In the Mind of an Anti-American Activist

The latest video by Three Sonorans loaded today on their “WhatABCs” YouTube channel. One of the Three Sonorans is David A. Morales a Hispanic activist who promotes his anti-American agenda through these cute little videos. Mr. Morales is a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona.

In this latest video, Morales lists Russell Pearce, Tom Horne, John Huppenthal, Jon Justice, Rich Kronberg, Doug MacEachern, Mark Stegeman and John Pedicone in “The 8-Fold Wheel of Hate.”

When Mr. Morales is not practicing applied mathematics, he is producing and writing independent films about sex, drugs and crime in addition to filming the harassment of elected officials.


  1. Yes, the guy who will get his PhD in math and help make America more competitive is the anti-American one. Only nimnods who write obscure articles on right-wing websites count as True Americans ™.

  2. Operator Dan says

    The Three Sonorans is a particularly vile group of individuals. They openly gloat about forcing Krysten Sinema (you know the ex-Green Party member who is just about as far left as they come) to walk around the capitol with armed security because of their thuggery. Why? Because she sponsored a very mundane bill that changes some laws regarding drop houses. Same thing with other Democrats (Rodney Glassman, etc.).

    They are thugs, plain and simple.

    • Gail Shoultes says

      You really should get your facts straight. Krysten Sinema chose to have an armed guard escort her to the senate lawn at one specific luncheon because she’s too chicken to face the people that don’t agree with her tactics. No one has EVER been violent and she knows that. She is the drama queen in this case. Further, the only people who get heckled are the ones involved in making Arizona look as backward as it comes with their hate law mentality.

      The real thugs are Pearce, Arpaio, Gould, Kavanaugh and Brewer. It’s all about big corporations and private prisons and more and more inmates for us to pay for so big corps can reap big profits on our backs. Yes, you really should get your fact straight or your reporting looks very sloppy.

  3. Why does Applied Mathematics” ring a bell?
    Heh: Applied Mathematics really popular at Harvard:

    But Dahleh also said she thinks the purpose of the course has changed—and not necessarily in the right direction.

    “It evolved into satisfying a … requirement,” she said.

    The course has a traditionally light workload, according to Anna M. Wagner ’11, who took it two years ago and was a teaching fellow in the class as a junior, when enrollment almost tripled …“I honestly don’t think it would hurt to make it a much more rigorous course,” said Wagner, who cited Computer Science 50—a demanding introductory course still taken by many students—as an appropriate model. “Make it much more intense and that way cut down on some of the students who are just taking it for an easy A.”

    Sounds rigorous, but an easy A.

    • Yeah, getting a PhD in Math is an easy A. Probably coming from someone who has never taken a course such as this or even has a degree. Think about it, even an ‘easy’ class at harvard is tougher than the hardest class in the Arizona state system I would bet. It isn’t like you are referring to a high school class. Seriously?

      • Do you harbor a stereotype that Conservatives don’t have college educations?
        Why is that?

        Much of Harvard’s undergraduate four years is now taught by low-pay graduate students with no healthcare or pension or tenure so elite Harvard can save a buck while charging enrolled students thru the nose.

        So, the rule of thumb is: Appearances can be deceiving.

  4. Our education system is an equal-opportunity fail. We have around here a Spanish girl who was complaining just yesterday – stunned to discover these Mexican students who blabber off in redneck-quality Mexican dialect Spanish and cannot read or write any of it. And the Hispanics do not take, say French or German, but Spanish for an easy A, and still can’t spell.
    As for theose quick to want to make and excuse and snarl “racism,” the Spanish girl is as brown as any of the New World Hispanics,is fluent in two Spanish dialects, English and is studying French. She is a sophomore, amongst seniors in pre-calculus,in the top three of the class, and has the highest grade in ENGLISH LITERATURE class.
    She’s been shocked at the lazy academic attitude here – across the board.

    The real bigots are those who demand lower or different standards for the “oppressed” or the “poor.” That just keeps people DOWN, crippling human achievement.

    • Gail Shoultes says

      Crippling human achievement…well if you want to see who’s responsible for that just look to Tom Horne, the last Superintendent of Public Instruction and ask him why we are last in the nation in education.

  5. Gail Shoultes says

    David did a really good job on that film. It speaks the truth. Just try and deny the quotes that are
    written in history!

  6. If Mr. David was teaching remedial mathematics to get hundreds of so-called Anglo and Hispanic students to achieve excellence in that critical subject, instead of spending his time concocting videos that project his deep-nutured hate unto others, then he’d be credible. Arizona, last in the nation, has the nation’s premier aeronautics university, Embry-Riddle. They have a VERY hard time finding Arizonans who have the requisite competencies in mathematics.

    Disagree is one thing, hate is quite another – destructive, corrosive. Being actively engaged in enabling children to achieve in academics is a far far far better use of one’s time than being active in teaching them to hate.

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