. Downside risk, sure. No argument from me. Mistake? Ask me on November 5th. It would depend on if McCain loses and the places and constituencies that cost him a victory. As we often have to remind you lefties, it’s a game by state for electors, not a popular vote. Good luck to you.

  19. Again, Crank, I’m not arguing this pick doesn’t show diversity and change. I’ve never said it did. This is a a big deal for the Republican party, and you’re absolutely right about what I would have said had he picked Romney – except the Mormon thing (I don’t care about a person’s religion). I’m arguing experience.

    November 5th seems like a long way away right now.

  20. nightcrawler says

    I too would have preferred Romney. After thinking this over I believe this pick will energize the base even more. The religous right has felt abandoned over the past several years, this pick is for them. People are talking, people are excited, that translates into votes. This election is not over, McCain now has a real shot. Let us all watch this unfold together, what fun ! History will be made either way.

  21. Lets hope the election is this close, what happens if its a tie?

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