In the Hands of Congressional Leaders

So this is what it has come down to.

Mitchell, Reid, Boehner and Pelosi sitting around a table discussing how to solve our economic/debt ceiling crisis. From what Politico is reporting, President Obama has actually “taken a step back from negotiations and allowed House and Senate leaders to try to find a way out of the debt-ceiling debacle. After congressional leaders told Obama at the White House Saturday morning they would attempt to stave off the crisis before Asian markets open Sunday evening…”

So my question is: Do you trust them?

If not who would you rather see sitting around this table dealing with this crisis?

Or, are you just sitting around yourself waiting for football season to start?


  1. No, I don’t trust them to do the right thing for the American people. Boehner can be depended on if his feet are constantly held to the fire. I would like to see Boehner, Cantor, Demint, and Ryan sitting around the table.

    House Republicans should force a vote on a balanced budget amendment. It might not get the two thirds vote needed to pass, but it will put Democrats on record as not be fiscally responsible.

    House Republicans should also pass a bill that prioritizes Federal spending when cash flow is insufficient to pay for all appropriations. The priorities, in order, should be

    1) Debt service
    2) Federal Judges’ salaries (as required by the Constitution)
    3) Military Pay
    4) $20 Billion per month for military logistics support (Food, supplies, bullets, etc.)
    5) Social Security and other Federal pension payments
    6) Unemployment insurance payments (for those unemployed 26 weeks or less)
    7) Medicare & Veterans Benefits
    8) Medicaid
    9) Congressional pay and operations expenses
    10) Court pay and operations expenses

    If it were passed and signed, that would settle the concerns of financial markets about defaults, make senior citizens secure about their benefits, allow those on unextended UI benefits to continue to receive them, pay federal medical benefits, prevent Obama from messing with the other branches of government, and let everyone know what Republican priorities are during the debt crisis.

    If it is passed in the House and is either defeated in the Senate or vetoed by the President, then Republicans can blame Democrats for being fiscally irresponsible and for not caring about our military or senior citizens.

    Although there could be some variations on some of the short term spending priorities, this list is at least a good start.

    • “…and let everyone know what Republican priorities are during the debt crisis.”

      We already know what their priorities are, Hunter.

      SPOILER ALERT: They don’t involve you and me.

      When everyone watches their 401Ks crash and burn tomorrow, and you’re looking at another 15 long years at the drill press because you can’t quit your job and retire, let me know how that tea tastes.

      • Paul Kersey says

        Hope you have all the food, water and ammo you need Klute because you’re not gonna get any from my little part of the world. Just sayin’.

      • Klute, if Federal spending and debt is not brought under control quickly, we will be spending 20 years more on the drill presses and our children and grandchildren will be joining us for the rest of their lives. Painful market corrections will accompany any substantial Federal spending cuts, but they will only get more painful if we wait longer to implement them. Ultimately, if we don’t have Congress implement them, the Federal government will collapse financially which would be a social and economic disaster.

        • “Painful market corrections will accompany any substantial Federal spending cuts…”

          I’m amazed that you think this can all be accomplished by “spending cuts”. We’re told that only “job creators” can save us, as if somehow the upper tax bracket are creating jobs. They’re not. Companies are sitting on massive stockpiles of capital, but they’re not investing, and in fact, they’re laying off, trying to do more with a lot less.

          What makes you think if tax rates are cut they’ll do any less? Look at airline tickets right now. The FAA isn’t collecting taxes due to the FAA shutdown. Did airlines pass those savings along to the customer? Of course not. They raised their prices of there fares to collect the money that would have been taxes for themselves.

          We need revenue. If the rich aren’t actually going to create jobs to create revenue (because that’s what Boehner says they do and that’s why he won’t tax them), well then guess what? They get taxed. Why is it that “pain” is purview of the middle class and the rich aren’t expected to suffer the pain along with us?

          And hey, I’m glad the market didn’t crater today, hopefully that’s because the GOP is privately signalling that they finally understand controlling 1/2 of 1/3 of a branch of government doesn’t mean they get everything they want.

          • Klute, there is simply no way to avoid the pain of a market correction. Having so much taxpayer money being wasted on government stimulus programs has caused artificial demand that will no longer exist when spending on things people are not really willing to pay for is stopped. If people really were willing to pay for those things, they would have voluntarily paid for them (or for certain legitimate public expenses like roads and bridges would have paid them using local tax money). The people and equipment must now be redirected, at some cost, to productive endeavors.

            As far as the “rich” investing their money, they do that for their benefit – not for yours or mine. Taxes collected from their profits are something we benefit from. However, they will not invest in the United States if they think their profits – or even their original investment – will be taken from them. Without a stable financial and regulatory environment, uncertaintly will inhibit investment. Extending, rather than making permanent, the Bush tax cuts did not create the incentives to privately invest – they need to be permanent for investors as they need a time horizon that allows them to recover their investment with some assurance they will not be unpleasantly surprised by tax increases. Ironically, it is crazy people like you who want to tax the “rich” and regulate them to force them to use their wealth as you want instead of letting them use it as they want that is a source of great uncertainty which inhibits investment and job creation. Your kind of thinking brought us socially beneficial investing like the sub-prime mortgages based on wanting people to own homes rather than determining if they could afford them. Those mortgages were bought by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and created a housing bubble that devastated the economy.

            The Federal government does not need more tax money or debt. It needs to cut spending, reduce regulations, provide a stable business climate, and let people be free to produce.

            By the way, who do you think pays most of the Federal income tax already? Also, if we are all supposed to suffer some of the pain, why aren’t welfare benefits reduced by a percentage close to the average wage and salary reduction of people who pay taxes to support them?

            The market didn’t tank because the GOP House leadership has shown some backbone.

  2. Man on Fire says

    Is that a tongue depressor between Nancy Pelosi’s teeth?

  3. SuzanneC says

    I would like to see every one of those four voted out. The never did what was right by us or the Country for years and we are now to trust them? I think not.

  4. Constitutionally it’s more correct than Obama saying “Do this ” or “Do that.”
    Then alas, it’s Pelosi (D for Disaster) and Reid (D for Devastating), who took over Congress in the last two years of Bush’s last term to redistribute money to Democrat (Default) causes, while blaming Bush. Obviously it wasn’t Bush’s fault .. see what those two are capable of with a (D) POTUS who signs everything they concoct?.Look at the spending spike – Bush actually kept those two under MUCH tighter spending control than compared with Obama (D for Demogogery) who let them run completely amok.

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