Interesting Numbers from AOL, of a sort…

So its not a scientific survey and we don’t have any data on who is voting. But a recent poll on America Online for its members still had some revealing results regarding the upcoming presidential election. You could only vote once per username and each voter was given a chance to say whether or not he/she would consider voting for a candidate for President. They were then given a chance to give the top reason why they would or would not vote for that person.

In spite of the lack of science in the polling methods, the fewest responses still numbered more than 175,000 while the most answered questions were well in excess of 300,000 responses. As nationwide polls go, that’s a pretty good sample size. Check out the results, in alphabetical order:

Biden 20/80

Brownback 20/80

Clinton 32/68

Dodd 14/86

Edwards 40/60

Gilmore 21/79

Giuliani 66/34

Huckabee 24/76

Hunter 20/80

Kucinich 11/89

McCain 54/46

Obama 41/59

Paul 13/87

Richardson 27/73

Romney 43/57

Tancredo 16/84

Thompson, T 24/76

Interesting things that jump out – A) All of the 20/80 splits as most of the candidates are simply not considered legitimate at this stage. B) The top three Republicans all score higher than the top three Democrats. C) Only two candidates clear the 50% benchmark for even being considered by the voters, Giuliani at 66% and McCain at 54%. D) More good news for conservatives is that for Hillary Clinton, 51% of people said they were basing their opinions on her positions on issues, while only 1% cited a lack of knowledge on her positions. That means that there are few, if any, voters left for Clinton to introduce herself to. She is going to have to change minds instead of merely making a positive impression and that is both more difficult and more expensive to do.

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